North America, Asia · 19 Days · 101 Moments · November 2017

Thailand 2017

23 November 2017

The End.

22 November 2017

Wagyu Steak dinner at the Buffalo Steak House. 🤤 Also had to grab a snap of the napkin holder, which in Thailand is always the napkin and WiFi password holder.

21 November 2017

A place that serves you deep fried squid, French fries and beer should not showcase guys with 0% body fat as their main attraction.
Sunset view from the pool at Beyond Resort Kata

20 November 2017

Ferry to Phuket, passenger transfer!

18 November 2017

Relaxing on my room’s patio poolside. Never want to leave this place!
Main Phi Phi island
Monkey Bay
Maya Bay Can you name the movie? (Hint: it’s what I’m standing on 😛)
Boat cruise day trip!

17 November 2017

16 November 2017

Had to upgrade so I could be closer to the fun pool!

15 November 2017

Menu from a local food place
Ao Nang stroll, with some music
Found the bar!
Ao Nang beach, home for 4 nights!
Thanks for the memories!

14 November 2017

Apparently burlesque is really big in Thailand. There are shows everywhere
Continuing my journi to the night bazaar, beer and live music
I’m early ...
Riverside Bar and Restaurant
Ping River, Chiang Mai
Walking through old city Chiang Mai
Beautiful Wat
One Wat, two Wat, Gold Wat, Brown Wat
Big Wat
Last room in Chiang Mai, heading out for a wat walking tour!

12 November 2017

Guided street food tour. 🤤😋
Scooting up the mountain to see waterfalls and the zoo. Riding through traffic on a scooter with mere inches between you and a car was slightly terrifying
Eggs sold on the shelf :)

11 November 2017

Burlesque show!
Exploring around the neighborhood. Had a beer and Louisiana style wings at O’Malley’s pub, stopped at the 7-11 to stock the pantry, and had a couple drinks at a street side patio.
The Anta Residence in Chiang Mai. 😎
9¢/min, 9¢/km :)

10 November 2017

Hopped a quick 1 hour flight up to Chiang Mai. Staying at this hotel for 1 night, then I’ll be closer to downtown the next 3 nights. I’m planning on doing some excursions while I’m here, and then moving down south to the beach areas for the last half of the trip!

9 November 2017

Clubby bar, new friends!
Some live music with a good mood before the bars pick up. Some bars don’t even open until 9:30. Oh, and the liquor stores don’t open til 5pm. On my first night here I️ thought they said they CLOSED at 5, and rushed out to the 7-11, only to find I️ was an hour early.
Found some relaxed, laidback gay bars in Silom, soi 4. It’s only 7 though lol
One of the more famous street markets in Bangkok, Patpong Night Market
The pool area at my second Bangkok hotel is about the only redeeming quality about the place. It’s very quiet though. I’d prefer a little more activity. Also, so far I’ve run into very few native English speaking travelers. Time to bust out the kindle and a beer! Very hot today!
Cool shopping by mall with a bounce arcade
This is what I️ saw at the Chinese Thailand cultural center. The lady at the desk spoke almost no English and finally motioned me down the hall and said “exhibition”... this is all that was there. Glad I️ walked like 2 miles to get here!
Very clean and nice transit stations here in Bangkok. So easy to get from one end of the city to another quickly
Went to the snake farm and got to see them extract venom from 6 snakes. They use it to inject into horses and then harvest the anti-venom from the horse to use on people. Poor horse...

8 November 2017

Hotel for my last two nights in Bangkok. Nothing fancy, just a small room for cheap, but close to markets and nightlife.
Ramen and Dumplings in Silom. The way this meal was served was in a very very hot stone bowl with the ingredients in the bowl and the broth on the side. Then they pour about 1/4 of the broth in and put the lid on to let it cook, about 1 minute, then they take the lid off and add the rest!
Bar @ The Continent

7 November 2017

Drink at the pool!
The Grand Palace
Tea Break!
Massumun Curry
Tour of expat Jim Thompson house! Jim brought 6 200 year old structures to this site and refurbished/reassembled them into a western style house, surrounded by amazing gardens!
Tour of Jim Thompson House!
Time for some walking!
My first two nights at The Continent in Sukhumvit, Bangkok
Breakfast at The Continent

6 November 2017

Mexican food on Sukhumvit Road
Indulge restaurant on Sukhumvit road
Sukhumvit Road
Arrived! Front and back packs!
At Hong Kong airport for a layover
4 hour layover

5 November 2017

Love the marketing campaign California has going on 😂 Effective.
Bye St Paul!