Indonesia · 8 Days · 9 Moments · January 2017

Bella's voyage in Bali, Indonesia 2017

10 January 2017

Today was our last day in Bali we spent the day at the beach then checked out and headed off to the airport. It's been such an amazing and relaxing holiday defiantly would come bavk!

9 January 2017

Today was the same old spent the day at the beach! But today I had a photo shoot with a photographer it was quite interesting I have realised I don't want to be a model aha

8 January 2017

Today was quite a lazy day we went on the beach and ordered room service haha

7 January 2017

Today we went advertising outside of the resort. We started off at a traditional play (it was very confusing). It was amazing to see all the different costumes and the simple stage was amazing to see because the actors utilised the space so well. After that we went to a place where they made coffee from and animal eating the coffee bean and pooing it out! It was really gross coffee aha. We had lunch at this beautiful place on the water and I had the best BLT! There were these cool fishes as well that surrounded us and when you put your fingers in the water they sucked on them aha.. After that it was off to the monkey forest. OMG THIS WAS SO COOL! I went up to buy bananas and this monkey jumped onto my shoulder because he knew 😂 We went and looked at some rice fields and then it was back to the resort.

6 January 2017

Today we did what we have done most days stay on the beach all day cooking ourselves and then went out of the hotel for dinner in one of the local places

5 January 2017

Today was another full day at the beach and back to the markets for dinner

4 January 2017

Today we spent another full day at the beach and then went back to the marked and ate dinner

3 January 2017

Today we spent the day at the beach and went and explored the Bali markets!

2 January 2017

Today we arrived at our resort on in Bali. It was a very lazy day as we sat in our hotel room and then went exploring around the resort. It's massive and so beautiful!!