Austria, Slovenia, Croatia · 7 Days · 39 Moments · September 2017

Journi Team in Croatia

1 October 2017

30 September 2017

Playing UNO again 🍷
Last supper in Croatia 🍻🍷 In Pizzeria Pompei in Pula 👌🏻
Last day: Everyone reflected on the last days and presented what he/she worked on. #amazing

29 September 2017

Back in the harbour! Thank you Tea and Bonny 🐶 for this nice adventure, it was a lot of fun!
We stop for a break on our way back at Safari Bar, a very adventurous bar/restaurant with self made swing and slide and all kinds of funny table settings with a beautiful view to the sea 😍 we had some Burger and Olives 👌🏻
And here are the brave cliff jumpers! Bruno, Guillermo, Andi and Bianca even did the 10m jump which was quite scary to be honest 😱🙈🎉
For snorkeling, cliff jumping and a longer break, we stop at the tip of Premantura! There is a nice cave which you can enter by swimming in with light coming from the top and the side through two holes 👌🏻 the cliffs are also really nice!
Me made a short break at a nice bay with a cristal clear water and a little cave.
Today we are up for our second team adventure! Kajak, snorkeling and cliff jumping with ActivistSport in the national park of Premantura! Let the adventure begin! 😎

28 September 2017

We have been in Kantina for dinner and it was very delicious 😋. They served starters on the house and most of us shared a Steak from Croatian beef 👌🏻
Hacking a local parking machine.
Having lunch and working 👌🏻

27 September 2017

Instead of afternoon coffee ▶️ just jump into the pool 💦
Barbecue time!

26 September 2017

Salt & Pepper. Really good food! 👌🏻
Today we had our first team activity! We went horse riding for 3h to the beach /lighthouse and back. It was really nice 😍🐴 we learned a lot about leadership and patience! We can really recommend Samy's Ranch 👌🏻
Breakfast Time ☕️

25 September 2017

Playing Uno
During this week, our team will not only relax but work on some ideas 💡 that will support either growth or revenue. Every team member had the opportunity to pitch two ideas. Afterwards we voted for the best ideas. Great stuff...
We arrived in our great Airbnb Villa Morning View 👌🏻 Our host is Zoran, he showed us around in this great house and we are very happy about our choice 😍 With 3 floors, 10 beds and 6 bathrooms we have more than enough space for 8 people 😎
We arrived in Croatia and make a stop in Novigrad. It's already warm and we are enjoying the harbour and our first seafood and beer 🍻 at Konoba Parangal! 👌🏻
Just crossed Slovenia 🇸🇮
🚘 Car #1 on it's way! We are going to Premantura, Croatia with the journi Team! 🎉

24 September 2017

Car #1 started one day earlier and had a night over stay in Carinthia. We went for dinner at Puschenschank above Ossiacher See. 👌🏻