Belgium · 5 Days · 20 Moments · September 2016

Belgium (Brussels and Bruges)

22 September 2016

What better way to wrap up our trip to Belgium than a visit to some big balls 😜

21 September 2016

Bruges was amazing! We loved the "Venice of the north"! Such a beautiful peaceful place.
Bruges food Fav! Chocolate bread 😍
Day trip to Bruges!

20 September 2016

Day 4 in Brussels has been a success! We had a fun beer and chocolate tour (chocolate was absolutely amazing) and we checked out of the fancy B&B and into another hostel. This one isn't so great... Very nice facilities, lots of rude people. We will see how it goes! Tomorrow we are off to Bruges, which is about and hour and 20 minutes out of Brussels.
Stop #7 on the beer and chocolate tour by Taylor
Stop #6 Gouqil le Fol. A lovely suggestion from the man at the last place. They have all fruit flavoured wine.
Stop #5 le comptoir des saveurs.
This shopping mall is amazing! Most of the chocolatiers are in here.
Stop #4 Chocopolis. Here you can watch the chocolates being made! We went a bit late and missed most of it but they had an amazing chocolate model of a building in grand place.
Stop #3 Mary's Chocolatier. My little cupcake shaped one was my favorite! Garrett liked the "Mary" chocolate!
Stop #2 the famous Delirium. Home to the best beer in the world!
Stop #1 on the Belgian beer and chocolate tour led by yours truly :) Theatre Royal de Toone

19 September 2016

Enjoying another beautiful day! Happy birthday Garrett!
A lovely lunch with a view with the birthday boy!

18 September 2016

Well we are off to a rough start. There is little to no English spoken in the town we are in, only French. It has been a bit frustrating trying to get food and what not with no translations on menus. We are a bit out of town so I am sure it will be better once we are more in the city centre. The town we are in is wonderful though! Very safe and pretty!
The bus ride in went smoothly. It is much more difficult to get around here than it is in Amsterdam as nothing is in English and has little to no translations. We already saw a guy try to steal someone's sunglasses off their table at a restaurant. Luckily he was caught but I definitely have my guard up big time here. While I know I need to be aware at all times, I do hope it starts to feel a little more comfortable here. I think the amazing relaxing B&B will help and it's in a very nice area outside of the main city centre of Brussels.
Our amazing B&B! We are staying here for two nights to escape hostel life for Garrett's birthday.
And we are off to Brussels! I made a bit of a mistake on our train ticket (booked it for August 18th rather than September 18th.. Oops) so we are busing it! Luckily I caught this mistake a few days ago and was able to damage control quickly. The bus is very nice and actually faster than the train! We are looking forward to arriving! I'm a little sad I won't get a stamp in my passport unless the bus gets stopped at the border. More on that later!