Australia · 94 Days · 41 Moments · April 2017

Bethan & Ian ride the Munda Biddi bike trail

25 July 2017

We both agree the ride from Cosy Corner to Albany is the best section of the track. There were other areas we liked, that whole area around Nanga was nice riding. The only nice thing about the Walpole to Boona Mundak hut was riding around the beautiful river but unridable hills I wouldn't do that bit again. The first section from Jarrahdale to Dandalup hut I'd miss too. Mostly baring bits and pieces we enjoyed the trip. Two weeks is probably enough in one stretch packing and unpacking every day. What we took worked, I did buy a puffer jacket in Manjimup which I think was warmer than the heavier bulky jacket I took with me, we didn't end up needing any tubes or tyres but you could guarantee if we hadn't taken them then we would have needed them. πŸ˜‚ Now to shop for home food. 😊😘

24 July 2017

Here we go again 😊 Home. What a beautiful day to ride home. Sunshine, quiet roads and the best ride into a town of all we've ridden into? I reckon it's our own.

23 July 2017

We've had a lovely day. Just a few pictures of our river jaunt while the sun shone. Actually didn't rain much at all today.
No helping it, another 30km to Cozy Corner for the night and I had trouble pushing my knee to ride up the slight slope to the Denmark toilet block along the river. πŸ˜’so at 10:30am after only 30km we've booked into a studio cabin at the river front. Happy Birthday present for Ian for yesterday. It's the first time I can recall just the two of us staying somewhere like this since our honeymoon. That's a while ago. Would be a nice destination when the weather fines up to ride here for the weekend. Just had a divine hot shower. After lunch I'll go put our muddy clothes into the wash. Hmmm! Coins. πŸ€” So not going to be home tonight and probably not tomorrow either the way my knees complaining, hurts right up into my hip. 😞I find it very frustrating as I like to just keep moving. Not surprising I suppose, between all the falls, twists over sticks and stones pushing weight up ridiculous hills and of course the constant momentum. Oh do you like the puddle of Australia. We're comfy, warm &
Up and adam Adam ant 🐜 this will be our earliest start yet. Almost all packed away. Should get going just after 8am. This was our camp and that track going on forever is the Nornallup rail trail. That's where we're headed and onwards.

22 July 2017

Yep, πŸ‘Ž I will not ride that section again. Took us 3.5 hours just to do 30km. We spent more time pushing our gear up the hills than we did riding and it rained all day on and off, more on than off 😏quite heavy rain too. We rode an extra 20km till dark and still 27km shy of Denmark. 5 hours riding/walking 52km. Stopped on side of track for the night. Planning to ride hard tomorrow home.
Trying to leave keeps raining πŸ™„ looks like we're going to have a wet start. Maybe a wet day. Though it's supposed to be clearing. Wish it would hurry up and clear off. Just about all packed up. Will leave either way. Ian keeps looking at the bus timetable πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and a moment ago he realized it to be Saturday and was making suggestions that the boys aren't working today. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ neither of us are expecting today's ride to be that much fun. But I'm looking forward to the bit from Denmark to Albany. Hopefully our low expectations for today leads to pleasant surprise. 🀞

21 July 2017

Rain rain and more rain. Staying in Tingle All Over backpackers. Lovely people, we have our own room, then shared kitchen and lounge with tv and wood fire. Lets just stay today. Walked to IGA and for $20 made yummy lunch. Better than two min noodles or couscous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and we can have more later. Saw mum for the last time this morning and did a bag swap so we're food pack full again which will get us home. When it stops bucketing πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦β˜”οΈπŸ’¨πŸ’¦ I wish our country had lower hills. So over climbing them, do enjoy a good roll down though I have to admit. Well I've eaten now what can I do. 😏that's my problem can't stand not doing, need a good movie. I'm a bit over books πŸ˜‚

19 July 2017

Yay a shower!! Another shortcut today. 55km. After such a good night sleep the first night at the hut, neither of us slept very well last night. My knee is over it so it seems so I had to use power on the pinches of the hills. There is one killer of a hill on North Walpole rd. Man alive it's nasty, if it wasn't bitchuman I wouldn't make it to the top. Rain since lunchtime, it got serious while we stopped to eat at Fern Hook Falls, eased off for a bit with a few squalls now and again after we got going again until the last 10km to Walpole and it just kept on raining, a bit of good wind too. Ian's ready to be home now so we'll skip as much of the actual trail as we safely can from here to home. We've ridden all this part before anyway. Will probably get on the Nornallup rail trail from the next hut towards Denmark then scoot into the hut there. I'd like to do the coastal section as they've extended it since we rode it, but we may just come back over a weekend and do that bit.
Walked up on this massive granite rock at the Yirra Karta campsite to see the sunrise only its blocked by this massive cloud bank 😏I think there's more colour facing the other direction 😊that would be the next cloud bank coming. I have 1 bar of 3G lol! We were so exhausted last night we went to sleep at 7:30pm and didn't wake till midnight turned over and went straight back to sleep we slept till 6:30am. Had to get up then 🚽 called too loudly. It did rain just after we went to bed but I put my ear plugs in and silenced the rain and the frogs for the night. 😊 Sun finally made it over the clouds 😊 Ian chuckles he's got gloves on so had to take photo with his nose πŸ˜‚ We have stayed put here for the day to give my knee a rest before we head to next camp. It's really windy on this hill blowing us over πŸ˜‚πŸ’¨

