North America, Europe · 14 Days · 37 Moments · December 2017

Ben's voyage in Germany, Denmark, and Norway

25 December 2017

Not sure how I survived my first cross country ski trip, but I did!

23 December 2017

22 December 2017

No filter sunrise
Hello Norway 🇳🇴

21 December 2017

Food tour! Wow, everything was absolutely fantastic.
Starting the morning with some sight seeing and coffee ☺️

18 December 2017

Bus tour of Berlin

17 December 2017

We had our final concert this evening. Tonight is going to be a crazy night! We arrived in Berlin late this evening and went to a cocktail bar called Newton. Super great cocktails and atmosphere. now we are going to explore Berlin.

16 December 2017

Got to experience Turkish coffee for the first time at Coffe Baum, a coffee shop that has been open in Leipzig since the 16th century. J.S. Bach, Telemann, Schumann, and other great composers regularly came here for coffee. Our barista spoke English and told us a little bit about Coffe Baum and it’s history. Coffe Baum (meaning Coffee Tree) has been owned by the same family for half a millennium and survived the Black Death, both World Wars, and Soviet occupation. Sehr interessant!
Sang next to Bach’s grave 😍

15 December 2017

Corey and I yesterday at lunch
Feuerzangentasse in Dresden 🔥
Lunch at Augustine’s BräuMünchen. Käse Späetzle. Pretzels, and Hefeweizen 👍👍👍
Spending the morning doing a walking tour of Dresden and singing in Frauenkirche, the most famous church in the city.
Hotel breakfast did not disappoint! Wow this croissant is so flaky and delicious 😋

14 December 2017

What a magical concert in a wonderful church. Thomaskirche—the church of J.S. Bach—greeted us with an audience of over 700 people tonight.
We have arrived in our hotel room for the next 2 days. Notice the separate bed comforters for sharing a bed. Our host family told us it is traditional to never share sheets when you sleep with someone here.
Glühwine 👍
Had not much time to eat so we decided to skip the sit down restaurants. I ordered a Margherita pizza and it was pretty good, especially for €4.
A quick lunch in Erfurt on our 6 hour drive to Leipzig. Very beautiful small town!

13 December 2017

Our server wants to marry Sasha
Afternoon of wonderful food and company in Köln has come to an end. Now we nap!
Früh am Dom serving Köln’s signature beer: Kölsch Prost!
Köln’s Altes Rathaus
Christmas Market
Köln Dom (we sang in here)
Beautiful sunrise on the way to Köln.
Fruhstuck! This jam was really, really good.

12 December 2017

We’re famous!
First beer in Germany!
Flying past London!

11 December 2017

The sunset from the plane just before reaching the Atlantic.
Charlotte, NC
Getting ready for my first flight!