Netherlands, Belgium · 97 Days · 17 Moments · August 2017

Beth's and Sandy's tour through Netherlands

28 November 2017

Everything looks amazing! The people, weather and pictures look like you are having so much fun. Terrific

3 September 2017

We started our last day by taking a walk and then a boat ride along the canals. We then went for lunch to a restaurant along one of the canals and watched all the families take there Dogs for a ride in the canal. We had a lovely dinner and while walking home by this large houseboat we stopped to admire it. Dad was commenting on how beautiful it was and then we saw people who lived in it sitting out on their deck enjoying the view. Dad struck up a conversation with them and the next thing we knew they invited us and gave us a tour and insisted that we sit and talk with them for a while. it was the perfect way to end our trip. Opps I forgot to mention that we rented bikes and joined all the Holland residents biking. I was very nervous as it was tons of trafficof both bikes motorbikes and cars.

2 September 2017

Once we finally got to our hotel and got our bearings we set out to explore. The first picture is of the train station which is one of the most beautiful train stations in the world according to the experts. We then became acquainted with the people park. First Papa is walking with the soldier asking for directions and then I am hugging another. We then set out to find Hoffy's restaurant which is owned by a man named Hoffman but probably no relation. There are pictures of dad in front of Hoffman's market and Hoffy's. Next is the picture from the top of the Museum of Antwerp and lastly a picture of the Cathedral at night which was around the corner from our hotel.
On our last morning in Antwerp we went to see Reubin's House and that is a picture of his garden. We then drove to Ladon and found this beautiful college town spread before us. We went for lunch and a restaurant which floats on the canal and I had a wonderful cheese fondue. We then went to the market and you can see Sandy mixing in with all the people in foods. We then checked into our hotel and have decided the boutique hotels are for the young. The staircase is a challenge for both of us and we are on the third floor overlooking the canal. The room is charming but very tight. Luckily we travel so light that it doesn't matter how tight the room is.

1 September 2017

We walked to bookstore built in church and then left MAstricht for Antwerp which wS only a little bit more than 1 hr. Our frustration began with detours everywhere we went. We finally made it to our hotel after many detours and at least one hour. We then went out to explore and work by foot. We have been on unable to secure a scooter so we are trying not to get too far from the hotel. The good thing is the hotel is very close to an interesting part of the city.

31 August 2017

30 August 2017

Today was a quiet but lovely day. We just wandered the city,came across a lovely park, bought lots of chocolate spoons which we hope to get back to AZ without breaking or melting them. We came across a wonderful market and I bought a lot of trinkets I did not really need. We just savored the area as we leave for Antwerp tomorrow.

29 August 2017

Papa got a new scooter today....very fancy with all the bells and whistles. We had a fun day just enjoying the gorgeous weather ( which is supposed to change) and exploring this beautiful town. I walked 6 miles trying to keep up with Dad. We were on a hunt for Kevin's favorite chocolate shop and found his shop with 50 different flavors of chocolate spoons. We are going to try and get some home without them melting as they sure look great for stirring hot milk as Kevin suggests.

28 August 2017

We started the morning with a scoot and walk to the flower mart. It was another beautiful day and we were reluctant to leave. While at the market Dad left his scooter over on the side of the road and it waited for him. We picked up our rental car and headed out to maastrict. We stopped 1:2 wayIn a beautiful college town. We arrived at our hotel to find it was a converted church. Our 2 nd room is very modern but comfy. ( our 1st being rejected)They have preserved the church and windows. We then walked to a nearby cafe and had a wonderful dinner. Tomorrow we shall explore the city

27 August 2017

I had a long description which dad has deleted by mistake . I told you how gorgeous and peaceful Amsterdam has been with the electric boats floating on the canals. It is hysterical to Watch dad scoot down the street, see something that interests him and then he gets off the scooter and walks over to whatever it is. Meanwhile people stare with their mouths open. We got to see the synagogue today and we wandered around the city. Tomorrow we move on. We went to an Indonesian restaurant for dinner and had a huge spread which started with lobster. We laughed about eating lobster in Amsterdam.

26 August 2017

We started our morning with a walk and scoot to the neighborhood farmers market. We bought cheese and then sat snd had coffee with a charming couple from Amsterdam. We then tried to go to the Synagogue forgetting that it was closed on Sat afternoon. All was not lost as we stumbled upon an area where all the jews were forced to congregate before being shipped off to concentration camps. We then went to the Food Hall for lunch upon Becky's recommendation. Next we toured the Rijks Museum Many Rembrandt paintings We rested, went for a delicious dinner snd then took a tour of the Red Light District which was fascinating but noisy snd crowded. We are having a great time.

25 August 2017

We started our fabulous day with a walk to the Anne Frank house and then a tour through the house. ( by the way i think Meghan is the perfect age to read the book as Anne was 13 when she started it and i would like to send it to her). We exited the house and went right next door for dutch pancakes. We then went to the Van Gogh gallery but outside they had a huge sculpture by Richard Serra which is dad's favorite sculptor. After the museum we went back to a small gallery and bought a hanging sculpture by an emerging artist. We then scootered and walked before dinner. We went to a restaurant that had 5 courses but it turned out that most contained lots of lettuce so dad and I polished off a whole bottle of wine.

24 August 2017

We arrived in Amsterdam early and immediately went around our area..Dad by scooter and me on foot. The area by our hotel looks like Venice as we are right on a canal. We ate a great lunch at the hotel and took a fascinating ride on a 100 year old beautiful wooden boat owned by hotel and saw many of the sights. We capped our first night off by eating at restaurant recommended by Susan which was 1 block from our hotel and really special