18 July 2017

I'm exhausted, 71km, 6 hours actually riding. Quinninup to Yirra Karta via road to Northcliffe skipping Pemberton stopped for lunch at the information center there then on to the hut, took the road most of the way to cut off Km and time so we could make the hut before dark and before the rain that is forecast to hit tonight. Would rather sit here a day than in one of the towns. Left Quinninup about 9am Arrived here 4:40pm. My knee started hurting about 20km from hut so kind of limped in having to use my power assist more than I wanted to take the pressure off it. Hopefully it will be fine again after a good sleep. I'd be happy to go to bed now but it's only 5:30pm. 😏 This is now familiar territory as we have done from here south. We will do a bit of track skipping from now to home. There are some spots we don't want to do again, like having to carry all our gear through the icy Kent river. ❄️it's meant to rain the next couple of days, we'll see.

17 July 2017

Manjimup to Quinninup was a nice easy ride and we arrived at our chalet just before mum. Stayed together for the night and collected our second last food bag. Decided to skip going to Pemberton and as there is a lot of rain coming we want to skip through Northcliffe too and are hoping we can do the 50km to the Yirra Karta hut. We may be pushing it though so will see. We've already done 25km via main road this morning. Arrived at Northcliffe at about 11am. Just depends what this section of track is actually like.

14 July 2017

Interesting little campsite. Foresters Wood. Groves of different trees. It was nice to take a break, in the end we would have been able to make it to Manjimup as it was an easy ride. Today we rode to Manjimup in the poring rain arrived at my cousins place dripping and muddy, we even had puddles in our shoes, that's a weird feeling. Have decided to take tomorrow off even plan to go to church then will head off to Quinninup in Monday.
Have I mentioned I hate hills? I struggle turning sharp corners and can't turn right up a hill? 😒 we thought we might go straight through to Manjimup as it's lovely and sunny today and tomorrow is expected to rain again. Took me an hour to do 3km up this rotten hill riding hairpin corners, zig zag, all the way or should I say walking the corners πŸ˜’killing me. I have glutes and quads now. Nice view now though, the suns shining and birds galore singing and chatting. We're staying the night, hopefully it's not raining in the morning. Doesn't matter once we get going. Reckon there may be a hairpin zig zag down this hill so will need more time to get to Manjimup.

13 July 2017

The best pies ever. If your going through Nannup stop at the bakery. Oh my yummo πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš΄ off to Donnelly River While we were getting our pies, Vanilla slice and rocky rd cheesecake it started raining 😏 It continued on and off getting heavier as we got closer to Donnelly. We stayed in the old school house, shared with a Bibleman walker, Walk for cancer Colleen. Little room with 3 bunks. But I didn't sleep well got up at 6 coffee and conversations then left at 9:30am.
Woken this morning by all the Roosters competing to wake the sun. πŸ˜‚ Nannup

12 July 2017

We waited for a heavy downpour to pass this morning, think we ended up leaving around 11:00am, 3:45pm arrived at Nala Mia hut. Took to the road for a bit this morning to do better time stopped for an early lunch in the rain, that picture of me on a log sheltering while I organise lunch. The next section was a bit of a slog up and down a wet gravel rd for quite a while but thankfully it improved and we got the speed up again. Yet the track did seem to go on forever. I'm a bit washed out today after yesterday. This hut is a bit different as we are actually in the township of Jarrahwood, it's a bit odd viewing houses at one of our huts instead of being surrounded by bush. No stripping off in the middle of the hut to change tonight I'll have to take cover 😳rained just after we got here. Had some friends come to enjoy the grass in front of the hut. Nice πŸ‘

11 July 2017

Rather a long ride today, ended up riding 51.1 km over 4 1/2 hours, average speed 11.4, top speed 48.2, max hill 319 metres high. Ran out of go go juice and had to stop for lunch on the side of gravel rd to refuel my system before I passed out. Then when we get to south western HWY instead of riding us left 4km straight to Donnybrook, the track sends you away from Donnybrook and through bush an extra 17km. Why? Then couldn't find motel, google took us to oval πŸ€·β€β™€οΈand the rain that started at the HWY got heavier and we arrived soaked. Motel with mum tonight, shower and heater, and real beds. 😊45 km ride tomorrow to Jarrahdale hut.
Off to Donnybrook.

