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Bitsy & Alicia’s excellent adventure

11 January 2019

Our farewell dinner included a band that played traditional music as well as some great covers. Wish this app took video. Bitsy put her air guitar skills to the test much to the delight of the band who then gave her a traditional Vietnamese electric guitar like instrument. Our fellow travelers loved it. Her infectious enthusiasm puts my high pitched good mornings to shame. Here’s a pic of her playing. And another of the guy in the band. she just needs a get up like his to complete the look. Amazing adventure. Sisters still speaking!
This is me "jamming with the band" at last night's farewell dinner. BTW I will have one more closing thoughts post--i am formulating in my head now. It may come put when I am back in the States.

10 January 2019

Our last local guide and bus ride
The last night dinner with our new friends. And Alicia is trying to spend 3 million dong by buying everyone drinks. She still has 1million doing to go. I of course have no monopoly money left.
Our last day
This one loves her tiger balm
Pictures in Hanoi Hilton. Lots of propaganda, but there are several photos of John McCain.
City life
Hanoi traffic. More motor bikes.
Diploma 1715 and school books and exam from original university.
The Golden Turtle in the temple of Confucius.
Confucius and bowing
For luck
Bitsy snd our tour manager Hoa
The doorways of this temple are named.
Morningstar pavilion
Hanoi. The city (ha) in the water (noi) Already great impression.
Alicia says "Hanoi vomits up charm."
The John McCain memorial in Hanoi.
Big difference waking up this am in Hanoi where it’s overcast and 57 degrees.

9 January 2019

Last day Siem Reap and on to Hanoi

8 January 2019

Aspara dance. Beautiful.
This statue is peeking out from the tree growing over it
Today's thought was that each sunrise--each gift of a new day is just that--an extraordinary gift from God---an opportunity for the extraordinary and the beautiful to be appreciated and cherished. Some days I remember this more than others--today was a day that screamed AWESOME simply because of the grandeur that surrounded me as I watched the sunrise. BUT--as my grandfather who had only an 8th grade education used to say to me 1) learn something new every day and 2) see something new every day even if you are walking down the same street as you did the day before. Pretty profound words from an "uneducated" man. Peace to all. B.
Bayon Temple of Angkor Thom
Ta Prohm: Cambodia's 'Tomb Raider' Temple. Trees both holding temple up and tearing it down.
Angkor Thom
Gondola ride.
We are getting our temple on today.
Breakfast “picnic”. Bitsy’s vegetarian version had bacon and sausage. Ha ha.
Alicia was worried that the sun wasn't going to show up today.
Look to the light ,..
Pre sunrise.

7 January 2019

Lots of photo shoots with Chinese women posing
Last nights dinner at “Embassy” Khmer Street Finger Food, fresh oyster from Silhanoukville, slow cooked chicken in Lok Lak, steamed dumpling and “Bai Trab” palm sugar caramel with sticky rice, sesame & ginger ice cream. And the chef Sok Himsan and our server
Angkor Wat — amazing experience

6 January 2019

It’s that time again.... lemongrass martini at Sofitel Siem Reap
We checked into the Sofitel in Siep Reap--not too shabby! I don't know what I am going to do when I get home when I dont have someone taking my shoes and cleaning them as soon as I walk inside. We forgot to post that we got spoiled on the ship--as soon as we were done with an excursion, they would take our shoes/sandals and clean them and give us a pair of bamboo sandals. Then they would deliver our shoes back to our rooms.
Rice growing along the road.
Scenes from long bus ride to Siem Reap. Cows. Houses. Shops.
Matching emoji hats
Like a Sherpa

5 January 2019

Tony’s corner... inaugural post. Tony is fellow traveler, Welsh, Bitsy’s man crush and nice legs. We’re trying to get him authoring rights to start “Tony’s corner” a special section of his insights, observations and wisdom.
Bitsy receives blessing
Wat Hanchey for water blessing by Buddhist monks
Wat Hanchey
Who doesn’t love a seven headed snake?
Sisters post monk blessing
This is an Alicia post. Alicia with the children. Alicia receiving her blessing from the monks. And just overall amazing Alicia in Cambodia.
My signature move again. I’m such an amazing photographer.
Market in Ankor Ban
Preschool kids
Ankor Ban village
Bitsy teaches English to the kids.
A very beautiful morning.

