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Betsy's tour through Europe

15 May 2018

13 May 2018

Now we're in London, so very different from Paris, where everybody sits at neighborhood cafes with their faces turned to the sun nursing a cigarette, wine, and appetizers, or coffee and croissants. Here they tend to stand in corner pubs with a glass of very good beer in hand. We are staying at an apartment located above a classic English pub, the Sekforde Pub. Here we're Uber-ing around the huge city because iLondon is so massive and it's hard to learn the bus/metro for such a short time. London is an incredibly diverse and vibrant city with many languages spokes on the street. The street food at the Acklam village street market was a feast to the senses...big pots with savory dishes simmering, from Thailand, Peru, Ghana, India, Jamaica etc. They even had a few pop-up bars. Experiences and historical sites we enjoyed in London included the London Tower, the London Bridge over the wide and muddyThames River, the Tate Museum of Modern Art, Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Globe Theate

12 May 2018

More photos from London...the hatchback in the rain yesterday was a joke! I had my pack on underneath my black raincoat at the. Buckingham palace! The next travel segment will be from Bath, England, including Stonehenge.

8 May 2018

We spent our last long lingering day in Paris wandering through our Le Marais district where we were staying. We had brunch at the covered outdoor market of Marche Couvert des Enfants Routes where I ate Lebanese food and Tammy enjoyed her proverbial cafe and croissant. Then we ran into the lady who runs the Jardins des L'Oisseaux community garden, a gorgeous herb and vegetable garden in miniature, well tended by many community members. After snacking on macaroons and chocolate, we visited a music studio, "The Studio", where Tammy's friend was a street musician in the 80's. Then we had a fine dinner in an area of old paved streets with no cars...only marred by too much smoking, which made me cough and choke. On our final night in Paris we took a night double-decker bus tour of “The City of Lights.” Most of the monuments and historic buildings are beautifully lit, especially the Eiffel Tower. You can also see the Arc de Triomphe at the end of the Les Champs-Elysees Blvd.

7 May 2018

We are enjoying Paris in the district of Montmartre.
We spent today in Paris at the George’s Pompidou Museum of Modern Art after a delicious breakfast of crepes at an outdoor cafe nearby. This museum was far better for me than the Louvre. We lingered over the displays of paintings by Matisse, Picasso and Braque, and other early modern artists, and enjoyed the fascinating contemporary art as well. Then in the afternoon we went to Montmartre. We took the funicular to Sacre Coeur, then walked all over the hilly village, enjoying a late night dinner. The weather has been in the high seventies, bright, warm, and clear...lovely Paris in the springtime. We’ve mastered the Metro subway system and have enjoyed coffee and croissants in our neighborhood cafes almost every morning. I started this Journi for France rather late into the trip, so will include more photos and stories tonight.
This is the map of my travels in Europe this summer, starting with my arrival in Paris with my good friend Tammy Rouleau on May 3, 2018. You will see this map again as we traverse Europe.

5 May 2018

2 May 2018

29 April 2018