North America, Europe · 42 Days · 34 Moments · April 2018

Azores to Lagos

29 May 2018

Isle of Man

28 May 2018

Having a farewell dinner with the crew and Antonio’s brothers from Porto.

27 May 2018

Having dinner overlooking Lagos
2800 nm total miles averaging 166nm/day at 7 kn for 16 days at sea under sail-with enough fuel and water to continue for 30 more days. We finished at the lands end of the 15th century. With The Straits of Gibraltar just ahead and the Mediterranean within reach, Smoke and Mirrors was brought into port and given a well deserved rest. Lessons well learned , good times had and new friends made, an ocean had been crossed-One had sailed home...One of us found peace.
After a rough beamy sea with 10-15 ft rollers Neptune blessed us with an easy night of sailing to arrive in a beautiful and sunny Lagos.
Cape St Vincent’s and Sagres headlands as we make land. Prince Henry the Navigator formed the Naval school that launched the Age of Discovery.
This screen greeted me this morning When I took the helm at 5 a.m. The shipping lanes were full of 1000 ft cargo ships (triangles). We threaded through traffic for 3 hours. It takes these ships 3 miles to stop.

21 May 2018

On a port tack from here to Portugal with 20-25 knots of wind and a boat speed of 7.6 kn for 960 miles to Lagos.

20 May 2018

Ilho de Pico
Vineyard lined in volcanic rock to protect the mother vine from the Sea.

19 May 2018

The island Faial’s name sake “Faya” tree. The trees line many roads and have a natural red fungus that symbiotically dusts the tree trunks and branches
Capelinho erupted in 1957 prompting an immigration to San Francisco that was facilitated by JFK.
“She’s a rugged coast boye”

18 May 2018

Peters Cafe Sport has welcomed thirsty sailors crossing the Atlantic for 100 years.
We make Horta. Boats paint their “flag” along the marina wall.
NOT MY PIC obviously, but the Azores is known for Whales. We encountered multiple whales this morning. Pico in the background is 8000 ft.

17 May 2018

Smoke and Mirrors is off to Horta. 130 miles with great wind and weather. Thanks for following along guys. Flores is a small and beautiful island.
Miradauro - “look out”
Flores -celebrating Our Lady of Faitima
We made land at Flores Azores at 0830 after a 10 day crossing. We were blessed with good winds and great weather. The crew ripped off an average of 170 nm/day. This was John’s fastest crossing!

7 May 2018

Clearing New Town Channel
St George roofs are built-in cisterns storing 1000 gal of water per roof tops Follow us on for waypoints
The boys rigging up the whisker pole as we leave Bermuda Harbor

6 May 2018

Provisioning, clearing customs and we are off. Won’t be able to upload my crossing for 1800 nm but the weather window looks great. Grateful to John Kretschmer and the crew, even the BAMA fan! ( how’s that for growth)
This 48 ft Tayana has almost everything. We r all excited to try the out the new hydrogenerator that promises 15 amps/hr but will cost us 1/2 knot of speed. Time to make an expresso! Thanks for tagging along.

5 May 2018

We are docked at 2017 America’s cup location in the Royal Naval Dockyard
Larry was it worth $100 million dollars to win America’s cup... “Well, it certainly wasn’t worth 100M to lose”
Windy app is easy
Had to leave a sad sailor at home. Is she working me or what? Painful

18 April 2018

Smoke and mirrors in the Caribbean en Route to Bermuda