North America, Asia · 11 Days · 5 Moments · December 2018

Baroda, gujarat, india

8 January 2019

When a child is weighed against sugar we wish child gains the sweet quality of sugar અમે આજે બહુ આનંદ કર્યો. અક્ષરદેરીમાં થાળના દર્શન થયા. આજ્ઞા 15 કિલો અને ભક્તિ 10 કિલો સાકરથી જોખાઈ.

7 January 2019

Fabulous darshan
The blaze

31 December 2018

Journey to Gandhinagar was fun at 5 am. It was COLD!! Bhakti cried like nobody's business after we reached home. Good girl held it well till then

30 December 2018

Probably, i was worried sick because the journey was long, to be done alone with two kids. Had prayer so much to Maharaj and Swami. What would happen to Bhakti when Agna wanted to pee and poop. Fears were going high. As we reached airport we learned the whole flight was full. Overbooked! No bassinet no help. But Swami made it clear he was with us all the way! 16 hours, the gentleman besides us came to help watching over Bhakti when Agna and I made restroom visits. Telugu family walked us through the labyrinth like Dubai airport to see us through till our exit gate. Tejasbhai from Australia helped us till we got out at AMD airport last with stroller and carseat arriving at the end!