Slovenia, Italy, Croatia · 6 Days · 31 Moments · June 2010

Biking through Istra for 7 days

26 June 2010

Vršic-Pass in the Nationalpark Triglav One of my favourite mountain pass roads - the Vršic-Pass! On the other side of the mountain you drive down at plastered curves. Just beautiful. Stop at the top to take some pictures and enjoy the great view of the Triglav Nationalpark!
GOSTIŠCE ANDREJC This restaurant has good food for cheap prices. Always a good stop for bikers! The people there a very nice and they have an outdoor seating area.
again: kanal café fontana Again we stoped in Kanal and had a coffee at café fontana. If you have time left, drive over the bridge, turn right and park at the right side to go down to the "Soca" for a quick bath.

25 June 2010

Autokamp Stella Maris Autokamp Stella Maris was the last camping site we chose on our trip, because it was close to Umag and we wanted to have enough time to drive home at the last day. It was okay for one night and we had a nice time at the beach.
super awesome insider beach It was just accidental that we found this great beach! We parked at a small gravel path at the left side of the street where we found a small and long path down the woods till we reached this beach. Go there - take a bath and relax, you will not regret it!
crossing the amazing bridge Crossing the bridge is free, if you drive from the island to the mainland. (You have to pay the other way around!) Drive slow and enjoy the great view from the big bridge!
Ferry from Cres to Krk It is time to say goodbye and drive from Losinj to Cres till you reach Merag where you take the ferry to Krk. Travel time with the ferry: 25min. The prices of this ferry are much the same as the other one, but have a look at the up to date prices at the link I've prepared.

24 June 2010

Mali Lošinj It is possible to walk to the city which takes about 30 minutes. Mali Lošinj means "little Lošinj" but it is the biggest city at the island Lošinj. You can find many restaurants at the harbor and it is nice to stroll along the boardwalk. Many stalls with all manner of souvenirs wait for customers on the right side of the harbor. Good restaurants, pizzerias and taverns offer fresh fish, seafood and local specialties. Of course, there are also several ice cream shops! Enjoy Mali Lošinj!

23 June 2010

Body Massage under singing cicadas There is a mobile massage tent near the sea where I booked a body massage the evening before! The massage was great and I had a friendly young woman with good english skills. The sound in the background was amazing - the waves and some singing cicadas in the trees! Book it - you will feel reborn!
Swimming - a delightful excursion We visited the island Cres again to swim in a small bay. But the bay at the Campsite is equally beautiful - so just stay there and take a day off! Read a good book, go swimming and relax ;)
Good morning croatia! Somewhere in the middle of the campsite there is a bakery with fresh croissants, bread and everything you can dream of! :) I was just super happy with my chocolate croissant and my tea in the "Milka" cup!!!

22 June 2010

Autokamp Cikat We decided to stay in Autokamp Cikat which was a great decision! We had a pitch very close to the sea, but in a quiet area under the pine trees in area 4/12! The sanitary facilities where new and clean! The beach, only one bay beside the super famous Cikat bay, was just amazing - but more quite than the real one! Camp Cikat is the biggest Campsite on Losijn and Cres but we always found a quiet place at the beach. We stayed here for 3 nights.
Cres - Town square and lunch Cres is a small city with a nice town square and cute houses. We stoped there to have lunch but I can't remember the name of the restaurant. However, there are several good restaurants there, so just go and eat where it looks best for you!
Viewpoint at Cres Stop here to take some pictures! You get an amazing view towards Krk and the streets of Cres are also amazing! ;) Take a look at your tempo!
With the ferry from Brestova to Porozina! From the café to the ferry are only a few meters left. You can buy the ticket on your way down. Travel time with the ferry: 20 minutes. Motorcycles cost 4€ and cars cost 13€, but better check the up to date prices at the link.
Take a coffee and enjoy the view A new day - a new experience. Start off with a quick jump in the sea, pack your things and head off to the beautiful view of this Café marked in the map. Take a coffee break and watch the island Cres!

