Asia, Europe · 85 Days · 176 Moments · June 2016

Bits of Europe in Summer

7 September 2016

Enjoyed Westminster.

5 September 2016

Germans in the street.
Mushrooms at the markets. And other stuff.
Munich has a muesli chain.

3 September 2016

Crazy busy at night
Lots of medieval street type entertainment
Prague = history
Gypsy puppets?

2 September 2016

Dear FinnAir, that was painful for everyone. Only 40 minutes to "enjoy" Helsinki... fast net though :)
Had to get porridge in Sweden somewhere. Very nice.

1 September 2016

Medieval museum ... Stockholm was much besieged.
Walking all over again - beautiful day though.

31 August 2016

Security issue? These guys and some more serious looking PC heavies (with sniffer dog) went through the train... And then we changed trains for 'technical reasons'?? Maybe just Swedish border control?
Not enough time to see Copenhagen (:
Train that goes on a ferry!

30 August 2016

Fascinating time at "Miniature Wonderland", Hamburg

29 August 2016

Restaurant Nil: Hamburger restaurant that doesn't sell hamburgers.
Hamburg HBF... Bit of a journey from Amsterdam.

28 August 2016

An evening stroll, continued.
This is Andriy the Magician. Correct spelling. One of a number of talented tricksters in the city.
Went to a hillsong service and met a few people later including Mike here.

27 August 2016

More "ride-by" pics.
Car rally passing through
Randomly found everyone chilling at Amsterdam cultural festival.
Amsterdam park
The comics are funny.

26 August 2016

Cycling definitely the way to see Amsterdam. Bit of a challenge taking pics though.

25 August 2016

Belgian waffles. Also would you believe second night I've had "beer and chocolates" for dinner. Justified on basis of maxing the value of included breakfast; then found out breakfast was extra.
Art in Bruges. Just a little hint of crazy.
Lots of steps to the top but the chicken wire does not pics on big camera :/

24 August 2016

Mmmmmmmm Belgian chocolates.
Imposing and amusing buildings, Bruges, Belgium.
London for coffee, Brussels for confusion, on way to Bruges.

23 August 2016

"Oldest pub in Oxford" ... Hmmm...
"Shakespeare's dead" - rather clever name of exhibition at the Weston library.
Oxford botanical gardens next door.

22 August 2016

Around the college.

21 August 2016

Played "dreaming spires", a game about Oxford University colleges, then walked around the colleges.

20 August 2016

So James and I have checked into Oxford. Found a games cafe...

19 August 2016

Dinner at Deesons with the Webbs.

18 August 2016

Board games ... !
Magna Carta lords and other Canterbury sights.

17 August 2016

Went thru London Kings Cross station. Massive queue waiting for this platform.

16 August 2016

Do not play with the guns.
A sense of déjà vu with this sign.
The most awesome rail museum.

15 August 2016

"Ghost creeper". York creepy history, pretty good.
As close as I get to Lindisfarne

14 August 2016

Met up with a couple of actors from "year ten" yesterday and went to the play just now. Intense.
Almost alone in the signet library. Tables are mirrors.

13 August 2016

Trek this morning... "Arthur's Seat"

11 August 2016

Here you go Izzy.
Henry Rollins will get here ... But I will be gone
Giles cathedral.
Crazy Edinburgh fringe festival

10 August 2016

At Whiski bar. Learning local language: "Whisky flights"
Sir Walter Scott, Edinburgh.
Scots honour... Wellington with a hat.

9 August 2016

Edinburgh military tattoo bands played Glasgow today as part of the World Piping Championships. I met the Lord Mayor of Glasgow, somewhat randomly.
Listening to Johnny Cash sing "one" (u2) at this social cafe in Glasgow...this is the view...
Nice cathedral Glasgow.

8 August 2016

View from Belfast ferry terminal. Ferry, bus, train to Glasgow today.

7 August 2016

Croagh Patrick. Like another planet.

6 August 2016

An Irish boat cruise on the North Atlantic is a unique experience. Absolutely drenched despite the gear. Like a roller coaster ride without rails.
Good day for a boat ride

5 August 2016

Driving the "wild Atlantic circle".

