7 Days · 50 Moments · December 2017

3 January 2018

I packed and then went went to 320 Ranch for dinner and a sleigh ride. I had a burger and fries. The ride was really fun!
I made whipped cream when we got back for Uncle Scott’s 50th.
We went skiing. I skied down the lower half of Mr. K without stopping then went over all of the bumps!
I had spaghettios and got dressed.
I woke up, ate cereal and just chilled for a little.

2 January 2018

There was a little foosball tournament
i went into the hot tub with Nana and Sydney.
We picked up pizza on the way back, then ate it at home.
When we were back in the car, we read an article about our bus driver. He vas a criminal and escaped many jails.
Went to another big one(i didn’t see it and i felt bad) and headed back.
Drove an hour (low was -26), got on a bus and drove another hour and a half (stopping sometimes) to Old Faithful. So cool!
Woke up at 5:40, got dressed, ate and headed out at 6:30.

1 January 2018

Got stuff together then went to bed.
Watched Ferris Bulers Day Off.
Ate chicken chili and cornbread.
Went in the hot tub!
Got hot cocoa and a grilled cheese.
Skied 3 different greens!
Woke up, ate breakfast and chilled until we went skiing.
New Year!

31 December 2017

We got back, chilled, went out to dinner, and then watched La La Land.
Had lunch (chili and cornbread), then went to the grocery store.
We (-lee, pa and Scott) went to the town square to shop and eat.
i woke up, ate breakfast (pancakes) and got ready.

30 December 2017

We walked to a restaurant(fancy), came back, finished the movie, and went to bed
i showered and then we watched Pitch Perfect 2.
Skiing was fun!
Ate lunch and headed out to ski.
Finished the puzzle!
Woke up, ate breakfast and then we took a walk to the “mall” to get Tyler medicine.

29 December 2017

i was really nauseous and ended up sleeping with mom. i felt really bad.
We watched Pitch Perfect 1
Went on a family walk without Tyler. Sydney and i stared a snowball war on pa. At the end, every threw snowballs at Sydney and i.
Ate dinner. Potatoes, stew and salad.
i was so sore and tired from skiing that i accidentally took a 30 minute nap. Then, i worked on the puzzle.
Skiing was hard be got easier as i became better. i only fell twice and one was due to dad🙄
The only half day group was the adult so i was with Tyler and 4 other adults. Our instructors name was Frank. He was nice.
We got back, ate lunch and left again to ski.
Day 2: Woke up and ate breakfast. Got all bundled up and went to the shop to ski gear.

28 December 2017

Ate dinner (sloppy Joe’s and salad) then played hide and seek with Uncle Scott, Sydney and Dad. After that, we moved onto the Vail puzzle.
Got to the house. 4 STORIES!!! Lots of stairs. Unpacked and played outside with Sydney and Nana (it was snowing). Lots of fun!
1 hour drive to Big Sky!
Had lunch at the Pickle Barrel. I️ got a roast beef sandwich.
Went to the grocery store and got the car washed.
Saw the cutest baby girl!
First sighting of snow!
On plane, in sky!