North America, Europe · 20 Days · 16 Moments · April 2017

Bhagya's adventure in Greece

4 May 2017

Checking into Divani Meteora Hotel.

2 May 2017

A warm Oia morning. Small breakfast, then off to Fira I. The bus.

1 May 2017

A lovely Fira morning.
Checked into Theroxina hotel, Fira, Santorini.

30 April 2017

On our way to the airport for the flight to Santorini.
The temple of Olympian Zeus, which is second in size only to the temple of Zeus in Olympia.
Carte Postale evening snack.
Ancient Agora museum and ruins.
Had lunch from small cafe. Iced chocolate drink was refreshing and delicious.
Acropolis walking tour and exploring on our own.

29 April 2017

Took a nap and came to the Acropolis to buy tickets. The city looks so congested.
Landed in Greece
Boarded the flight to Athens after a 3 hour layover in Geneva. Our 7.5 hour flight from IAD landed in Switzerland early, around 7:20 a.m. local time. We checked into the Swiss business class lounge and went to sleep on a comfy chair, since the United flight in was pretty much horrible. The seats were cramped, the meals, were bad, and the cabin was very cold, but the provided blankets we're more like handkerchiefs. After napping for about 2 hours, we had some snacks from the lounge buffet (sandwiches, cheese, pastries, juice and Swiss chocolate), brushed our teeth and got on our final connection, Aegean Airlines.

27 April 2017

Started packing for trip last night, but will have to do pretty much everything tonight. Other than that, trip is all organized and ready to go.

14 April 2017

Booked the hotel in Fira, completing all the hotel and transport bookings. Hotels in Athens, Fira, Oia, and Athens airport plus roundtrip flight to Santorini.