Greece, India · 7 Days · 22 Moments · October 2016

Travel diaries from Greece

23 October 2016

Santorini For traveling around, one can rent a car, bike, ATVO or use the local bus. The only drawback of the bus is that the timings don't seem very regular and to reach any place you have to take a bus from Fira, which means one can't just hop from one place to another. You have to come back to Fira and then take another bus. Tickets are sold on the bus and the rate depends on the destination.
Santorini Oia Remember the white and blue dome shaped houses on a cliff that come up on google when you search for Santorini? Well, this is that village and its famous for the sunset view. A lot of people come down in the evening especially for this. Tip: Better to use the bus than a ferry to reach this place. The steep climb up to the village from the dock can be taxing. Though you can choose to hire a donkey for the climb up which is available for about three-fourth of the way. Kamari beach - black sand beach. Swim, take a walk or just sit back and enjoy the view. The water is a brilliant shade of blue. Red beach - famous for the reddish colour of the rocks and sand. There are lot of places to around to see. In fact, a lot of tours provide you with options to choose from - volcano and hot springs, archeological site, visit to the villages and beaches.

21 October 2016

Oia village - unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy to get the best view of the famous sunset.
Volcano, Agean sea and the views around Caldera
Pics from around Santorini 😃

20 October 2016

Santorini Meli and Thymari in Santorini at Kamari beach was a good place. Good greek food options for vegetarians. The staff made some good suggestions and made sure their diners were taken care of. At most restaurants, you will find a staff standing outside inviting people to look at their menu and speak about their main highlights. Somehow most of them would right away ask us - 'vegetarian?' judging by our Indian looks 😜
Eggplant based appetizer and big beans cooked with tomatoes. Finally, something for the veggies 😋
Kamari beach, also known for its black sand. Beautiful sunrise and a lovely place to relax.

19 October 2016

Athens Local sim Recommended that you get a sim upon arrival at Athens airport instead of looking for a store in the city. If you miss this, then there is a WIND store near acropolis - at the end of the lane off acropolis. This lane has acropolis metro entrance and is lined with restaurants. Apart from this, there are stores in the major shopping areas. Vodafone, cosmote, germanos and wind seem to be the stores offering prepaid sims.
Panathenaic Stadium, Athens - where modern olympics first started.

18 October 2016

Athens The lane off Acropolis has lot of restaurants. The first thing on my mind as we were at a restaurant was - Yaay! Free water 😃 Having just come from Italy where water is chargeable, this was a welcome move. Lots of coffee shops in Athens, where you get cappuccino for as low as 1.20-1.50€ Do try the Greek coffee - its strong but tastes nice. The Greek salad is a must try. Its fresh, tasty and filling. My husband, a non-salad person loved it and was our most often ordered dish.
Athens Syntagma, Plaka and Omonia are popular areas to dine, shop and see the citylife. Plaka is just behind Acropolis and Syntagma is further ahead. Both can be reached by walking. There are shops for all budgets - from branded ones to different souvenir shops. Do try local greek sweets - there are some good options to take home.
Athens Lots of places to see in and around Athens, not counting the beaches which are an hour or so away from the centre of the city. There is a combined ticket for 30€ that gives you 5 days to cover sites like Acropolis, Roman Agora, Ancient Agora, Hadrian's Library, Kerameikos, Aristotle's Lykeion, Olympieion. These places are close to each other - they almost form a circle. Acropolis museum is not covered in this (5€ entry). Do watch the video shown here on Acropolis to get a better insight on the place. There is also the National Archeological Museum. Temple of Poseidion (Cape Se union) is a half day trip. There are quite a few day trip options - to archeological sites and islands. One can only prioritize based on available time and interest :)
Delphi and Meteora A two day guided trip to the historical sites of Delphi and Meteora provided so many insights into Greek history and mythology. Its easy to understand why they have inspired so many hollywood movie themes. The drive is very scenic. Delphi used to be a place where people used to travel to know their future. The priests, who were believed to be oracles of God used to be the intermediary who would act as the divine communicator. The role of the place during the time, its transformation due to various invasions and the looting of the numerous golden, silver and bronze statues makes you imagine what a rich and important place it would have been. Meteora Six monasteries built on top of different rocks is a sight to behold. Easy to understand why its a UNESCO cultural site. The monasteries are self sufficient as they cultivate most of what they need. The frescos on the walls inside depict stories from the earlier era.
Remember the movie 300? This monument has been built near the place where 300 Spartans fought against the Persian invasion
The kitties of Greece - managed to steal everyone's attention away from the sights
Meteora - in the 4th pic, you can see 4 monasteries in one frame
Sights around Meteora

17 October 2016

At times the journey can be just as fun as the destination
The ancient ruins of Delphi and the view around it. Once played a very important role in Greece's history.

16 October 2016

From Athens airport to the city By Metro Follow the signs directing you to the train stop. After purchasing the ticket (costly 10€), you need to validate it - there is a small box for this before you exit the ticket lobby and enter the escalator area. Tickets are apparently valid for 90 min. Follow the escalators going down to the platform, to avoid risking going to the wrong platform using the stairs 😬 The train fm airport is the M3 line heading to Marina station Local transport You have multiple options - metro, bus and tram. Taxis are not that expensive here as compared to other european countries. You can purchase a 24 hr ticket at metro station which is valid for all public transportation (except going to and from airport). Best option is to walk once you reach one of the main spots covered in the combo ticket as all these places are within walking distance of each other.
Acropolis at Athens