Germany · 2 Days · 24 Moments · October 2017

20 October 2017

Fairytale Bar - Cinderella €15 (vodka, champagne and elderflower liqueur)
Dinner - didn’t have the kebab but it was good!
Reichstag Mall of Berlin
Shitty currywurst
Stasi museum which need to pay to go in
The ACTUAL location of Berlin wall

19 October 2017

Where we had our dinner in the end Beer at some foosball bar Our cube
Supposedly good German restaurant Beer garden
Berlin Cathedral
Old Market Concert House Some university
Rittersport outlet
Just some food that looks good
Protest happening
Brandenburg Gate
Jewish Memorial
Lunch - Apple Strudel €6.50
Iconic red and green man Hitler’s Bunker
Topography of Terror
Scube Park