Greece, United Kingdom · 8 Days · 20 Moments · July 2017

One Week in Greece

12 July 2017

Holiday People...

11 July 2017

Carmen and Rose...the best holiday pals ev-er!
The Fish... If there was award for most time in the pool it would be jointly awarded between these three...

10 July 2017

To Symi... Everyone was excited for our boat trip to Symi. We hired the Socrates and her crew for a day trip to Symi where we would spend some time in the beautiful old town before heading off to a couple of bays where we could swim and generally potter about in the sea. The trip from Mandraki Harbour in Rhodes took about 1 hour and it was lovely to see the old town of Rhodes from a different perspective. As we skimmed across the sea it was great just relax and chat on the boat, or lie and sleep on the deck. Symi is a beautiful old town with colourful houses perched on the hillside, alongside the pretty harbour. We had a couple of hours to wander along the old streets. Whilst not as 'touristy' as Rhodes old town, or even Lindos we were clearly still in the tourist part of the town with it's restaurants enticing us in in, and shops with produce for the market which will sustain it through the winter season.
The fish restaurants beside the harbour looked really appealing, but our food was being provided on board the Socrates so we didn't get the chance to experience them. After a couple of hours wandering, it was back on board and we headed off to St George's Bay. This bay is only accessible by boat. We spent time jumping from the boat into the amazingly clear blue sea. We swam to the beach, but negotiating the jaggy pebbles proved hilarious (but sore on the feet). Back on board, we had a spot of lunch, which really wasn't the quality that we had hoped for (and the wine was even worse). But, we persevered and continued to have fun in the water. Soon we headed off to another bay for an hour or so of 'guddling' where the boys perfected their diving techniques!, and the girls floated around on the lilos that we had brought with us. It was a choppy and windy journey back. Whilst the host of the boat, the service and the food let it down it was still voted 'the best day of the holiday'.
A selection of photos from our day trip to Symi on board the 'Socrates

9 July 2017

The donut is purchased

8 July 2017

Happy Birthday Stephen. This may be the only photograph of the holiday which has the whole holiday crew in it. As with the food in general at the hotel the cake was delicious (well, apart from the glacé cherries on the top)
Just Rose.. The girl who loves to dance... and the water... and being on holiday with her pals
The Hamiltons

7 July 2017

'To the Beach'. Not to swim (the beach was too pebbly) but to enjoy a beer or two at our 'Beach Bar' at the end of a hard day soaking up the sun.
Only day two, but we decided to walk from the hotel into Rhodes today. It didn't take too long and the breeze made it feel no toooo hot. It was nice to blether along the way. Although when we got there we were definitely in need of a coffee with ice-cream for the kids. Unfortunately we must have picked the unfriendliest cafe in Rhodes. Still, the stop gave us the energy to continue our adventure. Next stop, the Old Town with its alleyways and squares. Lots of old buildings with nooks, crannies to wander through, and bright, friendly shopkeepers, hopeful of a sale.

6 July 2017

The scene is set for the next few days. So far it's been a '6-hour-in-the-pool' kind of day. A breeze fooling us all into thinking it's not really 36-degrees.
The first ice-creams of many. Happy Days.
The anticipation of a new book, read in the sunshine while listening to chatter, laughter and the noisy cicadas should never be under estimated.

5 July 2017

Let the holiday begin...
The Atrium Platinum, our hotel for the week which we will share with our good pals, the McKelvie's, the Robertson's and the McCrossan's. Sixteen of us in total. Good fun ahead.