Iceland · 10 Days · 66 Moments · May 2017

4 June 2017

And we end it on a high note 馃嵒
It was such a beautiful experience ! Wortg doing once for sure even though it is commercial. We had to book tickets in advance. This is super important if you have a specific day planned for blue lagoon experience. They give algae mask, silica mud mask for your face. We have to buy algae mask though. Also drinks are not free but they were reasonably priced. We had drinks, learnt back float (courtesy: madhu The Teacher with 馃挴 percent coversion rate 馃槤) It was very relaxing and fun. A great end to our trip. My biggest tip is to keep Blue Lagoon at the end of your trip. That way after a week of going around iceland ring road, you will get to enjoy in the pool the whole day 馃嵒
Blue Lagooon 馃槏

3 June 2017

On our way back to Reyjkavik. Our trip almost came to an end. I am so looking forward to Blue Lagoon tomorrow We couldn't do Kirkjufellsfoss due to lack of time :/ when i have KEF stopover next time, i will drive tomthis falls. Its a 2 hour detour if you are driving from Lake Myvatn to Reyjkavik.
Godafoss ! Waterfall of gods 馃寛
The gates of mordor 馃彏
Dimmuborgir trail is around 7 KM. There are lot of trails available to choose depending on time ans energy. We wanted to see the gates of mordor ! I havent seen Lord of rings but my friends were pretty excited 馃槉
Two colorful idiots at Vogafj贸s Cowshed cafe 馃槤
Vogafj贸s Cowshed Cafe ! Must must visit. Its very close from Hlid hostel. Food was so tasty and the sorroundings were so beautiful 馃槏
Morning we started with Grj贸tagj谩 ! Its a good cave pool. But there were huge lines. We went in and got out. Water temperature is so perfect to take a dip. But no one was inside water. I am not sure whether it is allowed. Water temperatures rose to dangerous levels when nearby volcanoes erupted, so check the status before taking a dip.

2 June 2017

We stayed that night with Hlid hostel. It was decent but expensive. I slept like a baby. I was super 馃槾
Hverar枚nd ! This is a hot spring area in Lake Myvatn. There are mud pits with hot boiling mud.
Dettifoss waterfall ! Its near Lake Myvatn. Its THE powerfull waterfall i have seen in Iceland. Raghu asked me to starr at a part of it for 2 minutes. You can just get trapped in its force. Few facts - It holds the most powerful fall in europe. An average of 96,500 gallons if water crosses its bow every single second 馃槺Because of this force, the mist from the falls are visible from several miles away. It has a 100 metre wide abyss, and its height is 45 metres.
Hengifoss ! There was mist around the source. So we couldn't see its glory. But i am thankful for a dry day 馃槍
Litlanesfoss ! You will encounter this waterfall on your hike to Hengifoss. This waterfall is also lined by basalt columns like svartifoss.
Hike is approximately an hour. Around 2.5 KMs or so. The path is so beautiful that you spend more time taking pictures 馃摳
Hiking to Hengifoss 馃彏 Scenes during our hike yo Hengifoss. Spot KK in the second picture 馃槑

1 June 2017

Our AirBnb in egilssta冒ir ! Even this was cute 馃槏馃槆 Beers 馃嵒 + Champions trophy 馃弳
Taking the road less travelled is not a luxury ... it's a C.H.O.I.C.E Quote i saw somewhere on pinterest.
Scenes during our drive ! East Iceland really feels like edge of the world ! We were alone, made random pitstops. Every 5 mins, scenery changes. There were 100s of waterfalls on our way to egilssta冒ir This drive is HIGHLy recommended 馃彏
After super strong winds at 50kms per hour and rain, we drove at 40 kmph playing violent contact game :P We stopped here for fuel but ended up having sumptuous lunch. We ordered soup and had such a good flavored bread. Definitely make a pitstop when going east from Hofn. These people were discussing about rice, ancestors, digestion, sugar etc. i was happily roaming and taking photos 馃槍
Today we could only start at 2 PM. Winds were so strong, our parked car was moving 馃槺 Since we broke one rooftop box already, we wanted to be careful with the new one. Secured it with a latch before driving EAST. Around 5 hours of drive to the next AirBnb place in egilssta冒ir.

