United States of America · 7 Days · 35 Moments · June 2018

Beach trip to Crescent Beach

17 June 2018

Last day :( Nice stroll on the beach.

16 June 2018

We had an awesome family trip!!!
Tuckered our babies! They both fell asleep at dinner tonight.
Last day at the beach!
Up and ready for the last day of fishing! Mason casted the first cast and caught a fish right away! Caught 9 fish today!!

15 June 2018

The most unique rainbow we have ever seen.
Found some Shrimp Boats and got a smoothie!
Checked The Gas Station restaurant. Wait was long but food was great! Mason and Summer cleaned their plates!
Off to the lighthouse

14 June 2018

Fishing with “Muncie” Johnny and getting dirty.
Another great day!
Reading books and hanging with Papa
Summer feeding Shark Mason
This mornings discovery. Looks like a sea turtle came ashore this morning.

13 June 2018

Storm is coming!!
Fun day at the Alligator Farm!

12 June 2018

Kids were recharged after dinner so it was back to the beach for some digging and playing in the waves.
We had a great dinner at Saltwater Cowboys. They kids were so tired they almost fell asleep in the way there. Mason did fall asleep at the table. But then they ate and were powered back up for the next 4 hours!
Pool fun today!!
This mornings fishing! Caught 7 including a Red Fish and a Hammerhead Shark.

11 June 2018

After rain walk on the beach. It was nice and cool out after the big thunderstorm rolled through. Walked almost down to the inlet. Loved watching the kids run and run. When we got back, Summer found a hole with water in it. Her and I spent about an hour running and splashing through it as the waves refilled it.
Morning fishing

10 June 2018

They had so much fun playing at the beach today!
First day was a blast!!!
Hitting the beach with Uncle Johnny. Digging and shell hunting. Got to try out our new pop up tents. They work great!
Hanging out with my boy :)
Someone is excited!!!
We arrived!
Packed and ready to go!!