Nepal · 28 Days · 31 Moments · August 2016

Beautiful Nepal

20 September 2016

Hello everyone :) we're preparing our next destination. New pics and comments will be posted soon so be patient... We wish you a nice week! 💕

17 September 2016

Tomorrow we're heading back to Pokhara! We arrived at our last check point and are now enjoying the first beer since we left Pokhara for the trek 😁 cheers to that! We tried to make a selection of the most beautiful pictures we made during the trek. So have fun! 💕

15 September 2016

Tiny little bottle made it to the Annapurna Base Camp! 💕

14 September 2016

Today we were rewarded! After 6 days of trekking in the rain we finally had our first real Annapurna view! I was overwhelmed by so much "wowness" that I started to laugh and smile and laugh again until the first tears came to my eyes! It has been a long way fighting with my body every day but when I see these pictures I regret nothing! 😭✌🏼️☀️💪🏼

13 September 2016

Day 5 of our ABC trek... It's 7 pm and we're in our let's call it room. We're freezing and our clothes are still wet from the heavy rain. We walk between 15 and 20 km a day, it seems like nothing but when you have to carry a backpack, it feels like you're running a fucking marathon! I knew this trek was not going to be easy and I'm taking my body and my mind to the limits. Today I realized how grateful I am for what I have. Living in the mountains in Nepal is not as nice as it sounds. People live with no heater because at a certain height wood is no more allowed. They walk 12 hours a day to carry food in baskets from village to village because there are no roads. People always complain about things that go wrong or things they don't have but believe me, complaining is a waste of time. You should appreciate what you have. It's not always easy I know, but when you feel like having a bad day, just think about the last thing that made you really happy...see now you're smiling again ☺️💕

12 September 2016

Good morning from the middle of nowhere 🌳 We're on day 4 of our ABC trek and it's still raining. And from now on we will have no heater to dry our clothes at night. Let's hope that none of us gets sick. It's cold, we're freezing but it's still worth it!

10 September 2016

We arrived in Ghorepani. It was raining a lot and it felt like being in Luxembourg on a grey autumn day! Fortunately the guesthouse had showers with hot water. You should know that when you go trekking, the higher you climb the less luxury you will get. Like Kumar (our guide) says, organic trek! No electricity, no wifi, no hot shower, no alcohol, only us and the nature! 😭
Day 2 of our trek. 3000 steps and 14km to go. 🙈🌧🕸🐓🐴

9 September 2016

After a 5 hour trek we finally arrived at our first guesthouse. We will be trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp. It will be a 10 day trek with no wifi, so see you in 10 days. We will spoil you with a lot of beautiful mountain pictures ✌🏼️😁

7 September 2016

A short walk turning into a four-hour hike to the World Peace Pagoda 😎

6 September 2016

Today we woke up at 4.15 and drove to Sarangkot to watch the sunrise. The pictures may not show the real beauty of what we saw but we hope you enjoy them. 💕

4 September 2016

Enjoy the little things in life and don't forget to say 'I love you once a day'. 🌸
Tiny, little bottle's first mountain view 😍
Good morning! ❤️

3 September 2016

Finally arrived in Bandipur... We will never get used to nepalese roads 🙈🐶🐮😷

1 September 2016

Today we went for a 20km walk and I found this little, tiny, fluffy, thing. 😍🐶

31 August 2016

Today we spoke to the family of the guesthouse we are staying at. Since we arrived in Nepal, they were the first to tell us exactly what happened over one year ago when the earthquake hit the Kathmandu Valley and how it affected their lives. The quakes lasted for several months but another problem has not stopped yet. The images of destruction the world saw on television scared many tourists and this fear kept them from coming to Nepal. As a matter of fact the country now needs his travelers more than ever. As it is recovering we realize everyday it is ready to welcome Nepal lovers! So, if you are looking for a place to visit that leaves you speechless...😉💕🇳🇵

30 August 2016

<3 always by my side
I hope you all have a reason to smile today 💕

29 August 2016

We had a wonderful and relaxing time in Bodhnath. No one asking if we needed a taxi or tuktuk or sightseeing. No one calling 'come in see, see is free'. I can only say Ooooommmmmm 🙏🏼✌🏼️

28 August 2016

Thank you <3
Grumpy Dino 😜

27 August 2016

Pashupatinath temple ✌🏼️

26 August 2016

Today we had the amazing opportunity to visit a school in Kathmandu. The principal of the school welcomed us with open arms. We were introduced to the 1100 students and even got the chance to talk about Luxembourg and life in Europe. The principal asked if we could give some lessons and we accepted. So we will return in a few weeks to do so 🙈 I took some pictures of preschool kids aged between 2 and 3. You can see them writing and holding the pen with no difficulties. My work colleagues will understand why I was impressed 😶 These children made my day and I am grateful for it.

25 August 2016

First yoga class for Dino today 🙏🏼

24 August 2016

Kathmandu: busy, crowded and smoggy, all right. But majestic, royal and beautiful, too. The Nepalese are warmhearted and there is something serene and confident in their way to walk...and rebuild the damages of last year's disaster. The scars of the earthquake are visible everywhere and it is truly fascinating how the city recovers. Seeing the many ruins is dramatic and we can only empathize with the locals.

23 August 2016

Let's see what Nepal has to offer. Behind this gate lays the next adventure. 🇳🇵 good night
Well deserved after 20 hours stuck in a bus from Varanasi to Nepal ✌🏼️🍺