Thailand, Myanmar · 14 Days · 14 Moments · March 2018

27 March 2018

Our last 2 days were in the commercial capital of Yangon, not a lot of pictures because the phone never had battery ūüôą we treated ourselves with a movie in the afternoon to avoid the 40 degrees temperature "Red Sparrow" with Barack who invited us to sushi for diner :)

26 March 2018

Last day in Bagan, we woke up at 4.30 am to go watch the sunrise from a pagoda. Unfortunately, after the 2016 earthquake, the government closed entries to all pagoda rooftops. We had to explore a bit to find an easily climbable fence. We had time to do some light painting with the camera while waiting for the sun to wake up and finally we got to observe l'envol of the hot air ballons, incredible experience! We of course went right back to sleep after this and had our night bus to Yangon that same evening.

25 March 2018

Little day trip on the motobike to explore the many pagodas left! We met a nice Israeli guy named Barack who invited us for diner in New Bagan :)

24 March 2018

We spent the entire day on road bikes fighting the sandy paths through the thousand pagodas of the beautiful city of Bagan, dirt reddish roads sliding between copper brick walled pagodas dating from the 10th to 12th century. Beautiful day but it is getting veryyyyyy hot in the afternoon and we managed to take a nap at a local village where their benches transform into beds during digestion :) We treated ourselves with a pizza in the evening.

23 March 2018

First day in Bagan, the city of Buddhist pagodas!

22 March 2018

Last day in Nyaung Shwe before taking a night bus to Baggan. We went to explore the floating village where we met Stefan and Ilse, our Belgium friends from the 2 day trek, by coincidence. We then tried to bike up to the forest monastery but admitted our failure and finished the hill by foot. We had a panoramic view of the lake up there and a peaceful setting to meditate :)

21 March 2018

First exploring day in Nyuang Shwe. We borrowed bikes from our guesthouse and rode through the rice fields of the town. We had a Burmese volunteer who decided to take us around the temple to practice his English. We found a riziere bar where we cooled down with an ice cold Myanmar beer, a perfect day!

20 March 2018

From Kalaw, we start our 2 day trek to Inle Lake! In our group, a couple from Belgium and one from Germany, everyone is getting along great! At night, we stayed with a family that had twin daughters of 18 months. The trek was very nice. It's dry season here so a lot of the landscapes are reddish/marron. We ended with a boat ride in Inle Lake to Nyaungshwe where we're staying.
Second day in Mawlamyine with our Belgium friends! Today we head to Bilu Island known for all its workshops. We visited workshops of chalkboards, rubber bands, pipes and woodwork and bamboo hats. Everything is made just for the locals. It was very interesting! Ben drove us one after the other to the bus station where we took a night bus for 17hrs to Kalaw!

16 March 2018

We rented a semi-automatic motobike for the first time, fun! We spent the day with Ben and Nele. We drove to the biggest reclining Buddha, 200m long, and they're building another one just across that should be 300m long when they finish it. We then visited a monastery/meditation center where we chilled with monks. And we watched the sunset from the pagoda hill where we saw some very nice temples.

15 March 2018

Bye bye to our friends at Galaxy Motel, the staff was very nice with us! We took the boat from Hpa-an to Mawlaymine. The stop at the monastery did not happen but we stopped in a little village and arrived in our hostel in Mawlamyine on time to watch the sunset. We met a Belgium couple, Nele and Ben, and we ate at the might market with them.

14 March 2018

Another day in Hpa-an! We took the motorbike to Saddan caves, Kawgun caves (incredible) and last Yateak Pyak from where we watched the sunset. We made a lot of local friends that wanted to take pictures with us. Now that we can say hi and thank you, we're even more sociable!

13 March 2018

First day in Myanmar! We rented a scooter and went to Kiat-Ka-Lat pagoda, standing on a rock in the middle of a round artificial lake (first two pictures). Then we went to the Lumbini Gardens, with a 1100 bouddha statues, to start the hike up the Zwegabin mountain (On the last picture, peak to the right). The hike is about 2hrs up and 1 down. We hiked with a lot of locals, young and less young, all walking up with flip flops. The view from up there was incredible.
De la Tha√Įlande √† la Birmanie en bus, mais plut√īt √† pied car le bus de Chiang Mai nous laisse √† Mae Sot, o√Ļ nous avons pris un tuk tuk jusqu'√† la fronti√®re que nous avons travers√© √† pied, sans probl√®me, avec notre e-visa! Ensuite nous on avons pris un taxi van √† Myawaddy, jusqu'√† Hpa-an. On s'est rendu compte qu'ici ils conduisent √† droite, comme nous, mais le volant est toujours √† droite, comme en Tha√Įlande, on est un peu perdues. Premier voyage en voiture et les paysages sont d√©j√† magnifiques. On a h√Ęte d'en d√©couvrir plus!