Sweden, Denmark, Thailand · 35 Days · 25 Moments · November 2017

Björns journi till Thailand

24 December 2017

2017-12-24 Merry Christmas :) <3

19 December 2017

2017-12-20 Day 4 with wind is blowing, feeling cold and yesterdsy me and my neighbur took on our jacket. Houdini was cold but today better! Relaxing day today but tomorrow I have to Take care on some Sergius private business.

17 December 2017

Last night when I went to bed, I heard some noice outside my house. I went out, listend and thought it maybe was a burgler alarm from a area close to where I live. It was going on for some hours. Today I did get the explanation about it, it wasn’t any burgler alarm, it was a LOT of froggies Living in our area :)
Did wake up at 10:05 2012-12-17, bad Sleep last night, last time I watched the chock was at 05:30 :) Hard wind all the night, even now, gooood when we don’t have any problems with the mosquitos! Weather Report say wind 4 m/ second, but it’s much more :)

14 December 2017

2017-12-13–14 Two days with walking here araund in Hua Hin, today 2017-12-15 relaxade day, temperature around +31 ! Locking forward to get my small pension next week :)

8 December 2017

2012-12-09 Sorry friends , have had other things to think about, but today some time over. Have sent a fre emails, got a suggestion for cooperation with a company on Balkan, so we will see whats happening😎 Just now air temp +28 and a clearblue sky , coffea now at my neighburs terrace:)

5 December 2017

Decided to go back via Sweden to Spain as it look’s. Trying to come in contact with friend’s for urgent accistance. Plan B after Arrival to Scandinavia. Hua Hin wasn’t ok for me! Have got some ideas for the future and maybe one or two friends interested in some projects that can be good for the future ! Looking forward to keep in touch with U my friend’s :)<3

4 December 2017

2011-12-07 There have been some days without writing! Very quit and soft day’s.

2 December 2017

2017-12-02 Nice day again, did wake up early, took a shower, breakfast on my terrace:). Did now at 15:00 hrs arrive back to my house, after 2 hrs walk, did by a toast and a Coke at 7/Eleven, now feeling ok :)
Some more photos from walk 2017-12-02 :)

29 November 2017

2017-12-01 It’s something special when U wake up after just a fre hour’s sleep. Will try to get some more :) Now we are in december and hoppfullt to a interesting 2018 !

28 November 2017

Another day in Hus Hin :)
2017.11.28 Another day in Hua Hin! Did by water in the machine at the hotel, had coffea with friend on terrace! Did make a walk in the close surroundings, beer in a local bar, close to the kungs palace. Evening with friends, couple of beer and a g/t! Today 2017.11.29 relaxade dy with a shower, shawing, bank call......
2017-11-28 Gooood morning from Hua Hin, bad Sleep this night, no electrocity and now coffea on a friend”s terrace :)

27 November 2017

2017-111-27 Today did I BUY my First meal on our street, no 1 ok, no 2 more something for a dog :). 40 baht ! After helping friends with computer solutions, we went to the LOCAL shop, did buy my First beer in Thailand. Now at 00:10, time to Sleep.....Take care friends :)
I hate spell-check :)
2017-11-27 Hua Hin Soft day, coffea with friends, small Wall in the area, inspecting machine for laundry, Follinger up water, the N K Apartments, Bioflex restaurant and some shopping at 7/Eleven, now relax on my small terrasse :)

26 November 2017

Sundsy 26.11, soft day with coffea, relax and producing material for the future.
To fly from CPH to BKK was a nice experience :) 2017-11-23–24. LOCAL time 15:20-07:55, then bus to Hua Hin 09:20-12:45.

23 November 2017

Ombord, soon departure, 15:20 :)
2017-11-23. COH och lite panik, men på väg :)

22 November 2017

Sista kvällen i Malmö, god mat, bio och mer god mat :)

20 November 2017

Bank business ok today, hair cut ok and now fast dinner :)

19 November 2017

Really love the weather in Sweden, NOT ! :(
This change in my life start’s up in Malmö, base at Kasper Nilssons luxuary flat in central Malmö :)