United States of America · 18 Days · 22 Moments · June 2017

2017-Rocky's BMWride. Fairbanks, AK to Utah.

11 July 2017

11 July 17-- Tues- Final entry for this trip. Have spent the last few days hanging out with Charlie in the eve. Sat, we were at the house, drinking beer, smoking cigars/pipe and getting to know each other. Sun, he rode to Denali Park and in the eve we went to Pikes for dinner. Mon, was raining so he did not ride, but came over again last eve for dinner, drinks and smokes. Was great to hang out with him. He left this morn for his long return trip. So, the trip was great. A little shorter and more expensive than planned but that is OK. I enjoyed the riding and saw lots of great scenery. I want to continue to do long trips like this. Favorite place- 'Sea to Sky' hiway-- I want to go back and spend time shooting photos there. Next trip-- Dalton hiway to Prudoe Bay ( I do live here and have never been).
7 July 17-- Fri- Departed Whitehorse in the morn and rode to Haines Jct for fuel and rest stop. Charlie arrived and stopped too. He asked if he could ride with me, I said sure. he wanted to follow me since I knew the northern roads. He is riding a Honda ST1300 (not an adventure bike). The roads started to get bad, lots of heaves and holes. We made Destruction Bay and then the roads got really bad all the way to the border. Charlie said I saved his life by slowing him down. The day was great, just bad roads. We made the border and took Charlies photo at the sign. We rode to Tok and had dinner at Eddys. He is staying there and I am on my final 200 miles home. I arrived home at 2100 hrs. I greeted Glacier and we unloaded the bike a little before coming in to watch a little Tv together and then bed. Charlie will be arriving fbx on Sat and we will be gettting together to hang out. He is a great guy, I think I have a new friend. My trip is over with just unpacking and cleanup to do now.
6 July 17-- Thurs- The weather cleared and it was a great day of riding from Fort Nelson to Whitehorse. I was going to go to the Teslin area but it was somewhat early and I did not want to stop. Kept passing and getting pased by Charlie K throughout the day. Chatted a moment in Toad River, BC. It was a long days ride and was lucky to get a nice room at Canadas BVI. Went out for diiner/beer at 'Dirty Northern Public House' . I was sitting at a long counter/table and was joined by a group of young Whitehorse girls. They started asking me questions and talked with me alot. That never happens to me!! The young server said I had been 'indoctrinated' into the group. Told her I had not talked to anybody that much in the last 3 weeks. A fun night for my last on this trip.
5 July 17-- Wed- rode from Prince George to Fort Nelson today.Stopped in Dawson Creek to buy/replace high beam and get some food. Had lunch at 'Old Rockwell's Pub'. Just a good day riding except it started to drizzle some as I approached Fort Nelson. Arrived and checked in to Motel6. A rider from Fla chatted with me a bit. I cleaned up and was gong to dinner, stopped by that guy who was smoking a cigar and chatted again. nice guy, Charlie King from Jax, Fla. Had dinner at 'Bostons' next door and then some Tv, reading and bed.

4 July 2017

4 July 17-- Tues- happy 4th of July!!! I spent the day riding from Calgary, AB to Prince George, BC. Almost 500 miles. It was a very scenic drive through the Banff to Jasper parks but there were so many people!. It was very congested everywhere with many parking lots full. Where did every one come from?? Well, either way I made it. I departed Calgary at approx 0800hrs and arrived here at approx 1930 hrs. I gained an hour so the trip was approx 12 1/2 hrs today. Checked in to Canadas Best Value Inn, again a very nice place to stay. No pool here though. I cleaned up and had dinner at Denny's. Now time for a TVshow, read and then bed. Up again early tomorrow for 500+ miles to Fort Nelson. I need to get a high beam for the BMW on the way, prob Dawson Creek walmart. I just hope I can get a place in Teslin the next night, or poss camp a night if I must.Need to buy bagels with the headlight!!

