North America · 16 Days · 15 Moments · November 2016

Ben's Trip to Central America

9 December 2016

Transfer Big Corn Island - Nicaragua #THETRIP: We on purposes tried to travel a bit more complicated to experience an alternative to east and convenient flight connection #Public Bus from Granada to Managua which was totally over loaded #Express Bus during the night for 6h from Managua to El Rama with no seats as t was already booked out. Note: Albrook Terminal is a shady place and you should be careful especially in the late hours. The bus ride was super rough as Ben had to sleep while he was standing and Sandra was sitting on the contaminated bus floor. #Water ferry from El Rama to Bluefield during heavy rain. The passengers on the boat just took a simple foil above the heads to be protected from the rain for no longer than 2h #Once arrived in Bluefield we recognized that the cargo ship is just leaving once a week and we basically just missed it. All the stress for nothing. πŸ˜‚ We went to the airport in Bluefield and booked the a 15min flight to BigCorn Island in a super small plane
Granada - Nicaragua Hostel El Momento πŸ‘ #Charismatic Granada with wonderful streetscapes, museums and churches #Hitch Hike trip to The active volcano masaya where you actually could see the red lava #Hitch Hike trip to mirador at laguna de apoyo

7 December 2016

Ometepe - Nicaragua #Twin volcanos and endless outdoor activities at Lago de Nicaragua #Hostel Hacienda Merida #Volcano Hike at Merida with 8h hike to the summit with no view during rain and with high humidity and a real steep jungle path #Sunset at Lago de Nicaragua πŸ‘ #Dinner and Breakdast at a very local and tasty and affordable restaurant called Bar Margarita #Successful hitch hiking from the hostel back to the ferry station. Nica's and other tourist were very friendly and open to give us a ride.

6 December 2016

Penas Balanca - Border Costa Rica & Nicaragua #Dropped off the rental car #Crossing the border was quiet hectical due to the stress which the local Nica taxi drivers, black market sellers and food sellers created πŸ™„ #Nap...we paid 7 Dollars to leave Costa Rica. We paid 1 Dollar for some so called municipal fees and another 14 Dollars for the tourist entrance in Nicaragua πŸ™ˆπŸ’©
Transfer Ometepe - Nicaragua #Public Bus from Penas Blanca to Rivas 🚌 #Ferry from Rivas to Ometepe β›΄ #Public Bus from Ometepe Ferry to Hostel 🚌 #Public transportation in Nicaragua is quiet an experience. People sit and stand very close to each other. The busses are literally stacked up with passengers and food deliveries. The buses are surely not equipped with AC and no need to mention the street conditions with road bumps πŸ˜‚

4 December 2016

Park National Carara - Costa Rica #Tourist nap with 10 Dollars entrance and no animals to see but a fun walk Sandra and some strange selfies πŸ˜€ #The bridge which is close to the national park houses loads of giant alligators relaxing in the river underneath 😎
Playa Tamarindo - Costa Rica #Top surf and party destination at the Pacific site πŸŽ‰ #Long and dangerous drive from Manuel Antonio to Playa Tamarindo in rain, storm and darkness with many accidents on the road 😳 => Sandra is still scared 😱 #Tasty gelato 🍧 #Pura Vida Hostel πŸ‘ #Boat Tour to see monkeys and alligators 😬 #Vino at sunset πŸŒ… 😍 #Playa Grande a beautifully and lonely beach far away from the party zones #Gruschellady Sandra and Mister Soberman Ben πŸ€“

3 December 2016

Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica #Famous for Watching troops of monkeys, slow-moving sloths and gliding brown pelicans #Vista Serena Hostel => Pretty dirty and not recommended πŸ‘Ž #Rain Day for 24h why we decided not to go to the park and continued our trip πŸ‘ŽπŸ’©

