Germany · 3 Days · 13 Moments · February 2016

25 February 2016

I fell in love with this city. It was fortunate to have a friend who lived there, and that helped tons.
I look forward to going back.

24 February 2016

Berlin sunset
Cause creepy clowns

23 February 2016

View from the room.
Random fun art. I am missing out cats.
The bridge from the screaming scene in Cabaret!!!
The room is super minimalist and really great. We're staying at the SANA Berlin
Los Angeles Platz... A little Platz of home when you need it.
Church bombed in WWII they kept as is as a monument. It's quite beautiful. You can still see the burn marks.
Got to the hotel, honestly weirdest restroom ever. It was all black mirrors, and hidden in a basement.
The hotel is nice and most shopping is only blocks away.