4 January 2019

5/5 Carl Sagan quote continued: The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Peace to All. Love, Bitsy
4/5 Part 1 of Carl Sagan quote: Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. Everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar," every "supreme leader," every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.
3/5 Ok, so I would be remiss if I did not post the thought I had while seeing this freaking place today. I was thinking about "the Pale Blue Dot" which the great Carl Sagan spoke about. This is the story: Voyager 1, which had completed its primary mission and was leaving the Solar System, was commanded by NASA to turn its camera around and take one last photograph of Earth across a great expanse of space, at the request of the great astronomer, Carl Sagan. Here is what he said about the Pale Blue Dot--our Earth.
2/5 These pictures are of S21 which was a school that was converted into a prison where people were tortured anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month. Only 11 people survived this prison (no one survived the Killing Fields). I am pictured with one of the survivors, Bou Meng, who survived over 2 years because he was used as a propaganda artist for Pol Pot the evil leader behind the massacre. BTW--this survivor's wife was taken to the Killing Fields. The picture of Pol Pot below was a drawing made by this artist. Also pictured are "the rules" of the prison as well as the gallows which hung people but did not kill them. People were strung up and the dropped to the ground to revive them.
1/5 Ok, so this is going to be a slightly disturbing post, but I want to make it clear that I am really glad I saw this. Today, we went to the Killing Fields and to S21 which was a prison that tortured people before they were transferred to the Killing Fields. I uncharacteristically took pictures because the Cambodian government is trying to censor some of the most recent history. The tower in the pictures below holds 7 thousand skulls. It is estimated that 2.2 million people were killed in this genocide--or roughly 1/3 of the population. BTW-our guide lost 4 members of his family in this genocide including his 13 1/2 year old sister. He was an infant at the time and because he was born, he saved his parents from being taken. His father who was a teacher would have been killed, but because he had a new baby he was not taken. Instead, his father pretended to be a cook, and the family moved around from village to village to stay alive. Part 2 of this post will talk about S2.

3 January 2019

Coconut dance.
Monkey dance
Blessing dance with children from local orphanage.
Our private tuk tuk tour with October
At the FCC bar— foreign correspondents club.
Cambodian dental office. Also the wires are crazy throughout the city
Raffles Hotel with our tuk tuk driver October
Missed posting this from earlier.
Royal palace Phenom Penh
Spotted. Bitsy in the jungle.
National museum Phnom Penh

2 January 2019

The joke on the boat is no one can get a spa appointment because Bitsy has taken them all. Someone said (laughing) that she’s a spa hog. That girl LOVES her massages. She’s their best customer. But even on the boat a massage is only $50 or so.
Now in Cambodia. Cloudy day. A few rain drops.
Today to Long Khanh where we visit local family and then weaving.
We say goodbye to our local guide Huy. He’s from Saigon and returns there today as we head to Cambodia.
Local kids who were fascinated by my phone. The problem is I don't know how to work it.
Long Khanh
Bitsy dresses like a local
I am sporting the local look today--because why not???

1 January 2019

Ok--i know you all have missed my long posts--so I will make up for it here and tell the story of Quan Yin--the original lesbian Buddhist monk (who is actually quite revered--but more of that in a bit). Quan Yin was a girl who was promised by her father to marry a wealthy man. Once she left her father's house, she was no longer allowed back. BUT--the guy she was supposed to marry did not want her either. She was thus stuck without anywhere to live. So, she went to the Temple and disguised herself as a man so she could live as a monk. While there, a woman from the village became attracted to the "kind, gentle, and 'handsome' monk". Well that girl from the village was raped by a guy from the village, and in order to protect her and her child, Quan Yin "married" her. No one knew that Quan Yin was a woman until she died. Today, she is a revered and known as the Goddess of Mercy.
Motorbike cart thru village where all these little kids wave and say “hello” “hello”. And we stop by a Catholic Church which is having a funeral service. The Franciscan friar treats the sick and thanks us for sending medicines. He says “I keep you in my heart”. Really sweet.
It’s a look.
Ferry boat
Sampan builder Six. Big families call their kids by the number. Two
New Year’s Eve was fun. Dinner with some of our people followed by partying. Bitsy dancing with Tony. It was a small group of us that was in til midnight. The old fogies turned in early. Then this am lots of talk about the late night. Funny. I will say the market this am was a little tough on the stomach after a night of drinking.
Cao Dai temple.
Local market at Sa Dec. now I know where the frogs from the frog farm go.
Chinese temple Sa Dec
The 5 bats on the inlay work is a sign of prosperity and good luck. This house is called "The Lover's House". There is a movie made called The Lovers about their life.

