United States of America · 1 Days · 3 Moments · October 2017

When I turned 30

30 October 2017

Stopped at a cute little Italian just down the street from the hotel. The food and service was amazing and I have a feeling we will be back!!
Finally landed at 3pm NYC time - it’s a very blustery day and we did experience some not so comfortable turbulence on the touchdown 😶 Got through passport and security control easy peasy and grabbed our luggage before heading out to get our cab. Everyone absolutely amazing - so friendly and helpful. Our cab driver was so nice too, we had a bit of a natter and we watched as we headed out from Long Island toward Manhattan. Traffic was interesting but the ride was smooth and this time, I didn’t get travel sick! We pulled up outside the hotel at about 5pm, feeling tired and yucky from the flight so we checked in and just chilled 😍
Early start at 4:30am this morning and massive thanks to my dad for getting up and taking us down to Heathrow! Bags all checked in and feeling a little bit more chilled about the whole travelling thanks to all the staff we met who were more than happy to help. Honestly, if you’re smiling and kind, people will be lovely to you! Breakfast was a chilled affair at a posh little brasserie in the terminal before we got on the shuttle to departure lounge C. Adam loved this part! The departure lounge was empty (we did arrive very early!) but we sat and watched the planes outside and had a couple of coffees. There was one mad dash as our flight changed from departing from gate C61 to C64 but we got there and all was fine. I was even a lucky individual to have to go through advanced security screening! After apologising to the lovely lady for G4S about having to swan my gym trainers (soz for the smell!) we got on the plane and were ready to go. 8 hours is a very long time!