4 August 2016

Trim Castle.
Getting a car for a few days. Don't know where I'm staying tonight yet.

3 August 2016

"The Store" and the Guinness academy. Got my pouring certificate.

2 August 2016

St Stephen's Green - part of the 1916 story. And "Three Fates".
Now Showing Dublin
The Irish monks had it tough... Raided by the Vikings AND the other Irish.

31 July 2016

Black Boy Inn. For 1 night only. Place is built for hobbits - low beams, very comfortable and well stocked bar.
Caernarfon Castle today. They loved their tall towers in the Middle Ages.

30 July 2016

Bangor Pier :)
Through "football" territory apparently to Bangor, NW Wales.
Goodbye Cardiff

29 July 2016

Really should be more duck on the menu...
Interesting Welsh humour ... Read the reviews for this actual prison...

28 July 2016

"Coming soon to Cornerstone" :)
So Cardiff, nice National Museum.
Arrived Cardiff yesterday. Early start today for everyone, with the fire alarm...
Eating lots of fish. No mussels though...

26 July 2016

Pembroke Castle. Resisted all invaders until Cromwell and the "Siege gun" in the 17th century.

25 July 2016

Dinner: Beef pie. Note headline: "lag" = prisoner.
Pembroke and the castle.
On train through Wales

24 July 2016

The Bristol Banksy Challenge: which ones are NOT Banksy?

23 July 2016

"There you go my lovely". Literally what everyone says here when they serve a drink.
The Roman Baths... Some things haven't changed after 2000 years.
Staying at "The Thief", a pub in Bath. The stairs and halls are like a haunted house or a computer game.

22 July 2016

Trains. Arrived @ Bath.

21 July 2016

Ales and scrumpies.
One last view of Saint Ives before departure
Sunrise from the fishermen's wharf. Well, an hour after sunrise.

20 July 2016

Sunset, 10pm.
Gone bush walkabout

19 July 2016

Cornish harbour wall and other vaguely interesting pics.

18 July 2016

Tide is in.
This dog is a Lurcher. I have not heard of this breed before but I am strangely drawn to it.
The picturesque Saint Ives Harbour

17 July 2016

The intricacies of the southwestern UK rail network. Where's Westbury?

16 July 2016

Peaceful scene of swans on the lake, in the park.
Well i saw the Victory just before this but was awestruck by the history of it all, and mid conversation with an interesting bloke from Oxford. So there's just these. Apparently 3/4 of the British navy lives here in Portsmouth.
Leaving Saint Malo by boat. Not this medieval item though, we just went past it.

15 July 2016

On the beach.
The Boulangerie.
Boats on the bay.

14 July 2016

The French way to park - yellow car here is in middle of T intersection. Also a pic of "my kitchen".

13 July 2016

Walking the wall.

12 July 2016

Pirate bar

11 July 2016

Sardines, yum.
It's a very photogenic little island.
Saint-Malo. Grand Bé is the name of that island.
Magic pills. The Druids' legacy?
Bretagne - the food is crepes, the drink is cider. Lunch at Rennes.
Redon. A town.

10 July 2016

Nantes hectic last night with EU final .... Unfortunately lost to Portugal 1-0
Déjà Vu ...
Departing for Nantes today.

9 July 2016

Bordeaux cathedral. Noteworthy.
I did not get these wines though they are probably acceptable. Nor the rat poison. Carting some wine to next stops :) Bordeaux is very busy but I would definitely come back here.
Bordeaux on Saturday morning.

8 July 2016

One for Izzy ;)
Coffee, lunch and piano at Nimes

7 July 2016

Party in the streets vs Serenity in the Musée du Petit Palais.

6 July 2016

Crazy characters in the streets in Avignon (Festival hype). And nougat shop.
The Abbey Montmajeur (big mountain). First pic is view from the tower.
Death by lunch. This is the "petit": a whole cooked Camembert cheese, with potatoes and some kind of sauce, salad, bread.
Arles photo exhibit is probably best described as "weird"
In Arles for the day. Hey there's a photographic exhibition ...