10 July 2017

Well!! We had to drive into Collie to the post office first thing this morning only to have to drive back to Allanson to their post office but Praise God, it was worth it the controller for Ian's bike was there. Yay! 😊we drove back into Collie to get oil for chains met Sprocket the cat 🐱 at Crank"n"cycles he's very friendly. Then back to my aunts to get going. Still hadn't had breakfast figured we'd snack along the track a way. So we headed south yet took a wrong turn when we found the track signs and guess what πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ found ourselves in Collie. Decided we must have been hungrier than we thought so had chicken treat lunch. Now we had to make up time so headed down hwy till the turnoff to Wellington dam and joined into trail there. We'd added 20km to today's ride. Despite that we've made the hut by 3:45pm plenty time we only skipped one tiny wiggly bit. Ended up riding a total of 44km? Hang on it would have been 46km from Collie to camp on Munda Biddi trail lol we actually did less. 🚴

9 July 2017

Had day off riding today drove to Wellington dam and viewed the hills we will be climbing tomorrow 😳Hooley Dooley!! Have enjoyed staying at my aunts for a couple of nights. Hope to be able to pick the controller for Ian's bike up at post office tomorrow before we leave. Fingers crossed 🀞

7 July 2017

Yarri hut. No brushing my hair today combs already packed. Just took beenie off lol. On our way to Collie/Allanson. Arrived 3pm. Get to have a shower tonight.
We pushed as hard as we could today was a beautiful track only a few nasty hills Ian is totally spent. Arrived at sunset 5:15pm praise God we found it before darkness, it comes fast in the bush. I managed to maneuver my bike better today but unexpectedly hit the ground having slid my front wheel along the edge of a wet stick. Another bruise to add to the collection. I am enjoying riding through the bush. Don't like the hard pushes up the ugly hills that are just unridable, they are so steep Ian has trouble even pushing the bikes to the top. I push till I run out of strength and he comes back to take over. Now to get warm clothes on eat and drink and fall into bed.
Another day. Rained a bit last night but we were snuggled up toasty and warm (cloud cover is a wonderful thingπŸ˜‚) and dry, though will have to pack the tent up wet. It should dry in the hut. Still raining on and off, but that's fine once we're moving and have warmed up we dry off pretty quick when it stops. Will be a longer ride today 46km to the Yarri hut. My friendly heater is drying and warming my nicks ready to put on. It's always hard to strip the warm clothes off and get into icy cold riding clothes but certainly appreciate having the warm dry clothes at the end of the day. Nice little park here, we could have used the cheaper rangers camp $20 but for an extra $10 we got warm showers and my friendly gas heater, pitty he can't come with us πŸ˜‚my breaky on the track isn't as glamorous as the one last Saturday at the shopping center. πŸ˜‚πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš΄bye bye Lake Brokeman

6 July 2017

Arrived at Brokeman dam about 3:30pm have stopped at the caravan park here. Nice to have hot showers and we ate very nice fish and chips for dinner from their cafe. Enjoyed gas heater in the camp kitchen while reading. Oh, lost our solar tent light somewhere along the track today it was strapped to the back of my bike but not when we stopped. 😏

5 July 2017

On our way again. It was such a cold night last night about -4 degrees, after raining and hail all day we had clear night sky. Ended up putting all our thermals plus outside toppings on. ❄️ Got up nice and early, we'd had another rider come in last night and we chatted for a bit before heading off about 9am. It was freezing riding, we had numb fingers and feet, the air on our faces hurt, was about 4 degrees by then. It was nice to finally thaw out. Stopped at burned out Willowdale Arboretum for lunch. The Bidjar Ngoulin hut we stayed in yesterday was also damaged during that fire I'm very glad they had fixed it up and reopened it again. The whole area we rode through today had been burned. The mine pictures are a bauxite mine. Ian's electrics still aren't working 😞