31 December 2018

I had a "me" day--Alicia said all the peeps were asking where I was today--i had a 90 minute massage, a nice long nap, a nice long New Year's Eve day reflection--it was FANTASTIC! So, as I ring in the New Year ahead of all you, let me wish the best for all of us. Personally, I believe that 2019 will be filled with amazing opportunities and huge blessings. xo ❤
Vietnam sunset on the Mekong
Frog farm
Not sure this is a good idea
Snake “wine” or “ juice” and other sundries
Snake juice. Curious flavor. Moonshiney with a bit of a funk.
Candy making. And some kid napping in the middle of it.
Floating market. You know what each boat sells from the bamboo pole and what’s hanging from it.
The village.
Nice breeze on the river this am.
Yesterday we started our journi on the Mekong. Water hyacinth along the river. Lots of little villages. This morning we go to village of Cai Be by sampan. (Small boat)

30 December 2018

Check out this extraordinary hat. And the cutie who’s wearing it.
This is all I have to say about the Cu Chi Tunnels. I need to see a Buddhist Temple STAT.
2/2 I have the Vietnam series on the DVR and I have watched some of it--my plan is to really watch all of it and learn more about what I have seen. I was telling Alicia that I started to watch the series late at night when I was a little tired and that Peter Wolf's voice would put me to sleep--she said, "who is Peter Wolf?" I actually was trying to explain who he was to her until I Googled him and realized that I was actually talking about Peter Coyote--goes to show you how much I know about pop culture! Anyway, I plan to try and fill in the gaps in my knowledge when I get home. Today we are checking out the Cu Chi tunnels which are a network of underground tunnels outside of Saigon. It should be interesting--and there definitely will be pictures that follow. 
1/2 I have been thinking a lot about what this country must have been like leading up to the war and then during the Vietnam War, and since getting here, I have been reading a lot about the Vietnam war on line. My knowledge is so limited--and it kind of pisses me off. For example--did you know that the Coast Guard played a significant role in the war? I did not even realize that the Coast Guard operated in combat outside of U.S. territory--but I have come to learn that the the Coast Guard had 56 vessels over here during that time. Most of them were from the Owasco class of Cutter Vessels. These ships--interestingly enough all are named after lakes, for example Lake Minnetonka, Lake Wachusett, Lake Pontchartrain, and Lake Sebago.  I guess my point to this post is that so much of this country has been shaped by colonialism and then by the Vietnam War--and yet I don't know all that much about any of it.

29 December 2018

Saigon night
Witness protection program reunion.
Bitsy's #1 request — custom suits. Shopping frenzy for bespoke suits. Bitsy buys ... not one not two but three suits and five shirts... taking the place by storm. They didn’t see it coming. They are making one tomorrow and stopping by the place we will have lunch for a fitting. Now I won’t have to listen to her incessantly talking about it. Or will I??? Bitsy forgot her visa and only had Amex so I fronted her on my card. She only owes me 18,290,000 dong.
Basement bunker and communications
Reunification palace former presidential palace.
Post office
Random Saigon pictures.
Where the last helicopters left April 30th, 1975 from Saigon--this was the old CIA building.
2/2 I have one more thought that I started my day with--specifically about time and space--i.e. the quantum physics that dictate our lives--how so often we just take for granted that we are floating like Forrest Gump's feather in wind--but just maybe time and space--???destiny??? play a bigger role than we think. Maybe people are in our lives at certain times for a reason. Or more to my point, maybe my sister and I were supposed to be on this trip at this time in our lives--i mean this is the most time we have spent together since we were 18 years old. Just think of it doesn't life have a time and a space of its own wisdom?? Or is it all just random?? All comments are welcome--besides, I am waiting to see how many of you ask what I have been smoking over here! Peace and love (and short head bow as the Vietnamese do not bow too much) bitsy
I have really enjoyed every breakfast so far on this trip. This morning with my eggs,(yes, for those who may not know I put ketchup on my eggs!) I am having a young coconut with this AMAZING--really delicious Vietnamese coffee. The only downside is that I took my vitamins with my breakfast and the coconut water made my B vitamin fizz --ick, total icky in my mouth--i won't make that mistake again!!! On the events of the day, my amazing sister, Cia--yes, we are wicked bonding and I am loving my quality time with her--i actually was telling her of a little special project that I want us to do together on this trip--more to come in a later post--back to my point of this post, she is currently get briefed on the day with the guide, and I will be joining after I finish my delicious coffee. 1/2
$200 is more than 4 million Vietnamese dong. Eke. This math will be hard.

