South Korea · 7 Days · 25 Moments · October 2014

Best Of Korea < Busan, JeJu ,Seoul >

1 November 2014

Eating some fancy korean food
It was bazaar of cloths and everything else like second hands staff from radios to unused earphones. It was great to walking
Korean bbq black pork

31 October 2014

The national museum of Korea didn't have so impressive collection actually was pretty empty but the building was well made it other good thing was free entrance .

30 October 2014

War monument and War museum, i went here just for quick visit because i'm not that into war staff
Seoul Tower(Namsan Park) with very beautiful park located top of one hill . I bought return ticket for cable car :) really enjoy it, went up to top of tower sent a fun post card for my family from there. Only problem was pricey ticket to going up but worth it.
Another amazing castle (.... ) in neighbourhood . This castle is biggest also located near by the metro station (.... ) it was two castle which i had to pay separately but I decided to just visit one of them .
This beautiful temple is just couple block away from ... Castle . Worth for quick visit also free entrance .
My Seoul journey started here in very famous castle namely---- i had chance to wear traditional Korean dress which was free but very limited , you can find it in way of entrance . Entrance ticket cost 10 won .

29 October 2014

Botany park was expensive n not that special but me n my asian friend took some great shots there . On evening i had flight to seoul which is my last destination in Amazing Korea.

28 October 2014

Dining traditional Korean black pork with my room mate was great enough to be one of my fav moment .
Dragon Rock probably is famous Because of too many chines in JeJu island . Didn't like it that much but i tried Se- ju drink first time there , i get drunk fast :) awesome ,cheap drink n not tasty ...
Love (Sex) museum is one of many Theme park in JeJu also most famous one . Started my 2nd day here , entrance was something like 15$ , not very big but real fun happened here . Tanx god i was with a chines friend who met me same morning , without him i couldn't have great shots from myself .

27 October 2014

Hanasan mountain was the next place i visited in jeju , taking bus from --- was pretty hard nd takes too much of my time . everybody suggested me to visit this amazing mountain in morning but didn't give up and went here nearly on night , weather was chill so my sweater saved me there . Hanasan mountain is under unesco heritage so Korean kept it like their own home , clean and full of equipment, great hiking is possible here so be ready for that .
First day in JeJu Island was awesome , arrived in guest house then asked if they have any recommendations , a girl told me to visit ---- because is only visitable in Fall , i was lucky to see such a beautiful landscape.
The guest house were i staying name was Sky Guesthouse Haeundae , i can say it wasn't so great but owner was so funny , actually he dosnt speak english at all but u will understand him .

26 October 2014

In night me and korean guy went to beach again like last night and walked next to it , Busan is really worth for visiting i wished had girl friend to companion me walking next to the beach .
The last sightsee i visited in busan was Busan aquarium which is located near Haeundae beach , ticket is super expensive for this small aquarium so if u are bot so into fishes or u already had experienced other aquarium in other place don't visit it . I stayed in guest house so i found discount ticket but even with that coupon i payed 20000W
Next stop for me was Busan Museum of Art . Entrance ticket is 10,000 W which is expensive for this small gallery but seeing some korean art is not bad that much .
another temple which we visited was most famous and visited temple in busan , they called Haedongyonggungsa , to going there we took metro and bus , so there isn't very close metro to there . Again we had hiking but was awesome , temple is really beautiful and big so we had to spent more time there .
Before i visit Korea , heard that they are not good people and friendly like other asian , but i can tell u most amazing people in Asia are Korean , they super friendly and nice , helped me without even know a bit english . The only problem in busan i had was nobody speaks english so it is difficult to find places without knowing english . I used my iPhone and offline map app which is free ( Triposo ) .
My friend was hungry , he offered me kimchee which is korean famous and traditional food , but i didn't like it because taste like sea 😖
In morning me and my friend went to Cheongnyeonam Hermitage , to getting there we had to take metro and bus . This temple is located on mountain so you will have hiking and breath perfect air .
We went to fish restaurants markets near beach . You can find many strange fishes which u can see how is popular in Korea , but I couldn't even think of eating them 😵
My journey starts at Busan City which is located south of Korea , Very lovely city with beautiful beach I went busan on weekend , so many young people came there to beach to drink and relax there . I met a friendly korean guy in my guest house and we bought beers and some snacks to enjoy our night next to Haeundae Beach , because i traveled busan on fall ( end of oct ) weather was a bit chill .