3 July 2017

3 july 17-- monday- departed Great Falls, MT at approx 0900hrs and arrived Calgary, AB at approx 1630hrs. The ride was a tough one.The road was ok, decent scenery but the WIND was STRONG!! I battled heavy cross and headwinds for approx 250-300 miles, out of 315 miles toal today. I am tired!. XChecked into the 'Canadas Best value Inn', cheap and actually a decent place. Went swimming in the pool and got laundry done. Walked to dinner at 'Nicks Steakhouse & Pizza' for a few beers and a pizza. I am feeling better now and able to eat some. Am still only eating once a day and that is fine. Am going to watch a tv show on the tablet and then to bed. I will be up early and on the road to Prince Geaorge,BC. It wil be approx 500 miles, a long day, though I will gain an hour time wise. still a long day. Only a few days left in this trip. looking forward to being home with Glacier. I plan on a few home projects and maybe just being lazy. Dont know when I will return to FFD, 20july or earlier???

2 July 2017

2 July 17--Sun- yesterday I rode from Salt Lake to Idaho Falls, only approx 215 miles but I needed the short day, still feeling nauseated and lousy. Arrived early at 1500hrs, checked into Motel6. Was laying down and then the vomiting started for a while. After that I thought I should try to eat, went to Outback (closest place) but could not eat much. Early to bed. Today, woke at 0800hrs and departed for Great Falls, MT. Distance approx 340 miles and arrived 1500hrs, checked into Motel6. Feeling somewhat better today. Went to dinner at 'Beef O'Bradys', Very good food. Still going to bed early to get some needed sleep. Have made motel reservations for Calgary (Mon), Prince George (Tues) and Fort Nelson (Wed). So, I have a few long days ahead of me. from Prince George on north it should be the same as 2015 trip. Looking forward to being home next Sat and hanging with Glacier.

30 June 2017

30 June 17--Friday- Had the day off in SLC today. Did not feel well during the night and this morn, felt somewhat nauseated. Slept late and then did some laundry, soaked in the jacuzzi/pool and then went to a movie- 'Wonder Woman'. A good movie, different than expected but good. I then Ubered to 'Rio tinto Stadium' for "Real Salt Lake v. Orlando" soccer gamer. Nice stadium, fairly new. Orlando=1, RSL=0. Stayed for post game fireworks which were good and then Ubered back to the Ramada to write this and go to bed. Planned my route home today, leaving tomorrow for Idaho fall, ID. Only 225 miles but I need a short day on I-15. The days will get a bit longer and I will get more comfortable the further north I get. I will probably be home next Sat, 8 july in the afternoon if all goes as planned, but then again things happen and I may change plans too. Either way, I have about 7-10 days left. I am ready to be home again.

29 June 2017

29 june 17--Thurs- rode from Bryce Canyon to Salt Lake today. Only 330 miles but it felt like longer. I took the scenic route which was much better both scenery wise and traffic wise. The last 30 miles were on I-15 though and I hated every moment. My butt/outer hips are in increasing pain, the new seat may not be all that great with such long distances. I was trying to get here in time to go to the SLC Bees ball game, when I stopped for a ticket I found they had played an afternoon game. What a bummer. Oh well. I am going to the MLS soccer game tomorrow eve. Tomorrow I need to do some light chores-- laundry, route to Canada, etc and hopefully get in a movie. Sat and Sun will be long distance days again and then maybe a day off in the Banff, AB area, then probably the push on home. I will feel better the further north I get and the roads are more comfortable to me. Time to watch an episode of 'Homeland', read a bit and then bed. I am tired and sore!!

28 June 2017

28 june 17--Wed- today was my day in Bryce Canyon National Park. A cool place, lots of awesome scenery. Spent the day riding from view point to view point taking photos. Felt really good to be using the cameras again. Took several hundred photos. Wish I had the time, and money, to visit more parks in the area. Tomorrow, I am going to leave early and take the long scenic route back to SLC. I will be glad to be heading north in a few days. I actually miss being home. I do miss my Glacier too. All in all a good trip so far, hopefully no problems going home.