28 December 2018

Alicia and I are having dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant and we got into a debate that I said I was putting up for a blog polling question (btw, I think this Journi blog, aka by me at least as the Jumanji blog,should have a polling feature. So here is the question: Is Chilean sea bass endangered?? Please respond.
Hanging with the Alicia at the very cool hotel martini bar before we grab a bite to eat. I will have much more to say about the food in my next LONG blog post. Right now I am having "the tamarind" a cocktail that is very aromatic. Mary Senica this is not to be confused with Tamarack!
Just in Saigon. More amazing bar nuts.
Departing our hotel in Bangkok. We are sad to say goodbye to our guide Boyd but glad to be continuing on with new friends Jack and Walter. Short posts rock!!!
Where you go for a drink before boarding in Bangkok airport.
Ok--time for a blog poll. Please respond. Alicia says my posts are too long and no one wants to read them is this true? Answer yes or no. P.S. I bow to you.
2/2 (I just realized that these posts have maximum character numbers which either means that I am going on too much, or that I need to speak more succinctly--either way, I am going to now have to do #/# to delineate my thoughts for you all!) So, picking up my thought, if life really is a series of fluid moments for each of us then how we choose to live each of those moments really will effect the moments downstream (I am staying with my water reference from my floating experience yesterday). So if anything has become clearer to me over here it is that I must honor (bow to you all right now) and enjoy these moments that I get to spend with each of you in my life--i think in the end that is all that counts. Ok, on to Vietnam this afternoon!!! Where I am sure this observer of life and humanity will have much more to say. Peace and Love (and another bow), Bitsy P.S. housekeeping items: 1) Jeff please explain what the devil emoji really means. I really do not understand emoji speak
Ok, here is today's update/random thoughts from my perception of this country with these amazingly gentle and beautiful people [I am bowing as I am writing this now]. Yesterday we went to the railroad market--the pictures are already posted, then we took these cigarette boats over to the floating market (shown here). We spent some time walking around the floating market which is literally on the boats as well as on land, and then headed back to Bangkok where Lilly beat me up again--this time for 2 hours (cost $30 USD). Today I actually have a couple of bruises on my legs from Lily but the good news is I think she pushed tons of toxins out of my body as I have been peeing quite a lot since my "treatment". Now, thoughts on Bangkok and the Thai people: I have really been thinking about how all of life for all people is really quite simple-some may say even fluid. I mean, all anyone on this planet really wants is health, happiness, family, and the time and space to enjoy these things 1/2

27 December 2018

Out with new friends Walter and Jack
At the restaurant.
Who doesn't love a gay neighborhood????!! BTW, my sister is acting like we are girlfriends.
We say goodbye today to Paned our driver.
At the floating market. Coconut pancakes. Delish.
Bitsy climbs a coconut tree and enjoys the fruits of her labor
We went into someone's house on the river. Beautiful orchids overlooking the river on a teak balcony. LOVE THE WOOD.
We watched the train come by a second time---and watched all the merchants moving all the produce of the track again. It is the craziest thing. I know some people will say "she woke up on the sarcastic side if the bed this morning" when I tell you it was an amazing thing to witness--no sarcasm--it really was just incredible to see them do this. Just realize that all thought of "why do they do this?" must be suspended and just accepted as "that is how they roll." Philosophically, this is not a bad way of being. P.S. please note the fruit that goes under the train.
My signature move. Finger in the pic
Train came through everyone gets of the tracks and then as soon as it goes by, moves back on the tracks--craziest thing you have ever seen.
This is action post. We are at the "train market", and the pictures you see are all the people on the train tracks. The time is 8:24am local. I will take pictures as the train comes tbrough.
10 years younger potion
When I left Austin allergies from cedar we’re killing me. I was just about recovered and came here. The pollution and tuk tuk ride from hell settled in my lungs and I was coughing like crazy. A lot of the people wear masks. Anyway we went to the pharmacy and Bitsy chatted them up about what I needed and I feel about a million times better. They seemed impressed and appreciative to have this conversation about my symptoms with an American doctor. Oh and while we’re we’re at it we bought collagen for my skincare regimen. I expect to look 10 years younger when I look on the mirror this am. Again we continue to be impressed by the friendly Thai people.

