New Zealand · 82 Days · 28 Moments · October 2017

Bernie's tour through New Zealand

7 January 2018

Goose chasing for waves today, ended up in pretty nice little town called Karitane, no waves but nice scenery

3 January 2018

New Years blow out with some crew in wanaka

28 December 2017

Cherry picking legends in hillbillyville aka Roxburgh

26 December 2017

Christmas in dunners, got kicked out of backpackers on Boxing Day for being loud and annoying

21 December 2017

Scary as fuck surf mission south to the Caitlin’s

12 December 2017

Just cruising around the very south of the South Island looking for waves drinking coffee and finding weird gypsy hangouts

9 December 2017

Cruising around dunedin, love it here

4 December 2017

Queenstown got a little bit loose

30 November 2017

Went to see some ice
En route south, hokitika gorge

29 November 2017

Cruising down the west coast with a Delinquent alcoholic

28 November 2017

West coast strongly resembling a Jurassic Park movie set

25 November 2017

Westport to meet Aidan the mad cunt kiwi. It got messy

23 November 2017

Em route to Westport
Nelson with these beauties

21 November 2017

The way south on a hangover from hell

20 November 2017

Met Johnny and his gf in Wellington, had a mad weekend

17 November 2017

16 November 2017


14 November 2017

New Plymouth with matt and Magda

11 November 2017

Raglan you beauty I will be coming back for ya!

6 November 2017

A few more from raglan

28 October 2017

Raining pumping piha

27 October 2017

Back to Auckland for matts birthday and the buying of tragic

25 October 2017

Quick stop in Rotorua for some riding

22 October 2017

Gisborne rager

19 October 2017

The mount

17 October 2017

Hired a car from Auckland for a week, met up with matt and Alexandra who are sick