Costa Rica · 5 Days · 15 Moments · April 2018

Barrett's tour through Costa Rica

5 April 2018

Last lunch out with the locals and a nice array of desserts for dinner back at the hotel
Making a splash in the waterfalls we just zip lined over- dad barely made it out alive
Monkey business

4 April 2018

Mingling with the locals at the Soda Memos and a nice dinner with the boys at the hotel
How we spend our free time- local snacks and pool

3 April 2018

Another church- official religion of CR is catholic
Cart painting at the shop/factory
Quick lunch and look around at the store
Coffee plantation (2/2)
Coffee plantation (1/2)
The Church of Metal (because it kept burning down) all bricks were painted on
La maqueta

2 April 2018

Beach and Spa Day- we stayed in

1 April 2018

Pier pressure and a lovely first night dinner
We Landed!