United States of America · 33 Days · 88 Moments · April 2017

Bethany's adventures in the USA

30 May 2017

Living out my favourite movies today! 😄
'We're all mad here' 🎩 ❤❤❤

27 May 2017

Appearance in New Jersey
Ate a philly cheesesteak in Philly! On the steps that Rocky ran up apparently! 😅

25 May 2017

Saw some moments by moonlight - Lincoln memorial, Washington Monument, WWII memorial and Vietnam Memorial ✨

23 May 2017

Saw the house of Elvis 🎸😍

22 May 2017

There are worse ways to spend a Monday night I guess 😉🎷🎶🍸
Walkin in Memphis 🎶
The site of Martin Luther King Jr's assassination
Rock n soul museum 🎸
Tennessee 😄
Real Southern food - buffet style! 🍗
M-i-ss-i-ss-i-pp-i 🙌

21 May 2017

Caught some jazz tunes in my final night in Nawlins! 🎷🎻🎵
Funky markets 😄

20 May 2017

The famous party street 🎷
Into Louisiana 👍

19 May 2017

Howdy yall!
Got my rebel on 😅🎨 #peacelovetexas
Had the yummiest Lebanese pita for lunch followed buy the best ice cream I have ever eaten 😍😍😍 #texanfoodvansruntheworld
Went tubing down the Colarado River 😄🚤

18 May 2017

Austin nightlife!
Genuine Texan BBQ! 😍🐂
Over into Texas! 🌵

17 May 2017

Checked out a massive cave in Carlsbad 🐲

16 May 2017

It was snowing!!!!!! ❄❄❄
Into New Mexico!

15 May 2017

Night camping in this quaint little town
Sunrise in Monument Valley 🌄

14 May 2017

Monument Valley - probably one of my favourite places. I have never been somewhere that feels so peaceful, with such lovely people. Experienced real Navajo tacos (yum) and saw some ceremonial dancing. To top it off the night was so clear I could see every single star! Best night!
Brief appearance in Utah on the way to Monument Valley!
Horseshoe bend in the Colorado River

12 May 2017

Had a grand reveal of the grand canyon - yes we walked with paper bags on our heads 😂😂 and the watched the sunset of the canyon while eating pizza 🍕
Stopped by the cutest diner on Route 66 - inspired the movie Cars! Also had the best strawberry milkshake in the world 😍🍓
On historic route 66!
Crossed into Arizona! 3rd state down!

11 May 2017

Wandered around Caesar's Palace tonight! All very fancy!
Saw 'The Variety Show' at Planet Hollywood tonight! Definitely a bit different!
Today I went to Luxor and saw the Titanic exhibition! Definitely my favourite part of vegas! 🚢

10 May 2017

Surrender night club was definitely an experience...
Bellagio fountain show 😍
Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas 💲💸
Party bus!!!! #thevengabusiscoming #newyorktosanfrancisco #butinreverse
Crossed to Navada! Heading to vegas!!!
Town with the hottest recorded temperature 😥
The lowest point below sea level!

9 May 2017

Stopped off in the coolest looking old town! Retro pioneer buildings everywhere!

8 May 2017

Mirror Lake ❤
The beautiful lower yosemite falls! (There was also snow along the trail!!!! Snow!)

7 May 2017

Yosemite national park 😍
First Walmart experience 😂😂
Drove over the bay bridge to start my next lot of adventures!
View from Treasure Island - Bay Bridge crosses this man made island - often used in movies!

6 May 2017

Last day in San Francisco today! Tomorrow my to offically begins and off to Yosemite!!
Today I had lunch on top of Macy's, at the cheesecake factory, overlooking Union Square! (And had the most epic carrot cake cheesecake 😍😍😍)
The hearts of San Francisco ❤

5 May 2017

Walked over part of the bridge today!!! 😍😀😍
Saw the Crookedest Street in the World today! And what a hill to get there 😧

4 May 2017

There are worse places to eat lunch... 😍
Saw the bridge like a real San Fransiscian all covered in fog!

3 May 2017

Rode a cable car up the hilly streets! Such beautiful Victorian houses 😍😍😍
Alcatraz was very cool - audio tour was super well done! A lot smaller than I thought it would have been. Beautiful vewis of San fran though! What a beautiful city!
Sea lions over take part of the docks - so noisy! I could watch them all day!
Some snaps from Pier 39 ft. Golden gate bridge and Alcatraz Island!

2 May 2017

First glimpse of the infamous cable cars 😍🚊
'AirTrain' and then a 10 carriage train to get to my accommodation! Wowsers.

1 May 2017

What a day! Universal studios was above my wildest dreams! The Harry Potter section was unimaginable - still on a high! Plus a studio tour, eating at Krusty Burger, and actually going on rides 😄 the most magical of times ❤

30 April 2017

Stumbled upon these this evening! 😍
Excuse my face in the photos but santa Monica pier! Californian beach! Ahh! I have never seen so many people on a beach before either!
Beverly Hills. Oh my. #90210
Central perk baby! 😍
I have no words. Still on a high!!! 😍😍😍😍

29 April 2017

Spotted from a window!
Walk of fame!
Flew into LAX and didn't get lost 👐 one of their terminals is bigger than ADL airport in its entirety 😮
Saw my favourite bridge from the sky! 😍
Next stop: LA!

28 April 2017

Because bison is what you expect to find in a park... 🐂
Found my little house in the woods 🏡
Found a fury friend while I was wondering through the park! 😍
Went through the California Academy of Sciences - absolutely awesome! So many weird animals I've never heard off! Would recommend it to anyone who has the chance!
First California beach!

27 April 2017

First American burger! (With beautiful architecture across the road)
Some finds during my quick walk through the park 🚶