Spain · 4 Days · 4 Moments · June 2018

Barcelona, Spain

11 June 2018

Today we farewelled Barcelona and we will really miss it!! Next we are off to Nice!

10 June 2018

The day started at Flax & Kale, an awesome vegetarian restaurant we found which is really good. Smoothies/avo on toast and fresh juices all round and we were set to go! Today we went on Montjuïc and it was incredible. We went on the cable car which was cool and had awesome views. The Montjuïc castle is really quite special with a dark past as it changed hands into a prison and there were many executions there - including political. The kids were having a bit of an off day so they weren’t so keen to do much walking but the views from the top of the castle were beautiful - seeing the Sagrada Familia from a distance is mind blowing. We decided to walk half way down the hill and then got the gondola down. We stopped to get a drink but the service was terrible, it trades souly on its views obviously - and their canopy nearly tried to kill us ha! We went to go out for dinner but Indi fell asleep and we felt bad for her so we went back home - a bit of an off day all around!

8 June 2018

Today was a BUSY day! We started off at Park Güell which is an incredible park and gardens all designed by Gaudí. We wandered around taking in all the different architecture of this creative genius. After that we taxied back down town to a cafe for lunch called La Foga where we got some amazing lunch, I got a yummy protein salad and dan yum chicken tacos. The kids shared Patatas Fritas. After lunch we wandered down to check out the Arc de Triumpf as it’s just by our apartment. It’s a beautiful area. Then we headed home so dan could do some work and I went out by myself to the gothic quarter and saw the amazing Barcelona Cathedral. And then down to the marina and then La Ramblas. Barcelona really is an incredible city! Just love it! At 7pm we went to Sagrada Familia and have no words for how INCREDIBLE it is. My mind is still blown by it - an astonishing structure. I can’t even begin to comprehend. Dinner was awesome at Tapas 24 recommended by Cathy!

7 June 2018

Today we arrived in Barcelona! What an amazing city. We checked into our Airbnb which is fab, again! It’s 2 bedroom and plenty of space. We chilled for a bit but then we headed to the Sagrada Familia as we had tickets for 7pm. We walked all the way with the kids only to find out our tickets are actually for tomorrow night. Whoops - one unhappy husband! After being in awe of the incredible structure, we walked to dinner. Dinner was really good and a really cool fitout. They bought us edamame beans to start which were delish. Dan and I shared tuna tartare and guacamole taco things and then dan had steak which he loved and I had chicken which was nice, all charcoaled which made it tasty and a flavour we’ve been missing! We both got desserts but mine wasn’t great, dans was a bit better with strawberry/chocolate! We taxied home.