31 May 2017

Nonhamar ! Definitely book this place if you have a stopover in Hofn ! We had heavy winds that night with rain. Can never forget curling up in those bunk beds, wedding conversations with friends and yumm noodles 馃崫
We wanted to cover Svartifoss waterfall before rain tonight. So we did a small hike at 11 PM. It was not as big as expected. The huge hexagonal columns are formed when the lava cools down. I am not too much into Geology, so did not spend too much time near those boards 馃槈
J枚kuls谩rl贸n beach. You will see a lot of stranded icebergs on black sand. Its such an awesome sight to experience 馃槑 Some really big icebergs bear the brunt of strong waves for a long time before breaking into small pieces. These are the stranded icebergs you see in the photos.
J枚kuls谩rl贸n ! Its a glacier lagoon. This is very close to Vatnaj枚kull national park. I have seen pictures of this location on few blogs with 5x more icebergs than what we are seeing now. Its landscape changes based on a lot of things, wind, temparature etc.
Glacier walking 馃毝
Activit time 鈴 We booked galcier walking in S贸lheimaj枚kull with Extreme Iceland company. Our guide was Mimir. Apparently the black ash on the glacier can be dated back 100s of years. When glacier melts it reveals the ash which got trapped there. He spoke about a lot of things which i couldn't hear. I was always at the back taking photos :P This is another experience better in reality. Pictures didnt do justice.
Skogafoss 馃彏 After this we came back home at 6:30 and slept till 11.
Finally i got good shots of Seljalandsfoss 馃槏 This is my favorite falls in Iceland for photography 馃彏
Baby horse steps 馃惔馃悗馃寛 This horse must be Miss Iceland 馃槏 I saw so many horses in the last three days, but none of them were this beautiful 鉂わ笍馃挍馃挌馃挏 It had brown spots at perfect places.
BEST MOMENT of my 馃嚠馃嚫 trip 馃惔 We were driving to Seljalandsfoss. I wanted to take a horse photo from three days. So we made a random pit stop when we saw this horse. When we went close to take photos, we saw baby horse which was JUsT born 馃槏 It took its first steps right infront of us with its wobbly legs ! This was just surreal! I have no words. There was sunrise, lake and a baby horse infront of my eyes. When the mother horse ran towards the lake, baby ran behind it. It was just doing everything mother horse was doing. showed today its going to be sunny from 3 AM. Decided not to waste a single second of sunlight. Driving at 3 AM to Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss again. 馃槑馃殬馃彏

30 May 2017

Reynisdrangar ! It has so many interesting stories around the basalt rocks in the sea. Some trolls tried to drag a ship before sunlight, but they couldnt cross the sea in time. When sunlight broke, they turned into stone. Even here we found hexagonal columns. The rock formations here were interesting!
FINALLYYY Rain stopped 馃檮
Cape Dyrh贸laey - it is a good photography spot. Its very scenic with a large arch. At this point, it was not just raining, i felt like rain was hitting me hard. I couldn't open my eyes also. Goong home because of bad weather.
Iceland's famous plane crash in S贸lheimasandur Beach. Follow some blog to get the right coordinates. You have to walk 4 miles from the parking spot to reach the crash site. We spent around 20 minutes in the crash site. Also it's raining 鈽旓笍 today as well 馃槨馃槚

29 May 2017

We were soaking wet when we came home. This cute little place took my headache away. We made tea 鈽曪笍 had soup 馃崪 Dinner menu: white pasta, red pasta and egg rice 馃槑 Finally we had one good dinner. In Iceland, if you can cook, it is better to buy grocery, make breakfast and dinner. You get very less food for the price you pay. The variety is very limited as well.
Source of Skogafoss waterfall. Views while climbing up were nice ! It take around 30-40 minutes to climb ip. Also like idiots vishu and madhu ran up. They were dead tired after that 馃槀
Skogafoss ! You can climb to the source of the waterfall as well. You can spot a lot of birds here. Next stop: Airbnb in Vik 馃槑
Gljufrabui - This is a secret waterfall right next to Seljalandsfoss. Its hidden behind rocks so that only the very top part of it is visible. You can actually climb to the top taking the support of chains. We couldn't because of rain 馃槨it was very slippery. This is one fall where you can leave your camera behind and enjoy the experience. Photos are very far from doing justice to the beauty of this fall. You need waterproof shoes to walk through the rocks and witness the complete waterfall. If the water level increases, you might need a canyon (source: board before the falls) Mist and 鈽旓笍 is the forecast for the day. Its so irritating. I am very close to my threshold level.
Seljalandsfoss - This is such a beautiful falls 馃槏 But it's raining 鈽旓笍馃様 I am mesmerized and sad that i couldnt capture anything. I had to take photos on my phone.
Icelandic Turf houses ! They build the house with grass on top for providing insulation during harsh winters. These houses last centuries. First turf house was at Gaulverjab忙jarvegur. Second turf houses stop is mentioned in
Kk says its going to rain 鈽旓笍 the whole day :/

