Poland · 3 Days · 10 Moments · December 2017

Bigjon's trip to see Malwina

1 January 2018

Went to Mac Donald’s, you order on a machine, highlander burger was good. Pic of the plane!

31 December 2017

Nye party
Columbus bar in central Poznan Me and Malwina in the square A bar that serves been and vodka on the square, piwialnia vodki I piwa was the name of it Malwina on the square
In the hotel in Poznan, ready for the party, don’t like the glass doors or to the toilet
A very wise man said tome once “there is an Indian restaurant in every city” It was beside a lake used for rowing etc, near the centre of poznan Had breakfast with Malwina’s family before leaving this am

30 December 2017

Dinner with her sister and friends
The coal heater for the house, pic with her parents
50p for a bit can of beer
At the house her sisters husband is building, 5000 pounds for that plot of land, vodka on the building site

29 December 2017

Rental car not quite what I expected