South Africa · 2 Days · 11 Moments · April 2017

Bianca's adventure in Ceres, Western Cape, So

17 April 2017

A weekend filled with nature and good music makes for a happy camper!

16 April 2017

...and you guessed it, more dancing and stomping!
...and some more dancing!
After a whole night of dancing the new day called for some more sunrise play!
Followed by some hula hooping fun!
And then the sun came up adding an ethereal glow to this picturesque landscape!'😍
A little dancing before dawn! 😜 Because why not!

15 April 2017

The stage is set! Let the fun begin.
Sunset vibes! Night time equals party time. 🙌
Lots of people and beautiful views from our tent!
Beautiful scenic drive on Route to Ceres from Cape Town! Nothing better than road trips!