Croatia · 22 Days · 45 Moments · June 2017

Birgit's tour through Croatia

2 July 2017

breakfast at Palača Judita

1 July 2017

dinner at kitchen5 trio: prawn ceviche with tomato salsa, smoked makarel, prawn with mango salsa forrest mushroom gnocchi. lemon curd with merengue & berries
ferry from Supetar to Split. got lucky. they had another one additional to plan. 😊
more of the amazing white choc hazelnut icecream at the icecream place between pal ute and bonaca sooooo good
breakfast at Bonaca in Supetar
icecream at the place with the artist see video

30 June 2017

dinner in Bol with Janet at Vendetta in Bol
great day in Bol with Janet

28 June 2017

dinner with Janet in Supetar. great tuna.

27 June 2017

lunch at Vendetta
scuba diving with Big Blue Diving in Bol

26 June 2017

dinner at Brazzo

25 June 2017

breakfast at Bracera

24 June 2017

walk in Postira. to the city center and back.
check in at my apartment Vila Nela. again with a view.
drive from Sumartin to Postira
ferry to Sumartin on the island Brač got just as one of the last two cars on the ferry. even though I queued already 1.5 hrs before departure.
dinner at Grill Vucko at the beach.

23 June 2017

dinner at Tempera Street Food. Romb steak (fish) with veggies
stroll through Makarska

22 June 2017


21 June 2017

dinner at Ankora

20 June 2017

drive to Makarska to meet Annette & family

19 June 2017

dinner at Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota
walking the city walls in Dubrovnik
breakfast at apetit in downtown Dubrovnik. yogurt with granola hazelnuts banana figs

18 June 2017

dinner at Bogo great sea bass with fries and grilled veggies panacotta
walk along the bay

17 June 2017

dinner at Rosa Bianca tuna steak with potato wedges and grilled veggies - soso. tuna was fully done.

16 June 2017

lunch at Nishta. vegetarian restaurant. I'll get tartar of grass?!? let's see how that tastes. the grass was just on top. the rest was small chopped veggies, onion, avocados with a bit vegan mayo. second battered & deep fried veggie nuggets with salad and hummus. was. it's super yummy.

15 June 2017

dinner at Bogo Kanoba fresh grilled fish - red scorpionfish - škrpina sooo good. was advised to eat with my fingers and suck out even the last bit, especially also the head. semifreddo nuss zum nachtisch

14 June 2017

dinner at Azur salmon ceviche tacos fragrant meatballs in curry coconut sauce
walking Dubrovnik old town

13 June 2017

diner at Rosa Bianca Pizza
check in at Apartment Ines via airbnb.
drive from Split to Dubrovnik along the coast line. beautiful vistas.
breakfast at Galerija sashuka for breakfast.

12 June 2017

dinner st Adriatic Sushi
super good ice cream at Luca
lunch at Toro Burger. tuna sandwich. tasty
breakfast at Bokeria Kitchen & Wine bar

11 June 2017

dinner at Taverna Favola
breakfast at BEPA in town

10 June 2017

flight from Zurich to Split with an amazing sunset over Croatia