Czech Republic, Hungary · 8 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

La vie boheme

16 April 2017

Today, I rented a 🚲 and rode it around Hungary. I was all over the Danube, Vaci Street and up the bridge to Buda. I visited the medical museum and got in for free. Then, I parked my bike at the foot of the philosophy park to walk up to Gellert Hill. The view at the citadel was amazing. I saw all of Budapest in one morning.

15 April 2017

Fisherman's Bastion at night, where a man and his violin filled the air with his beautiful music.
Getting lost has its perks. We accidentally stumbled upon Bone Art, a lovely local store that makes handcrafted leather books and sells writing accessories. Earlier that day we went shopping around at the foot of the castle. We met a lovely man who hand painted jewelry. We bought a few pieces as gifts and souvenirs. I also got myself a leather bag and bought a little belt bag. I saw a few leather belt bags in some gift shops so I figured this was a Hungarian thing.
Tired of walking, everyone left to go back to the hotel. Philippe and I decided to walk around the castle hill. We ended up actually finding the castle. The tricky thing about actually getting to it is that it dosent really exist. It was heavily bombed and never reconstructed to its original glory. In its place is a museum filled with artifacts of Czech history, culture and old photographs of the castle grounds. We accidentally found our way here exploring the history museum. We enterd a museum full of stone carvings and old mideval castle rooms. Then we saw one staircase that was sort of grand and just led us straight to the castle museum. There were displays of posters, soap bars, utensils, toys and other fragments of old Czech daily life. We then discovered courtyards, lookouts and other themed exhibits. We still felt like walking. So we did some shopping at the foot of the castle hill, attempted to walk to Gellert and discovered a ghost town of a housing development.

14 April 2017

I was surprised to see a pillow menu and a wellness bag waiting for us in our hotel room. Luxury is all in the little details.
Its a cold spring afternoon, but I couldn't resist these beautifully branded Vegan Popsicles.

8 April 2017

I was visiting the Gallery of Art in Prague and saw the permanent exhibits of Warhol, Dali and of course, Mucha. Mucha is prague. I knew this would be the highlight, but I was surprised to find out how much I liked the museum's Warhol or should I say - Warhola and Dali collections. I was most captivated by the interpretation of Dante's Divine Comedy by Dali. There's something special about seeing the rawness of the almost sketchbook illustrations. It made me so aware that it is the most faithful to his train of thought and I probably would never see that again.