26 December 2018

Thang thong Thai restaurant; with the dancers and some randoms .
The bartender is making someone a drink that he using liquid nitrogen with. Crazy drinks here.
We are at the State Tower at the outside bar. My drink is smoking--and I am not sure what is making it do that. The Alicia has a drink with gold on the top of it.the view of this city is incredible. P.S. I just asked the bartender what is making my drink smoke--he said dry ice.
So after a morning of seeing temples--that were unbelievable--i wanted a massage (I always get a lot of body work on vacation--first of all because it is good for me and secondly because this body of mine needs a lot of work!) Anyway, I was going to get a massage at the hotel for about $150 USD, but Boyd (our guide) told me that in the mall across the street from the hotel there was a place where I could get a traditional Thai massage for $15.00. Btw--the mall is really excellent. So I went over there and had a traditional Thai massage by Lily which basically means you go into this dark room, get into these scrub like pajamas and lie on a mat on the floor. Lily the comes in and essentially wrestles me into a pretzel for 1 hour. It was slightly painful but super excellent. I would have pictures to show but basically no one ever needs to see my legs and arms in such unnatural positions. Anyway, if time permits, I plan on seeing Lily again tomorrow for another ass whopping.
Golden Buddha. Cool story about a monk who has a dream there was something in the water. They pulled it out and it was a plaster Buddha. Then some guy was looking for a Buddha for. Temple. And the other guy said, take the one that’s in storage. The plaster one. When they were lifting it via crane it fell and cracked and underneath was this solid gold Buddha. And the guy who gave it away couldn’t take it back because he had already given it to the temple.
This building was where they taught Thai medicine which dealt with acupressure points and massage. I thought these pictures were a little risque, but maybe that is just me.
Talk to the hand
More reclining Buddha
Reclining Buddha. Impressive.
Ok, so our traveling mates, Walter and Jack, are a nice gay couple from California. Who knew we would be doing Uniworld's version of RSVP cruises (that is a gay cruise for those of you straight folk out there). Walter and Jack are meeting 3 other gay couples (2 boy couples and a gay girl couple) on our trip when we get to Vietnam. The 4 of us are all on a pre-trip package.
Breakfast is fantastiv--delicacies from all over the world. I am having both a coffee and a tea because the coffee is delicious, but when in Asia I must drink the tea. Also, my sister brought me a tinted moisturizer with SPF45 for my anti-aging regime. I have a question, does every woman over the age of 30 watch the same infomercial on skin care except for me??? She told me she is "missing her extreme line reducing with vitamin C serum". Anyhow, I covered for anti aging while in Asia.

