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Belinda's journi to Canada

24 August 2017

25.8.17 Today, sadly we left Patricia Lake. I will probably never have breakfast accompanied by Elk again. We followed the same route as yesterday along highway 93 The Pacific Iceway. This time we ended up in Banff. Along the way we stopped in at the gorgeous Mistaya Canyon, Athabasca Falls, Peyto Lake and Bow Lake. We are here for four nights now.
24.8.17 Another early start today to do the Icewalk on the Athabasca Glacier. We decided to do the guided walk instead of the touristy bus. What a brilliant choice. The tour was for 3hrs and guided by Graeme. He was an excellent guide, explaining everything as we went and making sure I was well looked after. It was a hard trek for me, not the others, and way out of my comfort zone. It is one of the coolest things I have ever done.

22 August 2017

23.8.17 Today we had a boat trip booked on the beautiful Lake Maligne that took us to Spirit Island. I know I keep saying it but this place was beautiful, amazing, awesome. The smoke haze seems to be clearing.

21 August 2017

22.8.17 Last night we spent the night at Willow Ranch. There were little cottages in the forest behind the ranch. Apart from a really uncomfortable bed and pillow this place was awesome. Trendy little new rooms. Today we are driving to Jasper. We did a 2 hr drive through the Wells Gray Provincial Park stopping at the beautiful Rearguard falls and lot of other pretty places. In Jasper we are staying at Patricia Lake bungalows. Heaven on earth. Our bungalow faces the lake and we have elk visit at breakfast time.

19 August 2017

19.8.17 A very early start today, as our plane left Toronto this morning at 6.25. Alex and Ricky met us at the airport after their $110 ├╝ber ride from Toronto to Hamilton. 5 hours later we were in Vancouver. As Alex hadn't been shopping in 8 weeks we called in at the cavort outlet centre at the airport. Happy after splashing a bit of cash we headed to our first overnight stop at Spences Bridge. On the way we stopped at Hells Gates to ride the cable car down to the Fraser River. The scenery so far is pretty awesome but I am guessing it's just a taste of what's to come.

17 August 2017

17.08.17 Today was the day we collected Alex after spending 8weeks at Camp Manitou. The camp is around 2/12 hours north of Toronto. We picked up our car, a Ford Flex, from the airport at 6.30 am and hit the road. It was a really lovely drive up through thick maple and birch forests. Alex showed us all around her camp, the ropes course, her cabin, the lake and the beach area. The drive back was shit shit shit. It took about 4hours the traffic was so bad. Tonight we are staying in Hamilton, which is closer to Niagara Falls, where we are going tomorrow.

16 August 2017

The long trip to Toronto starts today. Leaving Phiilip Island at 3am this morning we had a dream run to the airport, missed the taxi blockade, and made it in around 2 hours. The flight was delayed an hour as some cock had checked in but forgot to board the plane. We had to wait an hour whilst his luggage was unloaded. I was seated next to a lovely, but large, orthodox jewish man who loved a chat. A few hours into the trip I realised there was something seriuosly wrong with the f......sticks behind us. They wouldn't stop moving, laughing loudly and kicking the back of my and the jewish mans chair. I asked once nicely to please stop, then a second time......The stewardess came and spoke to them and apologized to us. It kept on going but the staff were watching them. The head steward finally came over, as I was up on my chair yelling at this stupid woman, who said she didn't realize she was doing anything wrong. WTF. He found us new seats. Yay.

29 June 2017

On wednesday Gary, Ricky and I leave for Canada to collect Alex from Camp Manitou. She has been away for close to 8 weeks. Camp manitou is a summer camp locared on Lake Manitouwabing 21/2 hours north of Toronto.

1 January 2013

18.8.17 After dropping Alex off in Toronto to pull an all nighter at a party she was going to, Gary and I went up the CN Tower, which is the tallest free standing structure in the western hemisphere and the 3rd tallest structure in the world standing at 553m.
20.8.17 After an extremely peaceful sleep at The Inn at Spences Bridge, which was a really cool place to stay, we headed off to Kamloops and Sun Peaks where Pa and Michelle ski. Ending up at Fort Little. Last night we had tea out on the patio with the owners of the Inn and spoke to some other tourists, one that had seen a bear and her cubs whilst out on abike ride. They were lovely people and full of lots of interesting tales about the Inn and its surrounds. The further down the road we get the worse the smoke from the recent wildfires is. Its a shame as the smoke is hiding a lot of the lovely scenery. Sun Peaks was a short detour off the main highway and really was worth the trip. I have never been to a cute little ski village. Australia has nothing like it. Tonite we are staying on another river , the Thopson River, and we are ever hopeful of seeing a bear, in the distance that is.

1 January 2013

21.8.17 Today was the day that northern America was supposed to have a total eclipse, the first since 1973. We were in Clearwater, doing our laundry, when it was to occur. Well where we were, it was only 50%, a very disappointing experience. Anyway after laundry day we headed up through Clearwater into Wells Gray Provincial Park. A nice easy drive to some very scenic waterfalls. Still very smokey today and the views are very blurry. Disappointing, but it is what it is. Tonight we are staying at Willow Ranch in Valemount. It is an amazing little cabin surrounded by forest, probably bears, and peace and quiet.

31 December 2012

1 January 2009

18.8.17 cont..... soaking wet. There is a great tourist shuttle that takes to you all the attractions in the area. The next place we went was to a cable car that goes out above a whirlpool further down the river.
18.9.17 Utterly mindblowing is the only way I can describe Niagara Falls. We arrived nice and early to the Falls area. Niagara Falls is not only "The Falls, but it is also a tourist city not unlike The Gold Coast. It is a beautiful place, apart from the Gold Coast part. Beautifully manicured and maintained gardens, lush green lawns and flower pots everywhere. They have done it really well. Not long after arriving we did the "Walk behind the Falls", which was deafening and the interactive 3D movie about the history of the Niagara Falls. We saw the two main waterfalls, Horseshoe which is the big one on the canadian side, and The American Falls on the US side. The Horseshoe falls drop 51m with 4 million cubic feet of water passing over every minute. The crowds quickly grew so we jumped on one of the boats, The Hornblower, which takes you right into the heart of the Falls. We managed to get right to the front of the boat and even though we had cute red waterproof ponchos, got absolutely