United States of America · 14 Days · 34 Moments · August 2017

College Bound 2017

26 August 2017

peace out!
here's to a great 2017-2018 school year!
room's ready, time to go...
thank goodness for uncle joe!
moving into upper campus, rancalli
home away from home...

25 August 2017

more creamy stuff...but a new fav flavor: dirty mint!
mariluz & oakley too!
a visit with another thomas
godfather on the other end to receive her
she's soooo ready
dad dropping daughter

24 August 2017

charles in town to drop his jr badger off (that's part of "college bound 2017" right?)

21 August 2017

first day of high school

19 August 2017

first high school friend wedding
home for a short spell before next drop off

15 August 2017

last hug for awhile
hello julia!
remembering croatia
another gelato?
picking up stuff from aidan's "summer home"
new digs. how come that couch isn't red?

14 August 2017

guess where?
until next year. WAIT! no bowdoin trip next year 😣
selfie time
teasing tess?
"don't pop or touch the universe." wisdom beyond his years...
museum curator
getting dressed to see Lee the budding paleontologist
brother bear
annual Utica coffee stop cause what would a trip east be without a stop in Utica NY??

13 August 2017

1st rest stop an hour into the 17 hour ride....ouch!
returning the polar bear from summer hibernation