27 June 2017

27 June 17--Tuesday- Got up this morn and rode to BMW Utah just outside Salt Lake. I got an expensive oil change which only took 3 hrs, at least they got me in. Decided the tires should make it back to Fbx. Departed on I-15S until turning on I-70E. Made a turn onto 89S and the road got smaller with great scenery. Lots of rock and some rivers. Also headed directly at wildfire burning in the area. Made panguith, UT at approx 1730hrs and checked in to Bryce Getaway cabins. Cute little cabins. Had to go back to Panguitch (approx 5 miles) for dinner though. Just reading and smoking a pipe this eve on the porch. Tomorrow will head over to Bryce visitor center and drive around some and try to get at least a few photos. Staying here one more night too. tried to buy MLS soccer tx on the phone but kept getting 'error', will try again tomorrow or Thurs. I hope I can get one, dont know how many are left. Decent day but alot of hiway riding again. May try a more scenic route back towards SLC.

26 June 2017

26 june 17-Mon- spent the morn doing errands and buying a ticket for the ball game tonite. Spent the afternoon lounging around reading and swimming in the pool and jacuzzi. I walked to Smith's Ballpark (1.8 miles) stopping at Arbys for dinner. Nice park. It was 80's night. Salt Lake Bees v. Reno Aces. The game went into extra innings and I stayed through the 10th inning, still tied 5-5. I had to walk back to the hotel, write this journal and hit the rack. Going to get up early and go to the BMW shop to schedule service for right then or Thurs/Fri. I hope one of those choices works. Then heading south towards Bryce NP for 2-3 daays to get in some sights and photos. Then probably back here to SLC for MLS soccer on Fri eve. Hopefully on Sat I will be heading north towards home. It will still be a long run there but at least I will be heading in the right direction. maybe if I am here on Thurs/Fri I might try to go ziplining and/or rafting somewhere 'nearby'. Time to read then sleep.

25 June 2017

25 june 17- con't-- pub. Good beers and food. Now it is time to watch TV and then sleep. Going to rest a bit tomorrow and figure my next plans. BMW Salt Lake is closed Monay so I will have to stop by on my way out of town on Tues. Would like to go to Zion NP at least, may have to skip the others. Monday-- maybe a movie, possibly baseball in the eve. Sat- 580 miles Sun- 336 miles Total miles this trip to date= 3425.
25 june 17-- Sunday- yesterday made the ride from Seattle to Boise, ID. Started early in the morning on I-5S, what a lousy way to start. 3-4 lane hiway and tons of traffic. Lots of grooved pavement too, dont care for that much with the K60 tires on. Lots of riding at 70-80mph, getting battered around by the semi truck slip streams. Finally made the turn on I-84E which was a bit smaller but mostly the same riding. Also, the temps are 90-100 dges. very hot in all my gear.Somewhere along the way I realized it was not 500 miles but would be closer to 600 miles and I also crossed into Mountain time zone and lost an hour. Finally made Boise and checked in at Super8, cleaned up and went to dinner across the road at Applebees. Then back to bed at 2300hrs and actually slept soundly. Slept in a little this morn and departed Boise at 0930hrs. Mostly the same type of riding as Saturday, hot too. Made Salt Lake early, checked in at Ramada, did laundry and then Ubered to dinner at Squatters Brew