4 July 2017

Think we are here for the day. It started raining last night it got really heavy half an hour ago. I haven't heard rain this heavy for a long time. 6:55am and still pitch black outside. When we got up we reckon the trees were tricking us, yes it definitely rained heavy but then the trees also dripped heavier so it was hitting the hut harder than it actually was. πŸ˜‚so we will be moving on after all and hope we aren't making a mistake. There be no hut at the next camp and no way to dry our gear off if we arrive soaked 😳 9:35am we're still at camp it's still raining,the but if blue sky I saw this morning, gone. But I did walk down to the little waterfall. The tent sites are right at the edge of the creek I reckon that seems odd and cold. The bare ground in the photos are tent patches and no more than 2 meters down is the creek πŸ™ƒ 12:51pm and now it's hailing, just moments before I commented that it felt like the temperature had dropped to hailing point and then it did. 4 degrees by therm
Nanga is a lovely area has a good size nice camping area with toilets and cool adventure place for kids. We have followed alongside a river most of the day we have both enjoyed today much more and kept a fairly good pace going for most of it which is good since we left Dwellingup at 10:30am after mum dropped food to us. Arrived at the hut around 3:30pm. May have to stay here tomorrow think it's meant to rain. Was nice all day today just a few spots since we arrived. I'm hoping Ian's electrics dry and start working again and for more tracks like today. This camp is in a hollow with a small waterfall within earshot, I'll get picks tomorrow maybe. There is no phone service here. Feeling blessed. Looking forward to my good bed.
It was great having the little Donga to sleep in last night with heater to help dry our gear out but my bed (top bunk) sagged like I was in a hammock. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚still slept ok was a bit of a cocoon. Dwellingup to our lunch stop. Nice track the uphills weren't too bad this morning I think I managed to ride most of them. Poor Ian had to push up a few hills because his electrics have got water in them yesterday and died. I felt so bad using mine but he is a stronger rider than me and was able to get up most of the hills under his own power.

3 July 2017

Had a lovely sunny morning then it started raining when we stopped for lunch and it continued. Stopped at Dwellingup for a very needed shower to unchill us and are staying in a donga for the night. Next stop will be Bidjar Ngoulin hut. Was a bit better at staying on my bike today thank goodness. Check out the size of yesterday's bruise on my leg. That was when I locked up my front break going down steep decent. Was very cautious with it today. I have some arm muscles growing from pushing the bikes up these chopped up hill climbs. Apart from the pushing and the rain we enjoyed this section, lovely bushland and noisy birds this morning. Looking forward to a good nights sleep. Our new mats and sleeping bags were excellent last night so glad for my beenie, when my nose got to cold during the night I just pulled my beenie down.

2 July 2017

The track was like a big cut away drain did a lot of hard pushing up and down hills am very glad to be here now. What a beautiful view. Dandalup hut. Still wish there was a hot tub. Sure hope we sleep well tonight. The bush here is just beautiful and praise God I stayed on my bike since lunch πŸ˜‚ I'm going to have some muscles in my arms if we do this much pushing each day. Ha! Just heard a train whistle in the distance, didn't expect that.
Finally stopped for lunch. I have dropped my bike so many times today. If it survives this trip I'll be amazed. After that rain there's lots of big loose stones on the track. If only there was a hot tub to soak in tonight.
Gosh not even an hour and Ian's bike fell over he stepped off. But I've thrown myself over the handles on a steep decent, hence the chin and off a couple of other times too. 😳
On our way
Weather is looking more favorable this morning so we are all dressed and packing up gear leaving here at 6am so my nephew can get to church this morning, he is taking us to Jarrahdale then he'll bring our car back to his place where it will stay till we come back to Perth to pick it up. About 40min drive to Jarrahdale. Temperature currently 5.8c β„οΈπŸš—πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜˜

1 July 2017

This radar image is why we haven't left πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Too wet today to start our ride so gone shopping, but breakfast first. After all priorities πŸ˜‰someone forgot our water bottles 😏

30 June 2017

The start of our journey and we have made it to Williams through the wind and rain.

26 June 2017

Bags packed ready to leave for Perth on Friday. It's been brain testing working out enough meals for a month. Mum's going to meet us here and there along the way for food drops. One pannier bag carries five days worth of food, that's breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks, about 8kg. My second pannier carries all our clothes for the month. Also about 8kg Nothing fancy just want warm and dry at night and riding cloths for days. Ian carries all our sleeping gear in one pannier and cooking gear in second. He also carries spare tyres, tubes and tools for trail events that may occur. We also both carry a spare bag for the extras like a roll of paper for the throne roomπŸ˜‰ as these are often empty, thongs for showering at the few towns we go through, I carry a flask for hot water. We do like hot drinks especially when it's cold and wet and hello, July!! Odds and ends like chargers and small sola panel for recharging power pack/phones. The panniers and extra bag all fit in our trailers.

22 April 2017

I can only do 10 pictures at a time here's a few more. Who's up for a ride? Next tripπŸ€”we're thinking on the road, maybe coastal. Or Dunsborough to Bussleton? Or there's the Mawson ride over East we've heard about? πŸš΄πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‹
Here are some pictures from our test ride that covered the bits we didn't do this trip.