25 December 2018

Here is a picture of the Alicia sitting at a "little table and chairs" these are everywhere and look like children's tables and chairs. I did want to make a post that my sweet, amazing sister let me go to bed at 8:30 last night as I was starting to do a head plant at dinner. I was so tired I nearly fell asleep in the shower before I got in bed. So the Alicia told me I could rest because we are having a jammed packed adventure today. Last comment, I really love how sweet and gentle the Thai people are. And I love that I can bow everywhere. The Alicia said I was a little ridiculous with it--i dont care because I like it as a sign of honor and respect for people--i plan to do far more of it even when I get home. Alicia: I never said ridiculous. I said Bitsy finds meaning everywhere and I’m just seein’ the sites. She’s more mystical/spiritual etc than I.
Ok, so last night getting back to the hotel the Alicia said, "let's take a TukTuk"--which are these 3 wheeler motorcycles with a roof where the passengers sit. Now traffic in Bangkok is crazy, so we would be at an intersection with about 10 cars and 50 motorcycles and when the light changes, everyone just goes. The scariest thing how every was when the guy did a u-turn in the middle of a 3 lane street in on coming motorcycles. Scary comes to mind. All I can say is the "Take a Tuk Tuk ride" box got checked of the list because I am not getting on another one. I wish I had taken a video because the static pictures do not do the ride just--but here's the thing I am really bad with the camera and if you really want a picture, it can take up to 15 shots--videos really send me into a panic. That said if anyone does have a photo request, just ask and I will do my best. P.S. I will take a proper picture of a Tuk Tuk today so you see what the thing looks like. Alicia: tuk tuk ride from hell
At Jim Thompson House. The gardens are beautiful.
AMAZING foot massage. I nearly fell asleep. Alicia: I didn’t nearly fall asleep. I was too busy uncramping my toes.
We are getting foot massage. 1 hour for $10.00--we are only getting 30 minutes because we are going to see Jim Thompson House.
I told The Alicia that I am calling this the Jumanji blog.
The journi begins.
Street sites near our hotel.
Here's the view from my room. I have to say I LOVE THE THAI PEOPLE (at least the ones I have met so far--but first impressions count for a lot)! They are gentle--and they do the wonderful act of bowing to you--one of my favorite things to do to people as a sign of respect--for those of you who say I have never bowed to you--well, I'm just saying.... O.K. I'm kidding--but seriously this is a beautiful practice, and I have noticed that when I bow to the Thai, they bow back, then I bow, etc--my check in was one big bow fest. Really great way to start my vacation. One more thing--for those of you whom I am missing this Christmas--I hope it is a spectacularly beautiful day for you--with all of the magic, peace, and joy that this Holiday promises.
Watching these cuties sing carols. Can’t post video on this. Bummer. They are so sweet
Arrived in Bangkok!!
Beautiful view from 34th floor hotel room
I am in Hong Kong waiting to board my flight to Bangkok. I just read The Alicia's post and I am thinking that it does not sound benign to me--I mean what about me taking a rest before exploring Bangkok???? She got her rest in. This plan of hers sounds almost evil--I would say vicious, but vicious is a subtly pleasurable word that 100% DOES NOT fit this situation. I think that I have to stick with The Alicia has hatched an evil plan and somehow I am caught up on her web. I guess if I had to put it in emoji speak--The Alicia is more like 😈than like 😇. And poor Bitsy is just trapped! Merry Christmas everyone!!
Boarding my flight to Hong Kong in a few minutes--then on to Bangkok I will arrive Christmas morning--the Alicia (yes, I have decided to use an article in front of her name) will already be there and possibly rested a bit--a fact that I may have more to say about later. In any case, I will be picking this stream of conciousness up on the other side of the globe.

24 December 2018

Arrived Bangkok. Sheesh. What a long trip. Picked up by Boyd. Then checked in to intercontinental hotel, washed plane scum off and to the bar for a night cap. Bangkok is decked out with tons of Christmas lights. Bitsy arrives tomorrow am to also be picked up by Boyd. I already have our day planned. This nightcap is delicious.
Korean air has it all over delta.
Arrived Seoul airport. Efficient. Took me 10 minutes to go thru security and switch gates. This is a long day of travel. But at least it was all on points. Funny to see DD here. I wonder if they have someone like Bitsy over filling their jelly donuts. “These donuts are too full of jelly”
Flying into Seoul. Seaweed farms and long bridges.
I leave today 7:15 am CT. Austin to Detroit. Detroit to Seoul. Seoul to Bangkok. Will be a long 25 hours of travel. Part 1 complete. Now to Seoul. 13 hour flight. But had my 1st glass of bubbles.

17 December 2018

This is me slightly nervous about how I am going to spend 3 weeks with my sister. My fight leaves tomorrow 12/24 at 1:30 AM, and two things I am desperately trying to not think about 1) how long the plane will be in the air (19 hours--Boston to Bangkok), and 2) I how I got rid of my clip on liver many years ago--i.e. how do I tell Alicia I like the early bird special and going to bed by 10PM???