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29 July 2017

A really good sport! We drank sprite and hip flask vodka and chatted and danced our way through the 90s anthems before going to call Lane to meet her coworkers. Norman's was great. R'n'B banger after banger- Beyoncé, Drake, Rihanna - had a great time dancing with her colleague Alice who was the most supple and friendliest of the group; two traits I look for in night-out friends. Made me a little jealous that Ceri had coworkers that will go out and slut drop; alas she is on a shorty wage despite being one of the lovelies most intelligent people I know. And there is hella political drama - so not really worth it, considering I have friends I can grind with whilst Maintaining drama free professionalism at TKP. Side note: apparently, at bongo bingo 'Robbie' told you he earns 45k to impress when really he's on less than you. Slightly amusing.
Met Ceri at Be " 1 before making our way to Rev's. With 2-4-1 cocktails and our own booth we got down to business. Ceri talked about things she's never mentioned before.. since 4 she's had OCD, which tends to flare up at time of stress. For the past 18 months she's been in tablets to control her symptoms and found them really useful. She thinks more people should swallow their pride about their mental health and seek help - although she did used to be embarrassed, and found it particularly difficult living in her student house! Especially after confiding in one friend (Emma?) about meds who then told other people - very sad. Ceri also mentioned her work nights out - which sound hilarious - including accidentally spitting in a coworkers drink, which she's never lived down. After revs we went to the concert which surprisingly, but unsurprisingly was full of 35+. What I thought would be a super cool event started looking increasingly more cringeworthy but thankfully Ceri was a really
I bought my ticket to Back to Basics Symphonic Orcjesyra night 3 weeks ago, thinking everyone would follow my lead and it would be a fab night. 24 hours to go and all my friends are in different countries, different cities or too skint to go. I have exhausted all my Leeds based (and beyoned friends) so in desperation post on girl crew Leeds - 'Shorty Bing' is the first to comment. THIS is why I was reluctant to post - because I j ew there would be kind hearted people offering to keep me company, but I would deem them not my type, like the snobby shit hear I am. And so, o have an epiphany; I have one friend in Leeds I've not yet tired - CERI! Thinking it's a no go but worth a shot, I have her a text and low and behold she's on board.

28 July 2017