Italy · 6 Days · 6 Moments · September 2017

Beverley's journi to Italy

4 October 2017

Had leisurely start this morning, then went shopping in Trastevere. Made a start on Christmas and got a couple of things for me. Had a nice lunch then visited the Chiesa which is really beautiful inside. Came back to the appartment for rest and refreshments. Packed as much as possible then made a concoction to use up the remaining food. Lots of fireworks going off, couldn't see them but loud as everything is here. Home tomorrow.

3 October 2017

Got the 115 bus towards the Vatican this morning and stopped off at Piazza dei Garibaldi which has fantastic views across the city although it was a little hazy. Bought lunch at 1 of the kiosks. We then travelled on to the Vatican, we ate lunch looking towards St Peters. It seemed thousands of people were queuing to get in! We continued around to the Vatican Museums, where somewhat less people were queuing. We paid a little extra to "skip the line", it was still a carry on getting but we made it eventually. Everything was amazing, the ceilings, the tapestries, the statues, the maps, the Cistene Chapel but I liked the frescoes the best. I was amazed at how small each section of the Cistene Chapel was, I guess I've only seen it magnified in sections before. We walked miles, and up and down countless steps!!! We rewarded ourselves with desserts, a huge ice cream for me which was delicious and had fruit on so healthy too! Took more photos of St Peter's and Castel Sant'Angelo as dusk fell

2 October 2017

Set off from Piazza St Venezia to visit the shopping area, took more photos of the Vittoriale and the Trevi in the different light. Had lunch at the Galleria again. Most of the shops are really expensive and not to our taste, but Diane did but 2 Nomination charms, not to my taste and spoilt my plan for her birthday by buying the 2 she liked herself. We then visited the Spanish steps, it was very crowded as is everywhere and very hot. Diane brave sole climbed the steps, I did not - well only a few. On our back home we stopped for a drink, then popped into 1 of the numerous churches which had incredible artwork. We got an incredibly packed tram home, made a sardine tin seem roomy.

1 October 2017

We got the tram to Piazza Venezia, and took lots of photos of the Il Vittoriale. Huge and dominant, if not a little ostentatious. There is a view of the Coliseum too. We then walked up to the Trevi Fountain and threw a coin in to ensure we return to Rome. Got caught in a heavy shower, unexpectedly. Ducked into the Galleria di Soldi to have lunch and dry off. After lunch made our way to the Pantheon via Piazza Colonna with its huge intricately carved column dedicated to Marcus Aurelius, then Piazza Di Montecita where the PMs residence is. Eventually we arrived at the Piazza di Rotunda and the Pantheon. There was a huge queue but it moved very quickly, it was amazing inside with the art work and the very impressive dome which is open to the sky. Then we made our way to Piazza Novona with its 3 fountains, crowded as everywhere is. We took lots of photos of course, and stopped for dessert and people watching. We next set off for Castel Sant'Angelo, not easy in the dark!and St Peters

30 September 2017

Spent the afternoon wandering around Trastevere, which is the area we are staying in. No idea where we were most of the time, the streets are very twisty. Several near misses with the mad vehicles. Had a nice lunch, then afterwards had fantastic ice cream at Fagomanos. Luckily it is just a couple of minutes from us so we can work through the flavours - had watermelon, pineapple and ginger and apple,almond and cinnamon so far. Diane had coffee, hazelnut and the apple one.

29 September 2017

Crossed the nearest bridge to us across the Tiber, walked along the riverside to look for the Bocca di Verite. This was featured in Roman Holiday and is meant to snatch off your hand if you are a liar. Eventually found it, the signs are not great, and took its picture - didn't queue to put our hands in. Walked on to the Palatine, which was very impressive, and did have great views of the Forum as promised. It was rather warm though. It leads onto the Roman Forum which is also very impressive, it is difficult to grasp the scale and imagine it when Rome was at its heigh. Had a very nice, late lunch sitting outside at a pizzeria across from the Forum, then walked along to the Coliseum which is also vast. We had planned to stay and take some photos as the lights came on, but I was taken ill so had to cut our visit short. Hopefully will be ok for the rest of the trip. We did lots of walking today, with hills and lots and lots of steps, and it was very warm for us anyway.