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4 February 2018

5 December 2017

1 December 2017

No we shouldn't. We need to have some controls over our borders. There are some people we would not want to welcome, such as criminals. Not everyone has the right to settle here. We also need to control numbers to make sure we are able to welcome and support new Australians with infrastructure such as schools, houses and shops. We should welcome people who claim to be refugees though and treat them with care and compassion.
Yes, we should! Australia is a big country with a small population. Think about India; the land is half the size of Australia but it has around 1/7 of the world's population. In Australia, we have a lot of space for houses and towns, and with more people migrating to Australia, the would be more communication and working together. There would be more families and friends having fun and celebrating traditional events of their culture.
" You can not change the past, only learn from it." Alice in Wonderland. We can learn from other countries past mistakes and achievements as much as we can learn from our own.
An estimated 366,400 people moved interstate in 2015-16, an increase of 8.1% from the previous year.

30 November 2017

Everyone deserves a second chance!
Yes, we should! Australia is an extremely diverse and multicultural environment and we are proud of that. Diverse people from different cultures can influence our decisions and help us learn from the past, and look to the future to change everyday dilemmas. We can learn from other countries past, as much as we can learn from ours. Australia is a place called home for many migrants and refugees. In Australia they feel safe and loved, but we could still do better. We can give migrants nice homes, friends and make sure that they are as welcome to the resources in our country as we are, even a friendly smile can make their day.
Question- Should we allow everyone to immigrate to Australia?