23 June 2017

23june17--Friday- got up this morn and took the transit to Univ Wash, as close as I could get, and Ubered the rest of the way to BMW Seattle. The bike was ready to go. repair= $482.00. That is a crunch on the budget. May need to shorten trip a bit. The rest of today is getting ready to leave tomorrow for Boise, ID. Will go out to dinner tonite and then early to bed for an early depart. The trip has been good so far. Just need to figure out what I want to do in Utah and how long I want to stay, which relates to how much I spend. I will need to camp some in Utah. No matter what tis is a great ride.
22june17--Thursday- got up in theAM and made my way to BMW Seattle up north. Had to ride through the traffic. The tech knew right away that my chain&sprockets were bad and causing the noise. They had the parts and would fit it in ASAP. I was able to leave stuff there too. I had to Uber back to Motel6. I bought a ticket for the nights Mariners v. Detroit Tigers game. I walked to the Transit station and then the bus to Fremont to go to the GeoCache HQ. Added the HQ cache to my list. Stopped by Fremont rewing for a few pints and then Ubered to the game. Good game, Mariners=9, Tigers=6. Cano hit a grand slam too. The BMW shop called and bike was done already but I had already added another night to my motel res. Took the transit back to my motel.
21june17--Wednesday- departed Whistler at approx 0900hrs. Eventually hit the Vancouver area and had to contend with traffic through the city. Customs was also busy with an approx 45 min wait. Rode I-5 toward Seattle and hit major traffic jst to the north. Took me 1 1/2 hrs from the northern part to Motel6 in Tukwilla. Finally made it here at 1700 hrs. Checked in to Motel6. Took my first Uber ride out to dinner at BJBrew restaurant and then back again. Called BMW Seattle and will bring bike by there on Thurs. = 234 miles.
20june17-- Tuesday- departed Prince George in the morn. Raining steady and then VERY hard all the way past Quesnel BC. Stopped in Quesnel at Tim Hortons for a milk/donut to try to wait out the rain but it did not stop. Finally somewhere around Williams Lake BC it started to get better. I made a turn onto Rt#99/ 'Sea to Sky" road just before Cache Creek. It was now dry buy VERY windy. What a great road. Very western scenerey. Very twisty and turny. Stopped in Lillooet for fuel and a break. What a great place. The road going on to Whistler was great too. This time it was heavy forests and rivers. A phot paradise.Need to go back and spend a week ranging in/out of Lillooet for photos. Arrived Whistler BC in late afternoon and checked in to Whistler Inn. Verydifferent than I expected. It is a famous ski town and I should have known. Walked around and found dinner, then back to the room for TV and reading. A great day of riding with incredible scenery. Go back!! = 386 miles.
19june17--Monday- departed Bell2 approx 0800hrs. The ride was cold and somewhat rainy all the way to Kitwanga. Stopped for fuel and rest. D2D guys- Louis & Jed caught me and we rode together. Stopped in Smithers BC for lunch and then onward on the yellowhead hiway. I split off in Prince George BC and checked in to the Sandman hotel. A cool and wet-ish day of riding. =441 miles
18june2017-- Sunday- I departed for a long days ride to Bell 2 and Joy left for Fairbanks. It was damn cold for quite a while. Made the turn onto the Cassiar hiway and had a nice ride, but cool, all the way to Bell2. I got a crew room there (still $$$) due to the bugs. It did rain over night too. Met with a few guys from D2D and talked with them a bit. Off to bed a bit early after reading. A long but good day of riding. I did notice a new 'clacking' sound when I was riding. I need to get that looked at when I can. = 540 miles
17june2017-- Saturday-Forrest departed for Fairbanks and I left for Whitehorse at approx 0800hrs. nice day riding, stopped in Carmacks for lunch and fuel. Arrived Whitehorse at approx 1600hrs and checked in to the Days Inn. Joy arrived 2 hrs later to share room with me. We went out to eat dinner and then a little food shopping so she could get some veggies for ride home on Sunday. Was nice to have her there at least for a little while. = 348 miles
23 June 2017-- Am in Seattle, have been since Wed. This trip started on Wed, 14 June 2017 when I left Fairbanks for Tok with Forrest B. We stayed the night in Tok and met up with Joy C. Thurs, 15June17 we made the ride to dawson, YT over the Taylor hiway for D2D. Was a good day to ride and we arrived with no mishaps. We checked in to the Triple J hotel, met up with Joy and went out for dinner and beer. fri, 16june17, Forrest and I rode up the Dempster hiway about 50 miles to a lookout spot in the provincial park. Was a great ride with awesome scenery. We need to ride to entire road (maybe next year after D2D). Spent the afternoon hanging around town and eating ice cream. That eve was the banquet and the rider games. Got my new sticker for my bike at midnight and off to bed.