United States of America · 7 Days · 12 Moments · July 2017

Catalina vacation - July 2017

23 July 2017

Brunch at the Avalon Grille. Perfect table with a terrific view. Sad that our week has come to a close. Headed to the boat and home today.

22 July 2017

Random shots including Heather's haircut, Pokémon go, our hike reward, and strangers crashed out on the beach.
We love the hike that heads up above town, and today we went the low route first. Out through town, past Lovers Cove, Pebbley Beach, the desalination plant and other industrial works - then up the backside of the hill past the Inn at Mt. Ada (former Wrigley mansion) and back to the flats. Such amazing views this hike is an annual fav!

21 July 2017

An unusually high tide came up to the top of the sea wall. We had (wimpy) sushi for dinner and enjoyed a quiet night on our balcony. Life is good

20 July 2017

Random pics from the day. The kids got launched just before noon, and we were shocked to see Eric's closed!
The traditional hike to the Chimes. We took a non traditional route to get there - longer and more scenic. But dang, going up the side of the hill via switchbacks and stairs is tough! Love the views, love the beautiful homes we pass along the way, and love the reward after we are back in town. And we were pleased to see the Zane Grey being worked on after so many vacant years.

19 July 2017

Amazing flying fish boat trip! The last night with the kids always includes dinner at Antonio's followed by this outing. Some years the fish are are few and far between, and last year was so sparse that no one was running boats. We love going out on the big catamaran with Afishionado where we can walk about and help control the lights. Mother Nature did not disappoint - so many flyers, bat rays, and most dramatically sea lions chasing down the fish alongside and in front of the boat. We felt like we were in a National Geographic TV episode! The sea lion missed many, but caught some as well - during the chase Kira said 'I don't know who to route for!' ❤️
We learned so much at the Catalina tile experience. Making tiles was an added bonus - the finished products should be to us in 2 to 3 weeks. It was interesting to learn that the wall along the first stretch of boardwalk is actually a serpent! So obvious once it is pointed out 🙄 and no trip is complete without rummikub on the beach.

18 July 2017

Our walkabout. Out to Descanso Beach and then back through town and out past Lover's Cove. Gorgeous morning, and the water is crystal clear.
Good morning!

17 July 2017

Our first full day started bright an early - setting up beach camp by 7am! It seems to be a busy year over here and we have to be on our game. The balance of the day was spent as most are... sunning, swimming (or in my case getting barely in the freezing water and splashing myself 😜), shopping and enjoying tasty eats and drinks (and a second IPA discovery - Saint Archer). We love watching the array of humanity on the beach and passing by on the boardwalk. We see familiar families year after year and watch as their children grow and they age (just like us of course).

16 July 2017

The first day on the island is always filled with anticipation and chores. Our tradition is set to include a Starbucks stop on the way out of town, lots of waiting at the Dana Point harbor, then the boat ride over where Heather scans the sea for marine life (slim pickings this year and the water was unusually choppy). Once we land we have to haul our luggage up from the dock, get settled into the house, and do the big grocery trip at the tiny Vons. Oh my gosh we love it so ❤️❤️ We did manage to squeeze in a stop at CC Gallagher's and discovered a tasty IPA 🍺 (Track 7, Panic from Sacramento). Random first day pics are the view from our balcony and a silly 'oops' of the ground 🙃