United States of America · 95 Days · 17 Moments · February 2017

Bathroom remodel

25 May 2017

It's coming together! Still need to grout and place the shower glass and carpet the closet.

19 May 2017

The tile is done (finally) and the sinks are on but not yet connected. Maybe another week and we should be at completion! The painters come on Monday then the glass for the shower will be installed along with the fixtures.

17 May 2017

There is a downside to remodeling for sure. Drywall dust. The noisy paper lining the walkways. Workers dragging in dirt and mud on the carpet. Noise. And our bedroom looks like we are hoarders.
The shower is finally done!!

15 May 2017

The shower is finally looking like a shower! Can hardly wait til this is done!
Tile looks amazing! So excited!

11 May 2017

The tile is looking good. Love the border!!!

10 May 2017

Finally!!! They have started the tile! Soon, we may be able to shower again!

9 May 2017

The countertops were put on today!!

1 May 2017

And the walls are up! Mud and tape tomorrow then tile!
Drywall in progress...

19 April 2017

The new framing started today. Closet wall is up, and the shower framing has begun...finally. We have been without a shower since Feb 20ish. Ugh.

16 April 2017

The new remodel is finally started! We came Back from Mexico and the tile is all out, counters removed, and wall down. Here we go...our bathroom is gutted.

21 March 2017

Met with the designer. So many choices. Finally found a picture to guide what the final outcome will hopefully be.
Hopefully when we are all done this is what it will look like.

21 February 2017

Now that the shower and tub have been removed and most of the damage is assessed, just waiting for insurance to pay out.

19 February 2017

The beginning...the shower was leaking into the closet, floor soaked. We noticed this about a week after we moved in. Called out a plumber who found mold. Restoration people came out and removed first the shower and then the tub and part of the wall.