United States of America · 2 Days · 15 Moments · October 2017

Beverly's adventure in United States of Am...

12 October 2017

On the way home...

11 October 2017

Some "electronic device" time
The Ark is the right background of the grandkids photo! What a day 😃
One more shot of the Ark, when leaving...
At the petting zoo area, then heading back inside!
1st-Amazing time lapse video of the building of the Ark. 2nd-misc. moment inside the ark 🙃
The Ark is HUGE!!!
Waiting to board & on the shuttle bus at the Ark Encounter!
Taking time to thank this police officer for his service 🙂
Breakfast at McDonald's...grandkids chose!
On the farm where we're staying 😀

10 October 2017

Check out the different personalities in our Airbnb 😉
A castle? In Kentucky? 🏰
In the back seat...cousin fun😉
How appropriate for our trip to the Ark 😃 God is awesome!