21 June 2010

A walk along the coast in Rabac It is wonderful to stroll along the boardwalk. There are many many shops which sell beautiful shells and other things like henna tattoos. Many bars offer cocktails and play relaxing music. Don't forget to take a picture of all the small boats in the harbor. I really like Rabac and in the high season there are many tourists and a vivid atmosphere!
Autokamp Oliva After we visited Pula we drove through the countryside till we reached Rabac, a small but vivid town. I have been there before with my parents and decided to go there again on this trip. There is always a great atmosphere. This time we stayed at Autokamp Oliva, which is very big (but don't be afraid of the huge hotel in the background - the place offers lots of space and is not really crowded). We got a pitch close to the sea. The beach is nice with medium-sized pebbles and there is even a pool.
Pula - the old city center There are three more Roman buildings: the 1st-century AD triumphal arch, the Arch of the Sergii and the co-eval temple of Rome and Augustus. There are some shops and many cafés! Sit down and relax.
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin The church was built in the 6th century, when Pula became the seat of a bishopry, but it was almost completely rebuilt in the 15th century. The belfry in front of the church was built with stones form the amphitheatre!
walk through Titov Park Titov Park is very close to the arena and shows a miniature of Pula. When I visited it, there was also a big Frame where we got nice pictures!
Pula "Arena Rimski amfiteatar" Pula is not only a great city, but the biggest one in Istria. Parking is free for motorbikes for example at the harbor. The city is known for many well preserved ancient Roman buildings. The most famous one is the 1st-century amphitheatre, which is among the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world!
Stop at Limski Fjord Our first stop on day 2 was the famous Limsky Fjord. You can drive down a small road to take some pictures.
Swimming in the morning The beach of the camping place is really nice, so we decided to go swimming very early and then packed our things to start the new day.
What a sunset at the harbor! Evening program: Sit down at the harbor and watch the sunset. When we were there, the colors were just amazing!
Visit Vrsar and the harbor Vrsar is a nice town. Make an evening walk to the city where you can enjoy a nice view when walking up to the top near the church. Like in every Croatian town, you can find shops, restaurants and cafés everywhere.
Camping in Vrsar For the first night we decided to sleep at camping Porto Sole which was a perfect decision. The camping place was quiet, had a nice restaurant and a great beach! I have been to Vrsar before and because of the distance to the nice town center, it was perfect. Find the up to date prices listed at their website.
Coastride between Sistina and Triest We drove from Sistina to Triest along the beautiful coast. The street was amazing and my favorite spot was the tunnel through a wall rock with a stunning view. The ride through Trieste is a little slow, because most times it is very crowded, however if you've never been to Trieste - just do it.
The small town Kanal in Slovenia You reach Kanal after driving along some great mountain pass roads. It is a small town characterized by its beautiful turquoise river "Soca", which runs through the town. The high bridge to cross the Soca is famous for bridge jumping (but only for pros :D )! After the church on the right side you find free parkinglots. Take a cheap coffee at the restaurant Fontana. They also have very good Pizza! I really like the small town and I've been there at least 6 times - also for river jumping of the lower springboards!
From Tarvis to "Predilpass" Tarvis is a nice little town in the alps with a famous clothes market where you can get cheap leather goods, if you bargain! Me and my dad often drive there just to enjoy a coffee, because it is very close. And of course I have some leather jackets and jeans from the market! From Tarvis we drove to the Predilpass. You pass the beautiful lake "Lago del Predil" and Log pod Mangartom till you reach Bovec, Zaga and Kobarid. At the roundabout just before the city Tolmin, take the first exit to Kanal.
What to take with you? We traveled with two motorcycles and a car. Therefore it was easy to take lots of things with us, because we could just throw everything in the trunk! We had two tents, one chair, two deck chairs, a table and some things for cooking like a gas cooker! Don't forget a clothesline to dry everything after a long drive! And for sure: don't forget your swimming things!