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Logan's 5th grade year 2017-2018

21 April 2018

Savta turns 87 at Seasons 52 with everybody we love. We even managed to get Aneza out of the house to join us.

27 March 2018

Logan and Emily have a great day at the new La La Land indoor playground.

24 February 2018

A great day for the H3O Botz at the Regionals at Boynton Beach High School. Logan also won two raffles. Amazing and fun.

6 February 2018

Logan is making straight A's look easy. He's an amazing kid.

15 January 2018

Happy 7th birthday Kendall! Great fun and food at Benihana Japanese

13 January 2018

Go Logan! First try on the mechanical bull at the South Florida Fair
The guys look so cute!
Lots of stuffies to come home and everyone took turns carrying them around.
Lots of rides and smiles with the wonderful Reiders! Alyssa, Lexi, Sari and Kendall. Logan is getting so brave! He did the Sky Glider 4 times and did the Gravitron for the first time and loved it! He also tried the tea cups for the first time and loved that too.
We match and it wasn't planned. We just both love the wise cracking Deadpool

4 January 2018

The latest Lego masterpiece. Kylo Ren's TIE fighter

1 January 2018

1st annual New Years Day party at Moldoff Manor

31 December 2017

New Years Eve 2017 countdown

18 December 2017

Sparing in the advanced class for the first time.

17 December 2017

ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Palms. 9 degrees inside bbuuurrrrrr
LEGO store at Disney Springs. Always a good place to build and see new stuff.

9 December 2017

Car Show 11 in the books! It rained again like last year but it was still fun. We had a great day. We won a Tito's vodka basket with tickets to ICE at the Gaylord Palms which Logan and I will use next weekend since we are going to see Hogwarts lit up for the holidays. Logan made a new friend a senior named Adam. Steven had a great day. This picture has been named "Mighty Moldoff" Look at him showboat on top of the army truck. The kids couldn't stop cheering. At dinner the kids lied and said it was his birthday so the whole place sang. It was great!

28 November 2017

First quarter straight A's and so proud

25 November 2017

Ryan R. Birthday party at WOW Factory!

20 November 2017

First viewing of the skit for the Robotics Club. Logan is Caller 1

17 November 2017

Picking up from Robotics Club. The kids love the jeep

16 November 2017

Miss Mayzie! Happy as always

13 November 2017

Stretching is so important!

12 November 2017

Justin's birthday party at the Silverball Museum in Delray. Such a great time. Logan said his mullet helped with Donkey Kong

11 November 2017

Ian turns 10. Logan's first friend from mommy and me and they are best friends. Listening to them was so funny. One boy said, I'm Donald Trump and this is my pillow wall! It cost 30 trillion! Another boy said, I'm a smart Mexican and jumped the wall. It was hysterical!

4 November 2017

Logan's first tournament. November 4, 2017. He's doing great!

3 November 2017

Halloween with knight Brian and Marshmallow Man Luca. There were lots of other boys too just not enough pictures. Logan is obsessed with Twix this year

15 October 2017

More Bedners Farm
Our day at Bedners Farm for the fall festival with James and Kendall and Trish and Anthony and Eric and Kyle. Boy oh boy! Was it hot
It's a constant struggle! Wonder how much longer they will both be able to fit there

5 October 2017

30 September 2017

Our first Yom Kippur with Congregation Beth Adam and I made a friend. He said standing in the middle of the hotel driveway. He came right to me and I moved him into their greenery.

22 September 2017

Metric math Olympics with Mrs. Pinzon. These kids are great! I had so much fun volunteering.

16 September 2017

Great night at Tequila Sunrise with old friends

10 September 2017

Hurricane days

8 September 2017

Surprise visit with Tristan
Hurricane Irma road trip and visit with Tristan

1 September 2017

A night at Jaxson's to celebrate great grades in the first 2 weeks of Mrs Pinzon's advanced 5th grade class and getting into the Robotics club. Well done Logan!

25 August 2017

The first week in the book and I'm so proud! He also applied for the Robotics club

21 August 2017

Logan's first day of 5th grade

19 August 2017

A party at Chuckee Cheese to celebrate getting into the 5th grade High Achievers with Mrs. Pinzon and a great show as Scar in the Lion King at Center Stage

6 August 2017

A day at Bedners Farm with James and Kendall

5 August 2017

August 5, 2017 Miami Seaquarium. We did the tank walk. 12 feet deep and those helmets weight 72 pounds. We had a lot of fun.

30 July 2017

A great day at Supercom Fort Lauderdale with James and Kendall and lunch at Quarterdeck