Hawaii · 1 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

bini's adventure in Hawaii

2 May 2017

Visit the Mermaid caves Find a local or ask a friend if they will show you the caves. What used to be a secret spot has now become a bit of a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. Water flows from the ocean into underground caves, which create a magical atmosphere. If mermaids had homes they would likely look like these beautiful caves. Watch the sunrise from Lanikai Pillbox hike Lanikai is by far one of the prettiest areas on Oahu, laden with spectacular homes, crystal clear water and the famous Mokoluas also known as “mokes” (Mountains) out in the ocean. Only a few blocks back from Lanikai Beach is the beginning of the Lanikai Pillbox Trail (Kaiwa Ridge), known for being one of the easier trails on the island of Oahu. There is no better way to start your day than with a short sunrise hike overlooking the ocean and amazing scenery. Leap into the ocean at China Walls China Walls is a little cliff edge on the east side of Oahu. On a calm day it is a perfect spot for some small to
Get a picture holding up Koko Crater Arch during sunrise Koko Crater Arch is an unbelievable rock formation on the edge of the crater. You can walk underneath or on top of the crater while looking out over the east coast of Oahu. Sunrise is the best time to visit the arch to get some nice color in the sky for a perfect backdrop  See the view of Honolulu at the Diamond Head Crater Hike The most popular hike on Oahu and probably the most popular thing to do on Oahu aside from Waikiki Beach. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the old war bunkers at the top from which you will have amazing views of Waikiki and the ocean Visit Manoa Falls After Diamond Head Hike, Manoa Falls is the second most popular hike on Oahu. Only minutes from the busy streets of Waikiki, this jungle trail leads you to a large waterfall. Jurassic Park and Lost filmed scenes in this lush green area. Find the Cromwell’s rock pool Only a short drive or a 30-minute walk up the hill from Waikiki is the much more rel
Visit Lulumahu falls A cascading waterfall in the middle of the forest is a peaceful spot to enjoy the afternoon. The hike is right next to the Pali Highway and only takes about 30 minutes. You can swim in the pool below the waterfall. 1. Hike Chinaman’s Hat The Chinamans Hat is a small island near Kualoa Ranch. It is accessible by kayak or a short swim. Once you arrive at the island a mini hike to the top will give you amazing views of the shore and the Kualoa Mountains. We even spotted a seal sunbaking on the rocks! Find the Crouching Lion  Looking out over Kahana Bay, the Crouching Lion Hike offers amazing views, steep drop-offs and beautiful lush surroundings. It’s located on the Northeast side of Oahu and is usually much less populated than many of the other hikes on Oahu despite how beautiful it is. Hike Stairway to Heaven for sunrise  The Stairway to heaven was one of my favorite things to do on Oahu. While it is illegal, the stairway is still frequented by a small number