Belize · 8 Days · 8 Moments · January 2017


14 January 2017

Today we arrived at a AirBnB type place in San Ignacio called "Moe's Place". So far it has been great. They have 4 guest houses and they are staying in one while they finish building their new house. They are super nice and helpful and have offered us some great advice so far. They also cook the most delicious meals for us and have some great connections with adventure guides and the such. Definitely a good choice on our part.
I'd just like to say that the transportation here in Belize is way better than I expected. One of the three buses we took today was nicer than the Greyhounds in Canada. Also, the people on the bus and working for the buses are all super friendly and helpful. Someone helps you before you even have to ask for it. A really amazing moment was when a local toddler had enough of the ride (it was quite long) and was balling his eyes out and screaming so an older man at the back of the bus came up to help the mother. As soon as he picked him up, he stopped crying and was fine with the stranger the rest of the way. Really cool.

11 January 2017

When we were taking with some of the other people in our hostel yesterday they invited us on a river cruise they had booked through our hostel. It included the possibility of seeing crocodiles and bioluminescence so we decided we would tag along. As soon as we started going and got to cruise along the gorgeous calm river, it already became worth it for me. There was also a full moon so as it got darker you could see it perfectly reflected in the water. Even at the end of it, I could not get over how reflective the water was. Just so pretty. We did get to see quite a bit of croc eyes and one head. We also got to see one itty baby one very close that we could pick it up if we wanted to. The guide, Lincoln grew up hunting, fishing, and boating so he knew so much about the river and the animals. The bioluminescent plankton were by far the coolest. Even though the moon was full and bright, we still got to see some. They were like a firefly show underwater. Very amazing.
This picture has taken at the very end of Hopkins Road on the beach (obviously). The beach here is decent but but it is not a resort town so there is quite a bit of garbage. There are also a lot of resident houses on the beach so when you walk a long it you feel like you are trespassing a little bit. However, no one has told us otherwise. This spot in particular though is at the very end of a road so we like to relax here without worrying about intruding on the local property.

10 January 2017

Everything in Hopkins seems to shut down quite early - around 9pm to 10pm. Even our hostel bar has been open random hours and we have yet to catch them. However, when we hitchhiked on a school bus from Hopkins junction to our hostel, a girl on the bus told us to go to a bar at the north part of town called "Driftwood". So, when we couldn't find anywhere else to go, we ventured there. It was a little bit of a walk but well worth it. It was right on the beach and full of locals and travellers. There were some locals playing drums and singing for live entertainment (we guess traditional creole songs) and it was very cool. The locals here have all been very nice and welcoming. They make you feel at home (the kids are also hilarious). The creole culture here is very interesting and I hope to learn more.
While we are in Hopkins we are staying at the Funky Dodo Backpackers Hostel. First impressions weren't the greatest mainly just because of the owners but the accommodations overall are really quite nice and cute. The bed is better than in Caye Caulker so we are actually able sleep well now. We are staying in a private room which is its own little cabana. The common area is also quite cute and has many hammocks. It's quite strange how the bar here is barely open and we aren't allowed to bring alcohol into the hostel because it "takes away from bar sales". We haven't been drinking much at all on this trip but it's still annoying. It also costs us 50 cents each to fill our water bottles.

7 January 2017

Caveman Tours was absolutely amazing. By far the best snorkelling tour I have been on. We went to talk to Caveman in the morning because we were interested in a half day the following day but he said that the afternoon that day would be better because the weather wasn't looking good the next day. So we decided to take his advice as the day was gorgeous. He turned out to be right as the following couple days were windy and rainy. The tour guides were awesome and taught us a lot about the marine life in the area. We got to swim up close with a bunch of sting rays and nurse sharks, see amazing coral reefs and grumpy moray eels and even feed big tapas out of our hands! It was so cool! Would definitely recommend.

6 January 2017

Caye Caulker was the first stop on our adventure. We stayed at a little hostel right by the taxi terminal called "La Cubana Sleep Boxes" which were quite literally box-like rooms but at least they were private. The bathrooms were pretty good for a hostel in my opinion. Always quite clean and quite private which was nice. The hosts who also owned the restaurant directly downstairs were nice people. There was a sports bar right next door which was perfect for Jordon to catch a bit of the football game while I people watched and sipped on rum drinks. It seemed to us that the sports bar was the place to be on the island as we could hear people having a blast from our room at night singing along to all the songs and it was often hard to find a spot to sit when you walked in. The only real cons to this place were that the bed was quite literally the worst thing I have ever slept on. You could feel every single spring and it would try to eat you. Other places also had a lot more character.