2 December 2016

Uvita - Costa Rica #Little village with farms and guesthouses on the Pacific coast with direct access to the jungle and beaches #Cascada Verde Jungle Lodge 🏑 #Most authentic open air private room directly faced towards the jungle with lots of sounds from birds, monkeys and so on 😜 #Waterfall with our special dog guide who was very passionate to show us the secret trails #Farmers market with local fruits, souvenirs and beauty products #Playa Uvita => Tourist Nap as they want your impact for each access πŸ‘Ž #Better Alternative...Playa Dominical are wild beach dir surfers with quiet impressive waves and currents
Welcome Costa Rica #Smooth Border crossing at hectical Paso Canoas #Rental car for Costa Rica due to unfavorable bus schedules πŸš— #National Park Corcovado failed with normal limousine since 4 wheel drive is required to cross the rivers and the drive on the unpacked roads πŸ’© #Coffee and Dinner in an awesome lodge restaurant along the scenic road of the Corcovado National Park

1 December 2016

Volcan Baru @ Boquete in Panama #Mamallena Boquete Hostel #28Km night hike started at 11:30pm and ended at 11am. We reached the peak and cross for great sunset pictures at 5:30am. Although the view was limited due to clouds walking 🚢 #3474m highest volcan and mountain in Panama πŸŒ‹ #Perfectly equipped hiking buddy Yossi from Tel-Aviv with sandals and plastic bags for food and drinks πŸ˜‚ #Boquete is super quiet and there is not much going on after 8pm in the evening πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ #Sandra and Yossi were pretty tired on the way down πŸ˜΄πŸ€•

29 November 2016

Middle of Nowhere in Panama #Lost and Found Hostel between David and Almirante πŸ‘ #Hostel is located on a hill in the middle of the jungle with a scenic view on volcan baru #Treasure Hunt on muddy single path trails, crossing the river multiple times and exotic snake 🐍

27 November 2016

Bocas Del Toro in Panama #Panama's second paradise and hopefully a good excuse to skip the San Blas islands 🌴 #12h bus ride during the night was pretty smooth but the AC was freaking cold ❄️ 🚌 #Palmar Tree Lodge on Bastimentos island was the place to stay which ECO friendly tent lodge with solar power and rain water drainage with direct access to the Caribbean Beach. 🌊 β˜€οΈ #The lodge is only accessible via red frog bit dogs and you have to conquer a narrow trail through the rain forest which also houses caimans and other exotic animals. 😬 #Snorkeling Tour with a quick stop at Dolphin bay before we went snorkeling in the middle of the Caribbean sea. We finally stopped at isla zapatilla which is a natural reserved island. #Hiking along the red frog beach and picking coconuts from palm trees. πŸ’ͺ🏿

25 November 2016

Panama City in Panama #Special surprise sign for miss sandrÀÀÀ #Hostel Villa Vento Surf => πŸ‘Ž #Optimistic vacation deal...10 Spanish words per day. We will see... πŸ™ˆ #Casco Viejo with its colonial architecture and the hot spot for bars and restaurants πŸΉπŸ‘ #Panama Viejo the first Spanish settlement along the Pacific with romantic ruins of former churches and homes of the soldiers #Unbelievable...Sandra scheduled a short job interview at adidas in Panama City in our vacation which resulted in a super boring two hour break for Ben. πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ž #Public Transportation is super cheap and works easy but 'Uber' is definitely highly recommended and super convenient and at least 10 times faster πŸ‘Œ #Panama Canal with 14.000 vessels a year with max ship dimensions of 305m long and 33.5m wide. Three locks (e.g. MiraFlores, Pedro Miguel and Pacific Gatun) to access the Lago Gatun in the middle. The expansion to double the capacity and allow bigger ship dimensions on the Caribbean site was opened 2016

24 November 2016

Au Revoir NYC and Welcome Central America #NYC-MIA-PTA #6h Flight Time #3 Degree Celsius to 30 Degree Celsius πŸ‘Œ