Costa Rica · 4 Days · 13 Moments · June 2017

Bella's journi to Costa Rica

29 June 2017

Morning cup of coffee!

28 June 2017

The third hotel we're staying at, the JW Marriott. The hotel is Colonial style and just absolutely gorgeous.
Morning hike in the rainforest! We crossed 6 hanging bridges and saw some howler monkeys swinging around ☺️. There were so many beautiful animals!

27 June 2017

On our boat ride we came up to the border between Nicaragua!
A morning wildlife cruise! There were so many beautiful birds and lizards. There is this one called "The Jesus Christ" lizard because it can run across water 😲. Eventually, it started to downpour, but it was so beautiful!
A beautiful view of the volcano Arenal from the beautiful Bungalow hotel we're staying in!

26 June 2017

At about 5,000 feet the descent to Northern Costa Rica is beautiful and cloudy.
A beautiful cathedral built in 1916, it has been restored many times and is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. There was some rain and the weather was slightly cold so my mom was huddled in her hoodie and I was chill in my wind breaker 😎. This was a 30 minute stop due to being on the bus for so long today as we travel north to our next hotel and tour destination.
Went to a coffee plantation, completely ran by water, over 100 years old! Then, traveling to the northern part of Costa Rica. Beautiful gray skies. My mom and I got to enjoy samples of both light and dark roast coffee! It's the rainy season:).
Some photos of the coffee bean trees! The harvesting season is over, but around 120 workers are needed for each harvesting season. The beans are picked by hand, picked only when ripe, which is when the bean is red. Green coffee beans still make their way in. A basket is tied around the waist with back support, and one basket holds 28 pounds of coffee beans. The workers receive two dollars per one basket of beans, and they produce 15 or 16 baskets a day. Very hard work πŸ˜„
Morning coffee before first Caravan adventure!