Europe · 13 Days · 33 Moments · May 2016

Birthday Trip 2016

14 May 2016

We got our very last bit of London in the morning.

13 May 2016

No trip to London is complete without a night at the Theater.
We took a tour with London Detours and learned about hidden gems in the city.

12 May 2016

First night we just waked around and got aquatinted with the city.
We made it to London!!!
Train ride run to London
Today we are hitting 4 counties including Netherlands Belgium France and England

11 May 2016

Ice!!!! First time in Europe
Eftling park is super cute. We have been having a great time.

10 May 2016

No trip would be complete without us taking a cruise.

9 May 2016

One last look at Cochem castle.
One more castle and ended the day with wine.
We ended up finding a castle since our road was on a detour
Goodbye B&B. I loved you and your breakfast.

8 May 2016

It was so much like Disney it was scary
Europa had been a fantastic park. They have a pirates, spaceship earth, universe of energy and Carousel of Progress

7 May 2016

France kind of dinner
Strasbourg has truly been breathtaking.

6 May 2016

We found a free walking tour and even better found great desserts.
The city of Strasbourg was nothing as I expected. We took in the views and checked out Notre Dame
The train was quite peaceful. First class wasn't half bad either.

5 May 2016

Day in Disney was hectic because we found out it was a national holiday.
Why not?

4 May 2016

We took a boat tour on the Seine River.
Cheese fondue. Never fondont.
Versailles was quite beautiful but boy do my feet hurt. There is no way Marie Antoinette walked that
You can't get more Paris than eating a crepe in front of Notre Dame
Howdy!! Looking for Cowboys in Paris

3 May 2016

We had a very fast 5 hour layover today.
Who knew Disney VIP Guides also worked for Norwegian Airlines

2 May 2016

Starting our European tour with the most American things we could find. Coke from Chick fil a and queso from Moe's
This time tomorrow we will see the original. I'll have to compare photos

1 May 2016

We are leaving for Europe tomorrow!! Itinerary is as follows: Copenhagen, Paris, Strasbourg, Cochem, Netherlands, and London.