28 May 2017

H谩ifoss waterfalls ! Such a magnificent beauty. The landscape is so different, you feel as if you are in a different planet. We were alone at this spot at 11 PM. Best part of Iceland summers ! Its bright even at midnight. You can cover as much as you want till you drop. 馃槑
Kerid crater is a volcanic crater. Must see. The colors were so vivid. We can walk all the way down to the lake.
After all the adventure, we finally settled into our beautiful Airbnb. It was soooo cozy & cute 馃槏
This happened only because madhu sat in the backseat and jinxed everything 馃槨
Our car rooftop box to store luggage got damaged 馃槼 This is the shittiest thing that could happen on a sunny day :/ tried fixing it. Realized its not fixable at all. We used vishus new shoelaces 馃槤Madhu and Ashwin tied knots like experts to give us time to go to Selfoss, the place where our next Airbnb is.
It's hot and sunny outside 馃尀 Amazing day ! Let's cover Haifoss falls before it starts to rain

27 May 2017

Its amazing how bright it is even at 11 PM 馃尀 Even if we get up at 10, hit the road at 12, we are still able to cover most of the places on the list. 馃槾馃槾
Stop #4 - Fl煤冒ir village. It had a lot of hot springs where you can swim and relax.
Stop #3 Gullfoss waterfalls ! This was breathtaking. I was trying to learn how to get good composition, it was super hard to remove mist. Its such a beauty.
Stop #2 Strokkur Geysir - Geothermal geysir which erupts every 8-10 mins. It goes upto 25 meters. We spent almost an hour here. Mahitha and Raghu wanted to capture geysir eruption 馃寢They tried five times, every time they missed it by a split second. Lol as soon as they rest their hand, it erupted as if someone gave a cue to the geysir to erupt 馃槤 Finally when we tried dragging them out of geysir, they said one last time. The last eruption was only 10 meters long, OMg you just have to look at their faces, the experience is priceless. Here comes the twist, we all were laughing and then suddenly within next 5 seconds it erupted upto 25 meters and Both of them were not ready 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 I can never forget this 馃槤
Silfra fissure in Thingvellir national park. The silfra fissure is actually a crack bteween North American and Eurasian continents. People can dive or snorkel right where the continental plates meet. We so wanted to do that but prerequisite is swimming 馃強. You should be really comfortable with swimming in a pool. This is a must do for someone who can swim.
Walkways were beautiful 馃寛
Scenes near the church !
Waterfall at Thingvellir ! We actually should have walked a little more to see bigger 枚xar谩rfoss falls 馃尀
Stop #1 Thingvellir National Park ! Its a UNESCO heritage site. Apparently there used to be a open air parliament assembly. Its called Alping ! The buidlings seen in the picture is Pingvellir church.
Lets do it #goldencircle

26 May 2017

Two colorful people and KK 馃槤 We are waiting for Ashwin and Mahitha 馃
Elli冒a谩rdalur ! This is a waterfall close to Reyjkavik. We were so tired, We just wanted to have dinner and sleep 馃槾
Iceland has a chain of stores called 'Bonus' super stores. You literally get everything there.
After all the drama, finally settled into accommodation. We have very less airbnb options in Reyjkavik, and our host cancelled last minute 馃槨馃様 Fought with Airbnb guys to get credit. KK and vishu motivated me 馃槤 I took pictures of the haunted house 馃憜馃憜馃憜where there were only cats and shoes 馃憼馃槨馃槨馃槨
.. and so it begins 馃嚠馃嚫馃槑 Landed. Waiting for friends. Great coffee and sandwiches at Joe & The Juice shop. Taking flyaway bus to Reyjkavik. Heard that it is the most economical option.