Philippines · 1 Days · 1 Moment · August 2014

Philippines ( English & Persian )

8 August 2014

Philippine has many sight sees which all of them are naturally beautiful , if u want to start your journey from capital city which is manila you have to admit this fact which there isn't much things to do or see , so just adjusts your time for few days ( 3,4 days is enough ) but to see beautiful islands you need more time فيليپين يكى از كشورهاى شرق آسياست كه همانند تمامشون در حال پيشرفت روز افزونه ، اگر قصد اومدن به اينجا براى خريد رو داريد كشور اشتباهي رو انتخاب كرديد ولي اگه قصد داريد از منظره هاى زيبا و جزاير لذت ببريد از فيليپين جاي بهترى سراغ ندارم