5 July 2016

So there's " Festival d'Avignon" here in few days. Place is crazy with army of actors putting up posters, apparently 1000 plays are on

4 July 2016

Lunch @ Le Jardin de Fogasses. Artists exposition / kitchen. "Scene Ouverte".

3 July 2016

France d Iceland in quarter finals. Pretty big deal for the French, car horns blaring for hours after. Looked like an easy win to me.
Went for a walk in the park. Nice park...

2 July 2016

Mentioned this to Rohan cause I know he like mixing beer with dubious liqueurs (not). Half Beer, half Picon - orange bitter liqueur. Refreshing on hot day.
Dead popes, nice tiles.
France. Things are a bit upside down here. The graffiti is charming. The bars serve the best coffee. Cafes have amazing liqueurs. Gangs of unruly teenage girls congregate around town, threatening glamour.
Yep Avignon has a market too, very handy.

1 July 2016

The "centre" of Avignon. Opera Houses and merry-go-rounds
Crème brûlée from restaurant next door. Also pics of the new place. Not as tiny as last week!
Hey Zak. Found your pub: Pub Z is just down the road. Looks dodgy. Website found: = the good shots of Avignon
Moved to the city of Avignon for a week.

30 June 2016

"Le Nomade" looks out over the Ligurian Sea to Nice Airport. Turn around for Antibes.
Wildlife in Antibes that didn't object to me taking a photo. What are you thinking now Steve?
See these guys selling hats etc all over. Started raining, no kidding they were all decked out with umbrellas in 90 seconds. Rain stops 10 minutes later... Switch it all back. Nice guys though really, good luck to them.

29 June 2016

This one for Iz. How to make perfect lemon butter: 1. Butter a hot baguette (normal butter) 2. Pour a glass of freezing limoncello (liqueur 28%) Consume alternately. Commence siesta.
Difficult choice for morning tea...

28 June 2016

Scooters are predominantly used to decorate walls in laneways.
Tradies the world over ... take a bit of space. This was fun to watch in french.
So there's this thing called European soccer ... They were all going nuts around here last night. The local French and also the Italians ...

27 June 2016

Long walk around the southeast coast of Antibes.

26 June 2016

Slushy machine with 12 flavours. This one's for Zak ...

25 June 2016

Walking back home taking pics. It's Fête de la Saint-Jean but not much happening until after ...
Le Marche Provençal. Local markets. Sensational fruit, and every other food and spice. The vendors know their stuff ... it's s easy to walk out with half the shop. I'm learning to ask for "le minimum".

24 June 2016

Antibes. Looks relaxing and maybe a bit touristy... All good.
Lunch stopover: Aix en Provence. I forgot how far the TGV station is from the city. Thus this awesome pic of rails.

23 June 2016

Musée des Beaux-Arts this afternoon. Exhibition on auto-portraits. I.e. "Selfies" by artists... Genius concept.
Up at 5.30 to get sunrise pics. Euro soccer was on last night... So there was me and a few drinks walking around.

22 June 2016

Made some new friends ... Though maybe not laughing with me... These guys were great though.
Communist poster and car-yard art installation.

21 June 2016

Fête de la music, in Lyon.
Lolly shop. Obligatory pics for Zak.

20 June 2016

Quick walk around Lyon.
Trains... From Canterbury to Lyon. Lunch in Paris.

18 June 2016

Dover castle and the white cliffs today. Rather cool, literally. The "front door" to England.

17 June 2016

St Mildred's and Canterbury Castle ...
Looks like Banksy... But maybe not

16 June 2016

Canterbury Cathedral. A brilliant day walking around Canterbury with James - St Martins church, Augustine Abbey, story of Bertha and Aethelbert, and the cathedral. Later distracted by a choir in a Greyfriars community (Indwellers=retirees?) and a chapel built by shipwrights.

15 June 2016

Staying with the Webbs through to Monday. They are very English :)
Rather stonkered, walking thru Canterbury

14 June 2016

Hong Kong = big airport